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  1. [quote name='CuriosityKills' timestamp='1353276576' post='5002120'] Sorry! While I do know C#, but I don't have any personal recommendations. I already knew how to program, so learning C# for me was simply a matter of learning the language syntax and .NET libraries I needed to use. I see many tutorials pop-up when I Google or Amazon "C# Tutorial" or "XNA Tutorial" or "Unity Tutorial". [/quote] Hmm, okay, thanks!
  2. [quote name='CuriosityKills' timestamp='1353275637' post='5002116'] I'd second continuing with Python since it's a high-level language capable of making commercial games, you already have a head start, and it's the language of choice for many computer science classes if you want to eventually become a professional. Here's a good resource for learning game-making, Python, and PyGame. [img][/img] [url=""][/url] If you couldn't get Python, I certainly wouldn't go with C++. C# would be my next choice. It's also a high-level language with many options for making commercial games, such as Unity or XNA, although not so popular in computer science clases. Good luck to you in whatever you choose to do! [/quote] I would like to start with C#. I know some of the basics of it, but are there any resources you would recommend for it?
  3. [quote name='Farkon' timestamp='1353275052' post='5002113'] Why don't you stick with Python using the Pygame library or Pyglet since you already started learning it ? (which is actually good for starting gamedev) [/quote] The basics is all I knew, and barely even that. I kind of knew how to work with classes, that's how little I knew.
  4. I kind of messed around with Python for a week or so a few months ago, didn't really get anywhere, and I've forgotten most of what I knew anyways. I would like to get started with C# or C++ game development, but I have no idea how to begin. What language would be best to start with? What are some resources I could use to help me learn it?