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  1. Even if you have different sizes, you can group same sized textures, so you only need to switch like 3 or 4 times per frame and not on each texture.
  2. wintertime

    understanding viewport opengl

    Wrong. On Windows you will only get the extremely outdated OpenGl 1.1 if you go that way. You will also waste much time doing platform dependend quirky code to set up windows and contexts, without getting anywhere near actually using OpenGL. Forget your outdated 2001 book! Use a modern tutorial and modern libraries, like GLFW (sets up the window and contexts and input for you in a cross platform way) and GLAD (loads function pointers, so you can use modern OpenGL functions)!
  3. wintertime

    Should I work in HCL?

    It sounds like they only have unbased assumptions and still put pressure on you. You definitely should get more information and talk to your cousin (lets hope they didnt tell him already what to tell you). With more information it'll be easier for you to make a decision and also present more credible reasons for it to them.
  4. wintertime

    Using a game engine as a library

    You might want to approach this the other way around: - first find out which kind of (embedded in the other app) windowhandle/surface/whatever you can get access to in this project as a plugin/whatever - then find some way to use what you got
  5. wintertime

    Creating a language - Static Libraries

    It might be easier if you use a premade linker and library archiver, while your compiler only produces object files in the standard format. Thats at least one step less you need to worry about.
  6. Maybe calculate a level where some large percentage of your player base is already higher than that and then distribute everything inbetween level 1 and this level. This way most people will not notice a difference but new people will not be overwhelmed. Another idea I have is to let everyone keep their current unlocks, but redistribute the unlocks for people who still need them. This way you wont anger your current playerbase, but the game will not be overwhelming for new players, as you wanted.
  7. wintertime

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Some games dont reset, but just continue on. If you miss day 4 you get the day 4 bonus on day 5. But later you might miss out on the day 7 bonus when it resets at end of week or day 30 bonus when it resets on end of month, cause of that.
  8. Are you accounting for people who quit the game? Will the unused stuff spoil to let it flow back into the economic cycle?
  9. If you cant do it yourself, just go back to the people making the engine and ask for a fixed version? If they dont, try to find a way to overcome the unmentioned problem why you cant recompile. Otherwise discard it or start hex-editing, ... 😥
  10. If you draw on graph paper, the paper usually lies flat on the table (not upright like a monitor). That means it should be natural to have x and y be used for the floor (like on a drawn map) and z going down. It doesnt matter though, if you want a different convention you just adapt the matrix you use (for example, add some rotation). Noone will directly use clip coordinates and everything before that you program yourself in the shader.
  11. On my phone I noticed holding one point, then touching another while still holding, will make it forget the first, though it might depend on the app. Maybe you are experiencing something similar and could work around it?
  12. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3933027/how-to-get-the-gl-library-headers https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/index_gl.php That said, I'd use a helper library (glad) instead, cause on Windows newer Versions need manual function loading: https://github.com/Dav1dde/glad https://glad.dav1d.de/
  13. Its actually pretty easy. Assuming you are on PC: - just choose the newest OpenGL Version under API->gl (4.6 or whatever your hardware supports) - under Profile you want Core, if you are making a new program (Compatibility is only when you want to upgrade ancient existing software) - optionally add some extensions, but I'd only do that if you really need some later - I think, you can remove the checkmark on Generate a Loader if you use glfw - click Generate, download, extract and put into your project - add an include and a single line of code, like its done there: http://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/quick.html
  14. If you only have squares you might want to use instancing to provide a matrix per square, or even just rewrite the vertex buffer cause a square is such an extremely simple mesh with a tiny amount of vertices to rewrite.
  15. wintertime

    Is this OpenGL Modern Enough?

    Yes, OpenGL3 is pretty modern from the "use buffers and shaders only" perspective. But OpenGL 4.5 provides a large shift in the API with Direct State Access, which removes the need for doing bind calls in many cases. Thats why I would focus on this version only (and if its too new for you even use the ARB or even the slightly quirky EXT extension for that). Slightly earlier versions also introduced texture and buffer storage extensions, which changed part of the API.
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