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  1. Gidrek

    TDD and Simple Game Math

    Cool! I just bought one book about Maths in Game Development and your channel is very interesting.
  2. Gidrek

    Which game engine?

    Yes, Unity is by far more popular than MonoGame. As you said, we have a lot of opportunities for making games, not just Unity, we have Godot, Unreal, GameMaker, RPG Maker, Buildbox, Cocos2D. I just gave my opinion and is because I like MonoGame and for now, just I am doing as a hobby, like a soccer player amateur. If you prefer Unity and OpenGL and is for your dream, go ahead and be happy. PD: I have C# Game Programming book too, but now is a little outdated, but is a great book! Do you know that the author has another site? (https://howtomakeanrpg.com/)
  3. Gidrek

    Which game engine?

    Thanks! MonoGame helps you to learn how to program a video game but without the worries about more low-level programming. I am learning a little of Direct2D and OpenGL just for fun and know some game internals.
  4. Gidrek

    Which game engine?

    Actually, I am doing some MonoGame tutorials. If you want to create a game with C# and learn about game development, I suggest taking a look at MonoGame. Because you're going to build from scratch a lot of things but you will know how to program a game. Intro to MonoGame
  5. I'm from Mexico, and I am starting in the game development, but this article is great for me, because is an inspiration for me and it give me an idea about how to work with my time correctly.    Thanks a lot :)   (I am going to make a game in 40 hours with pygame too, thanks)
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