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  1. Modify pixel position

    Thank you both for your input. I understand that using a render target is the way to go for splitscreen but for my case this doesn't apply. The pixels need to be remapped spherically, both on the left and the right part of the screen. Initially I used the word splitscreen to cover the principal but it doesn't apply for it like you would expect. The viewport doesn't get divided, physically there should only be one buffer to where the data gets draw on to. Thanks in progress Forcecast
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of writing a shader using HLSL and I stumbled upon a dilemma. The purpose of the shader is to create a splitscreen view by shifting the pixel position. So you got a pixel with position x,y and it needs to be translate to x'y' and x"y" which should simulate a splitscreen. In theory this should be possible but since I'm planning to use it as a PP effect (since the shader should only affect the pixels and not the vertices), the fragment shader can't modify the pixel position (except for the depth value) since x&y get fixed after the rasterizer. The dilemma is whether or not I should drop the idea of the PP effect and make it a complete shader meaning that I can use the vertex shader as well to give me more options in terms of modifiy the pixel position before the rasterizer. Or is there another option which I overlooked? Thanks in progress Forcecast
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