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  1. Alright guys so I'm learning c++, I bought 2 books but I dont learn really well (retain) information that way, I was kind of wanting a mentor to teach me the rest of the c++ basics so I can start getting into programming, I can right a Hello World program and some basic calculators, anyways if anybody wants to help me out reply to me, thanks!
  2. Tneeds

    I need a C++ Mentor.

    I use a IDE, I dont do all that, I use Xcode. And no, no prior experience.
  3. Tneeds

    I need a C++ Mentor.

    No, I have sams teach yourself and c++ For dummies, I just know basic variables, and No i have no prior experience, Im a senior in highschool and just want to learn c++ before I go to college in a yr. I know people will say watch a youtube video or something, but idk, i need a full tutorial set thats slow paced.
  4. Tneeds

    I need a C++ Mentor.

    Or somebody to teach me the language more, before i get into the game dev side of things.
  5. Tneeds

    I need a C++ Mentor.

    Start getting into Game Programming, I Want to learn the  basics of c++ first.
  6. I wanna make my own text based game using c++, also I wanna learn how to put it up on a website.
  7. I have no knowledge of computer programming & Game Design, I am highly interested and would love to learn and do it, Could any body give me some tips and tutorials and show me what I need to learn?
  8. Tneeds

    New Guy Here! Need Help/Tutorials

    Thanks! I actually enjoy reading.
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