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  1. My Pokemon Clone - Design Questions & Answers

    Given your previous experience with OOP design, could you give me a very basic idea / outline of what it is that I should pay extra attention to when I do research it. Sometimes they have you on a wild goose chase when all you really need are a few core ideas.
  2. Welcome to my Pokemon Clone design thread. I need help fleshing out the systems needed to make a flexible single player skeleton for the game. I plan to reuse sprites, audio clips, and data so I just need to create a scale-able system to display, manage, and update whatever I throw at it. This is not for commercial purposes, I have watched the serious spiral into chaos, I have a few features up my sleeve, and I want to see if I can bring life back to the dying series. I haven't gotten to far just yet, the reason being is, I don't know how to mesh everything together properly to begin with. I need direction. The language and the libraries aren't set in stone, It is looking like SDL and C++. I'll try and explain what I've got so far.[list] [*]A blueprint of factory class that contains all the information necessary for making instances of Pokemon, sprites, items, etc. [*]A memory class that keeps track of instances being used by the game. [*]A game class that will wrap SDL and provide an interface to the references and instances noted above. [*]In between the blueprints and instances there will have to be a function that creates the game world, polling blueprints and creating instances in all the necessary spots to (re)create the world in memory. [/list] [CODE] //#include <stdlib.h> //#include <SDL.h> class cGame { //audio //video //timing //update //input //map //sprites //scripts //states //numbers //blueprints - use separate header files for all of the references? //player //pokemon //abilities //natures //moves //items //types //effects //names //descriptions //sprites //players //pokemon //efx //menu //statics //dynamics //audio //music //sfx //cry //memory //map //boundaries //spritepositions //pokemon //player //npcs public: } int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { cGame GAME; return 0; } [/CODE] This is what I have so far, it is sort of an outline. Should I make separate classes for everything and allow the game class to access everything? How should I go about creating instances and generating the world? Vectors for each entity that SDL will loop over? I'm having a bit of a design crisis I suppose.