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  1. wintertime

    C++ Common Runtime

    Just use Dosbox or some other emulator for your retro games and you are done. If you want to program something new, use Java (or any Language running on JRE), C# (or any language running on .NET) or some portable scripting language.
  2. wintertime

    Handling emission in a G-buffer

    I think, if you'd use premultiplied alpha you could use 1 color to indicate both diffuse and emissive. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/shawnhar/2009/11/06/premultiplied-alpha/
  3. You can't expect full consistency from an experimental mode for an upcoming standard thats still in flow. Best thing you could do is read commitee notes and compiler docs.
  4. wintertime

    Tile map bad performance

    Well he is using a GUI framework, which may not be optimized for drawing that many tile images each frame. You might want to do a search on documentation how these draw calls are implemented in JavaFX.
  5. Why not just have the rendersystem go through and read all positions it needs? I think of each system as reading components of 1 or 2 types of input data, processing it and generating all data in another component type for the next system.
  6. wintertime

    Is SDL2 the right tool for UI design?

    There's a tutorial I also used some time ago about creating a simple GUI: http://iki.fi/sol/imgui/ Its pretty easy actually.
  7. wintertime

    Assembly language?

    I wouldnt waste time learning DOS 16 bit Assembly with its weird segmentation and quirky register use. If you want to learn Assembly, just start with a modern 64 bit form.
  8. The strange grass-like texture on the first pictures really didnt fit well with the futuristic towers. You did well in trying to change it, as its pretty easy to do. Maybe try some concrete texture, too. Otherwise, as others said, gameplay should work well first.
  9. wintertime

    Where value comes from in game

    Value should be derived from the average time spent farming the item and its usefulness in saving time or enabling activities. Otherwise its just irrational humans distorting the real value.
  10. wintertime

    Size of C++ polymorphic objects.

    This is such an odd question, I feel like it must be you having a different problem, thinking of (but not really) having the solution which you "just" need the size of the objects for. If you need to ask a polymorphic object which type it is, you are most likely on the wrong way. Also I imagine you wanting the size to copy around the objects manually, which is a bad thing to do. You better tell what the original problem was, which you are trying to fix!
  11. wintertime

    How important is 1 big vertex buffer ?

    If your game is not too slow you dont need to worry about optimizing, especially as it reads as if you dont even have a game.
  12. Recently, I played a game where some tiny buttons had such a microscopic hit area, that I sometimes needed to try a dozen times on my phone screen before it would react. Other tiny buttons had a number on it, which was important to watch while tapping it. The problem is that your finger always obscures the number and you need to try to angle the device to watch the screen from the side. Another atrocity are inconsistent menus, where the close buttons are randomly top left, top right, mixed with some other positions in the middle. This causes you to constantly change how you hold the device and which hand/finger you tap with.
  13. wintertime

    How to improve FLEE in RPG videogames ??

    #1 reads like its only working when its unnecessary for the player and not working when its actually needed to escape from a stronger monster. That means its a superfluous feature or it could be simplified to always work. #2 is the same kind of frustration for the player, on some monsters you can never use it when you need it (evil monsters, which are more likely strong and aggressive), on others you dont need it (friendly, probably weak and non-aggro monsters). #3 also similar, if you are facing strong monsters the player will be punished (might get away or not and loose items or even loose the game) making the player even weaker and leading into a downward spiral, if able to walk away its useless as its wasting the opportunity to get loot or exp.
  14. wintertime

    The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    If I'd have a 7:1 advantage, my thought would be that I did not attack early enough (forgot or intentionally toyed around). Prolonging the already derailed game even further in that case IMHO won't be fun, same as depriving the player of being able to overrun the opponent.
  15. I'd rather not share any data between the 2 threads. Instead, I'd send a message through a threadsafe message queue to the main thread and have it respond asap with another message (should be ok to have the 1st thread wait on the reply for max. 1/60 second in rare cases this is necesssary).
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