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  1. "Data is more important than code" Here we have the core of most of the anti-OOP nonsense that seems to be the popular thing these days. Looks like someone watched a YouTube video about data-oriented programming and now they know the truth that everyone else is clearly missing, so they must go out and spread the good word. Sorry, but, that's a load of b.s. In software there are many aspects that come together. The programmer, the user, the code, the data, the development tools, the target hardware, etc. None of those things are objectively the most "important" thing, and certainly not so for each and every piece of software to ever be written. OOP is just a tool, and shockingly one that can be used with other tools. You can use that hammer AND a screw driver, you dont have to pick one over the other. OOP has its strengths and benefits, which is why it has become one of the most popular programming paradigms in history. It helps programmers think about solutions to problems in natural ways that are easy to think about. It helps them to write maintainable code. And the list goes on. Now, can you abuse it and write terrible OOP code? Yeah, sure. Can you also write terrible data-oriented code? Oh...yeah. What you need to do is stop thinking in dogmatic ways, and just use the tools that best suit you and the problem you're trying to solve. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to solve a problem in software engineering. The best way is the one that works for you. Of course that doesnt mean that all solutions are equally good. But you cant figure out what's going to be that good or better solution by just making blanket statements about this thing being the most important, or that thing being it. Use your brain, look at the problem, decide what's the best approach to solve it, the one that makes most sense to you. That approach might be the best fit for you, and the wrong one for someone else. There's no contradiction there.
  2. 0r0d

    I Need Some Advice on Game Programming

    Just keep learning incrementally. Pick a project that builds on what you already know, but requires you to learn new things and push yourself a bit. Then finish that project, and repeat. While you're doing that, keep reading about game development and learn as much as you can. There are too many resources online to name, just find the ones appropriate for what you want to learn.
  3. 0r0d

    Game dev math?

    Well, if you're writing serious physics code... yes, of course. But for typical game logic, I have a hard time thinking of situations where I needed any calculus. Once you start to get into more advanced stuff, yes calculus starts to creep in, no doubt. Still, for around 90% of all gameplay code I ever had to write (including graphics and AI) you get along just fine without it. in any case, if you're refreshing yourself on math for 3D game development, and you think your basic calculus is very rusty... sure, spend some time on it. But if you have a math degree, I guarantee you whatever you remember is more than adequate in that regard. The 3d matrix stuff is more important, because there's a good chance you didnt do that enough (even with a math degree) so that it's all second nature to you. And almost everything you do in 3D games programming will inevitably involve coordinate transformations, creating and manipulating matrices, etc, especially if you do any amount of graphics, AI, gameplay, even simple physics, etc.
  4. 0r0d

    Game dev math?

    To write most 3D code you just need to refresh your knowledge of 3D math... vectors, matrices, coordinate transformations, quaternions, as well as basic geometry and linear algebra. You dont need much calculus, if any, for most 3D game programming work.
  5. What did you include? Also, if what you were actually saving was different from what you posted above, why did you post it?
  6. An array if integers in debug is the same size as it is in release. The differences between debug and release will depend on optimization settings for things like alignment, which will affect the in-memory size of user defined structs and arrays of those structs. Can you include your entire load/save code?
  7. 0r0d

    noob questions

    Whether specific animations are necessary depends on how important animations in general are to the game. For example, if all the characters were just models moving around in the world with no animations whatsoever, would that affect the gameplay much? Why not just prototype the gameplay like that? This is what I mean by breaking down things into smaller components. If you try to do too much all at once it will be a frustrating thing. But if you can decouple things that arent inherently dependent on each other, and just do one at a time, things go much more smoothly.
  8. 0r0d

