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  1. Making my first game

    Thanks for the replies. My idea was to start this game, and run it parallel to doing other tutorials, so, when i get stuck at a point, find a tutorial on the subject, complete it and then adapt it to my game. The actual game itself is set in a space ship overrun by baddies. You command a group of people, and you have to survive. I think i will make it in 2D and use an isometric view. At this stage, i want to make a room, and have some goodies and baddies shooting each other. I have lots of features i want to add, but they are for a far distant future. Im using XNA and c#.
  2. Making my first game

    I have made pong, and now i want to make a simple game. Its going to be a tactical stratergy shooter, similar to xcom, or combat missions. Would it be possible to make this game look nice in 2D, or would i have to go 3D for the idea to work fully? Thanks, Bowlie