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  1. The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    If I'd have a 7:1 advantage, my thought would be that I did not attack early enough (forgot or intentionally toyed around). Prolonging the already derailed game even further in that case IMHO won't be fun, same as depriving the player of being able to overrun the opponent.
  2. I'd rather not share any data between the 2 threads. Instead, I'd send a message through a threadsafe message queue to the main thread and have it respond asap with another message (should be ok to have the 1st thread wait on the reply for max. 1/60 second in rare cases this is necesssary).
  3. C++ Targeting Different Platforms

    I think, you may want to use a sf::View to scale everything and avoid having all your drawing code scale every coordinate. https://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.4/graphics-view.php
  4. Thats cause you use glfwPollEvents. If you only want to update when there is input, you need to use glfwWaitEvents.
  5. 2D SDL Mouse Movement High CPU Usage

    You didnt show enough code, but you might be flooding the event queue and only check for 1 event every 10ms.
  6. Collision geometry in FBX (or in general)

    You could just calculate the capsule, aabb, bounding sphere or whatever from the vertices after loading the file. I'd think, thats better than giving your artist unnecessary work.
  7. I had alternating 503 Errors, SQL Errors without detailed error message and maintenance notices, not sure if yesterday or 2 days ago.
  8. If you are only allowed to control one ship of yours it will be extremely frustrating, as you have to watch your AI-controlled ships do stupid things like steering badly and taking unnecessary hits. When there is a boarding battle the opposing crews are mixed and firing on these ships would hit both, so it might be wise to avoid doing that, event though it might be possible to do (also for AI). I dont think they would have started plundering while the battle is still continuing. It might be useful to just take over that ship temporarily and only collect/transfer loot when everyones safe after the battle. Ships dont sink by themselfes unless there is a leak in their hull. They might be taken back or shot on until they have one though. Why would it be game over when you still have those other ships in your fleet? That could get very frustrating.
  9. Why do you think that? If you just draw that background inside the changed rectangle you do not overdraw anything outside it and therefore you do not need to redraw anything else outside it. (You either just change the draws to be only inside or use scissor.)
  10. IIRC glut was just created to allow easier creation of simple OpenGL demos having a single window for the lifetime of the program. You are probably better off using a more modern library like GLFW, which gives you more options.
  11. drag and drop

    You might want to read the forum FAQ, especially the part about asking questions. If you also only copy/pasted your large amount of code into that other forum without giving any more information, its no wonder people ignored you.
  12. Is there any reason to use SDL2?

    It seems you are only using SDL, because GLFW does have support for Wayland/Mir, its only still called experimental. Afaik SFML has support for mobile.
  13.   Thanks for the feedback. Indeed it's gone live with the new homepage. I've been testing on a few mobile devices - mind if I ask what are you using? I don't seem to be seeing what you've described, so maybe my testing isn't broad enough. Having said that, I've been going back and forth on the breadcrumbs (the top/bottom nav links). Perhaps I can find a way to fit them back in. I took them out on mobile because they cluttered things up.   Its a Samsung Galaxy A5-6, screen is in full HD res and I used the "Internet" Browser from Samsung. It is looking a somewhat better now without the unused gray space at the sides, thank you for that. The strangely formatted index of the whole forum is still there though.
  14. Am I right in that you activated the new page layout for everyone a few minutes ago? It felt like the useability on mobile suddenly dropped. The text inside the postings got only about 50% of the tiny available screen width, before it was maybe 75%. Holding the phone the other way around there would be nearly no space when the on screen keyboard is open, as the top bar is always floating there. I think, thats because its supposed to be the replacement for the missing navigation links at top and bottom, but opening and navigating the menu takes a number of taps where the link took one and this is necessary to do pretty often. The forum index looks pretty squeezed too, not sure if its because some parts had been invisible before or below each other. Btw., there is not much space in the part for typing the posting in and scrolling it without scrolling the whole page too is difficult. I thought I'd tell you while you are still working on it. ;)
  15. If I click on one of the dots left of the postings on the main page at https://www.gamedev.net it does not bring me to the newest posting (like it does when browsing some subforum), only to the beginning of the thread.
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