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  1. Hello Pilots! Currently, I'm working on the creation of a combat system. Your ship is not very strong and will not hold a lot of damage. The video below shows an example of a battle in the game.The other news is that I finally created a Discord channel for the game. I hope we will have a lot of fun there.Do you like the pace of fighting on video ?
  2. Pool manager for Unity3d

    Thanks for the feedbacks : ) I usually do not use singletons everywhere though I do not consider them as evil in game dev / small projects. It's just a tool. I have my toolbox system to grab any services/managers I need. As example But I don't want to force people to write code in my style. It's easy to remove singleton from pool manager and make it as service for example or use it as you want. Cheers!
  3. Hi guys! I've made recently a handy pool manager for unity3d and would like to share it with you. An ultra fast and lightweight object pool manager with zero allocations and customizable prepopulate feature. You can group uploading objects in chunks and set how many frames you need for uploading to reduce allocation spikes. Uses Unirx extension and based on object instance ids. You can pool prefabs without any extra components and can mix different prefab types in one pool.Github
  4. The Battlecruiser is a game about building a gigantic space battleship from scraps. Construct, adapt and protect your mothership to fly away from dying world. Engine: Unity3d Genre: Exploring/Action/TD Facebook Subscribe to newsletter Twitter
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