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  1. 2D software neutral book

    That would be one huge book. You could start by just watching the videos on that site, they are free to watch. You can then support the artist by buying his books. Can you tell me exactly what your looking for? That way I could help you find a book covering only that small part of art. For example do you want digital painting? 2D Animation? Sketching? Maybe if you could link a image of the art quality you want I can help you narrow your search down. In the end if you want to be a artist you would have to learn everything that CtrlPaint teaches and lots more. His tutorials are among the best, he teaches a lot of the things art schools teach.
  2. New Here So...HI all

    Visual scripting and scripting is the same thing; they just look different. I use Unreal a lot and as a result I help a lot of developers who uses it's Blueprints. Most of there problems is often related to not understanding the code they are working with. Chances are that if you hate scripting you will hate visual scripting just as much. You still need to learn you variables, arrays, classes, branches and loops; no matter what scripting style you use. There are drag and drop engines, but what you can make with them is limited. The best thing to do is to learn only as much scripting as you need, later when your game has grown you could find a programmer to help fix the code.
  3. Looking for tips in 3D

    Ask this question in the "Graphics And GPU Programming" forum. It is a complex topic and worthy of a discussion by it'self.
  4. 2D software neutral book Books and videos. He works in Photoshop but explains every thing in details so you can use it in any software.
  5. Anime Maker

    This is illegal. Will also result in bad quality productions. It is actually good, so don't harm your software by telling it's users to steal.
  6. 2D software neutral book

    What doe these words mean, are you looking for books on 2D graphics? Please elaborate on what it is you want to do so we can help you.
  7. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    As a artist I wish this was true. Art in games is just feedback, like sound. I agree cosmetics have a huge effect on the game, just not primary, but why would they not be forgivable? Is expecting payment for hard work not forgivable? Implementing digital art is as difficult to do as implementing real world art. A digital card for a digital game is in fact more expensive to make that a real world one. As your paying the artist, a programmer and have to maintain a game. The problem I see with micro-transactions is that players don't realize the money is paying for the game. They buy a cosmetic item and think they are paying for that item. So we as developers have to make them think that the item is worth buying, this leads to items that effects game play. Developers should just put little cards in the shop for players to buy, cards named "Want servers to run smooth? $5", "Want us to add more content to the game, show interest $1", "Want more guns? $2.50 towards guns.", "Want more characters? $20" and "Fully animated and detailed hero characters $60". Instead of selling stuff the players could use. Then developers could use the money made from the cards to cover the costs of making these things and give them to all the players when done.
  8. I hope to see my game alive

    Won't work. Most players loose more than 60% of the time, that means that every game the play they stand to loose most of there progress. This would result in a kind of King of the Hill effect. In other words you have the exact same problem as pay to win games. In pay to win, a player who pays wins more. Then gets more rewards and wins more. In your game the first player who wins not only gets more rewards, they reduce the awards other already received. This makes it impossible for loosing players to ever win. So only 1% of your players would enjoy the game. What if you used two systems, Players who win gets gold, players who lose gets XP but looses 10% gold? That should stop the King of the Hill effect, although making players loose anything is often bad. Doesn't that just mean 9 unique classes? As all 3 have a tank type, healer type and so forth? What makes every class unique?
  9. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    I doubt lootboxes will ever fade away. Booster packs and loot chests have been part of games from the dawn of games. The only difference between lootboxes and chests that players find in dungeons is that you can pay for them instead of searching for them. Any law that removes loot boxes, removes a significant part of games. Loot boxes won't keep that name but they are never going away. One thing that could happen is that no one would be allowed to sell loot boxes in a digital game, it would have to be limited to digital only products. Or maybe there are people who work hard each day, don't have the reflexes and skill they use to have and still want to play along with there friends. Just maybe the people who don't complain about micro transactions, enjoy the freedom and opportunity they bring. Micro transactions aren't good or bad, Loot boxes aren't good or bad. They are what developers choose to make them and how players choose to use them. Maybe we should just abandon the old pricing systems. Developers should just base there sales on how much it cost to make the game.
  10. Question about add mesh to level

    So you where not using the right type? It looks like some kind of enemy spawner, am I correct?
  11. Learning to create Art - by Riuthamus

    You should probably leave a link here to your twitch channel for people who don't know about it.
  12. Question about add mesh to level

    Same as the others. If you want you can just drag and drop it. If you mean spawn as in, create a Character blueprint at real time. You do it the same as the actor blueprint, but chance "Actor" to "Character". Instead of using the fire you use your character.
  13. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    I think the whole problem is that the way the industry is at the moment is how it works. Players complain but it's there actions that has lead to this. Players say the want a game that doesn't force them to spend, one that they can pay for when they decide. Then if you make a game that players can play with out spending it, no one spends on it. It's like the unlimited trial thing. Give users a trial that they can keep using without paying, then the users won't pay. Maybe EA will make a huge profit. It is possible, as players who pay for both the game and micro transactions is worth 4-5 players who only pay for the game; some whales spend thousands. Then maybe that would move all AAA games in that direction, leaving the indie developers to fill the gap. At the moment EA is the canary in the AAA market.
  14. Persuasive Games

    Yes I do and that is why I played it to the end to see the effect. All it did was ruin what could have been a good game. The way to explain it: It is like telling someone that killing is wrong, then you go and kill one of there family members to make a point. The game started so good. With the character selection and art style I was expecting a much better game. The first scene could have been used to see what the player thinks is OK for a government to do. Then instead of linking to a web page it could have added events later to the game, that show the bad side of the sides the player doesn't agree with. The packing scene could have been much better with more realistic designs. Clothes are heavy and so are most important items. limiting the player to weight and then later making them use the items they packed, would have made them consider things more. The 2 item limit was just dumb. The escape scene that makes you choose between family, friend and neighbours was silly. The player was under the impression that they where escaping alone, now there is these people they don't know but should care for because of some kind of classification. Studies show that when a person is forced to choose people to sacrifice, most people would select them self. There is so much more in the game that just breaks the game play, but mostly it's the player choices not mattering.
  15. Which is better? (2d, android)

    The second one again. if you want to change the look of the spheres I have a little quick trick for you, click on the spoiler if you want to see it: Good question why did you start with color theory and not a fundamental of art? Please don't start with this! Unless you plan on diving into the deep end of art and learning the frustrating way. Learning monochromic first, before moving to color theory is a better idea. Before that shape and form should be well known and before that silhouettes. Basics on lights and reflections also helps with color theory. Reasons color theory doesn't always work: I am not saying color theory is bad. I am saying that it's a bad place to start. Please don't go around the web spreading color theory like it is some kind of magic way of making things look good. On the other hand if people wish to research color theory here is a good tool: Learning this way will be harder but worth more in the end. @zarloo you have the critical mindset needed for art. However not everyone wants to be a artist, forcing art principles on someone will only frustrate them. Hope to see more of you around, the forum could do with more artists.