    noob questions

    First thing is that you havent given enough information about the game you want to make for us to give good advice about it. Second thing is that I would recommend tackling this like any other problem... you break it down into small pieces that get you from nothing to the full thing, and then you do each of those on their own. In other words, you need to build up to the thing you want to do, especially when that thing is a highly complicated one like building a game. Of course if the game is a very simple one, then that's different, but refer to #1 above. However, I'm going to out out on a limb and guarantee you that making the game you're trying to make it 100x harder than you think it will be. So my advice is the game as it is for anyone trying to learn to make games while they're also learning to program, start small and get the programming side of it down. Build a very simple game. This will allow you to get better at C# (or whatever you use) and the tools, while also learning some basics of how a game works. Most importantly it teaches you how hard it is to actually finish a project. Once that's done, you pick a more complex game that builds on what you just learned and adds some new element. Rinse. Repeat.
  9. As someone suggested earlier, maybe the best thing is to have a specific "politics" section under the Lounge section (or along side, or whatever) that doesnt show up in the front page feed. Honestly I never even knew that any political discussions ever happened here, and I only posted in the Trump thread because it caught my eye in the front page. But anyway, if it's not in the front page feed, then by definition people have to actively go to that sub-section to read the threads and respond to them. Wouldnt that solve the problem that most people are having with this? To the point of how much to moderate... I'd say it's not that hard, just allow people to say what they want, except if they are clearly trolling, insulting others, or otherwise misbehaving or acting in bad faith (i.e. creating alts just to post supporting themselves, etc). Yes, this includes some amount of subjectivity on the part of the mods, but I dont have a problem with that.
  10. Doesnt this apply to everything in the Lounge section? Most forums have some section dedicated to off-topic discussion, and typically that's there in order to further the community-building of the site. Of course you could say you only want to allow "non-controversial" topics... which I guess is fine, but then who determines what those are? I dont know. My general feeling is that people should be allowed to discuss whatever they want, with as few limits as are needed. Shutting down all off-topic discussion seems like a very drastic step. I cant disagree with this enough. This is a sort of "kill the messenger" argument. Political discussions are not what have created a toxic political culture in the U.S. (not sure about other parts of the world). We have had more and more toxicity in politics since the 80's and Newt Gingrich in Congress. More recently, we have networks like Fox News and right-wing talk radio who specialize in demonizing anyone who doesnt agree with them, turning their viewers/listeners against the media, against the establishment, against institutions of higher learning, and even against science and rational thought. And today, we have a President that takes every opportunity to try to de-legitimize the media and calls anything he doesnt like "fake news", guaranteeing that any time someone even points out the facts of what he does or says, his supporters will ignore it and just cry bias. We have a guy who's such a pathological liar and created such a culture of lies, that his own supporters can no longer tell what's true and what's not... nor do they seem to care. THIS is what's causing toxicity in our political culture... the rejection of facts for "alternative facts", the rejection of the free press and freedom of speech, and the promotion of a culture of lying and corruption. But, it's pretty hard to even point that out when people start to cry about how just discussing such things is the problem. Burying your head in the sand will not make the problems go away. If you did that then you'd be confusing a thread about Trump with a thread about conservatives. I havent seen anyone attack any conservative principles, and in fact people here are perfectly willing to discuss such things. But Trump is a specific person with specific words and actions that are being discussed. And what you might call "Trump-bashing" I might call "pointing out facts". Is it bashing Trump to point out how he constantly lies, how he's constantly trying to undermine the rule of law, or how his own friends and allies call him incompetent and an idiot, who's so mentally unstable that they have to hide things from him for the sake of the country? Sure, I can see your point about a conservative seeing such a thread and thinking that. But, that person should look in the thread and make up their minds based on the facts and not their assumptions. And if they equate pointing out facts about Trump to bashing conservatism, that seems like their problem, and not a cause for shutting down certain threads.
  11. I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, politics is a legitimately interesting and timely topic for discussion, and a lot of good insight into many aspects of life can come from it. Understanding politics in general is a vital life skill, and discussing current world events, historical politics, or politics as it applies to many other areas (whether it's relationships, science, career advancement, etc) can lead to insights and understanding that people can apply to their lives. For many people it's also just fun to discuss and argue current events. On the other hand, many political discussions inevitably become flame wars. This typically happens when certain people come in and start to spew falsehoods and attacks with the pretense that they're the reasonable ones, they're the ones being fair and everyone else is just biased and pushing some kind of agenda. This is basically what Unknown33 does here, and why he's getting so much push-back including a mod explicitly proposing rules to keep people like him out. Whether politics threads should be allowed to me just depends on how much and how strict the mods want to be with them. Without any moderator supervision those threads can become very toxic. With too much moderation they will be stiffed. I dont know how much time the mods have to devote to just moderating these types of thread or how much stomach they have for it. It's up to them. I do like some of the proposals for allowing only people with certain levels of reputation or those who have been on the site and active for a certain period of time. This makes sense. Often you get people who only make accounts just to push their agenda or troll the forum. And I probably dont have to mention all the "other" influence from certain nations who want to support a certain political party.
  12. The black areas still need to go. For one thing, real world surfaces are not black and unreflective like that. The nose cone is much better now because it actually has a texture and looks similar to real-world aircraft nose cones. Also, the flat parts in the front of the engine intakes looks wrong. It needs to look rounded and aerodynamic like the rest of the plane.
  13. 0r0d

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Did anyone read the op-ed piece in the NY Times by an anonymous Trump administration official? It seems there are actually people inside the administration that have been considering removing Trump from office due to his unhinged, immoral, and reckless behavior. I guess if Congress wont do their job, there is still another option. We can only hope that one way or another this insanity ends. Every day is a new embarrassment for this country under Trump.
  14. 0r0d

    Is hourly more common than salary?

    I dont know what jobs you're looking at, but almost all the jobs I've ever seen, worked at, or hired for in a game studio or game-related tech company has been full-time jobs. We rarely hired contractors on an hourly basis... although I did do contract work like that once, but more jobs I've had have been full salary.
  15. This is a good point that I hadnt noticed, but you're 100% correct. These lines on aircraft are almost always there where different sections intersect or where moving surfaces join. Right now it looks like they're just there as decorations, or at least I cant see any reason for them. Of course sometimes you have lines on aircraft that are there for other reasons... such as camouflage or to confuse the enemy...
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