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  1. flip

    Disappointed. I was expecting to see a character flip, instead I see a character teleporting between two bad poses. Where you trying to make a animation that freezes, turns the camera and then plays again?
  2. looking for help with game project

    Can I ask the goal of the game, as in why are you making this? The game doesn't sound like it can make money and having read the design you posted I don't believe you have a full idea for a game yet. Before even considering to make this game first read up on what is needed to host a mobile game on the app store. In brief you will need to either register as a company or as a person to do business with the app store. This will involve you driving between your bank and tax offices several times to get legal documents and registering to do business. Your game feels too lightly designed considering the pains you will need to go through to get it on the app store. Maybe you should just make a simple desktop version of the game and see if people would like to play it first. Open-minded means to be accepting of new ideas. To be critical of an idea is to point out it's flaws. Your asking people to accept your idea and to find it flawed at the same time. That is a hard thing to do, most people are unwilling to accept a flawed idea because they know it won't work. Maybe instead you should look for open-minded people and critical people; instead of looking for one person to be both.
  3. Software used for this type of cinematics

    Yes, however consider this: To make a game you either need 2D or 3D assets for it, Blender can make both. You need animations for your game, Blender can make it and is a lot better than most payed 2D animation software and better than a few 3D payed animation software. Then there is the fact that making the game assets in Blender is very similar to making a movie in Blender, so spending two weeks learning how to do these things in Blender is more beneficial to your game than spending two hours learning how to do this using software that can only compose movies. However that is only my opinion, I know other people like having multiple software to do the job of one. I have a colleague who does this, when I asked him why he said it helped him keep organized. He also gave other reasons however I was able to disprove them easily.
  4. 2D game animations looking for any feedback

    Your arms and legs are separate parts are they not? If they are then just make the back ones a bit darker. The ideal would be to make them match the background more although the only way I can think of doing it is using a bit of the alpha on it. Remember that only your base needs to be cell shaded for style, effects can be smoother as they are not the focus of the image. So even using just a black gradient for the back parts would work.
  5. 2D game animations looking for any feedback

    Hi, looks really good for the most part, they could be used in a game as is. Two things that could improve is depth, there is almost no way of knowing what body part is what when focusing on a small part. Then there is also the speed, for example in the smoke bomb one you take a long time to actually drop the bomb. In a game that has to be the fast part and happen almost instantly when a button is pressed. The jump animation also holds, at the landing, for a long time and it will annoy players. Other than that it looks very good and professional.
  6. Have to rotate 180 and flip horizontal to work

    To only flip the text part use a 2D tool like Gimp or Photoshop. Select the text part on the texture and flip it.
  7. Bone and Face Rig? Can someone help?

    Hi, first from your images it looks that you don't import the FBX into Blender in a usable way. For your model check these settings: After you have done this you should get the original rig with all bones in the right places and facing the right direction. Second, face animation is rarely done with bones, because bones make things more difficult than they need to be. Instead morph targets (Shape keys in Blender) is used for facial animation. Most modern engines like Unity and Unreal can import morph targets. Morph targets will also have a performance advantage as they are a simpler kind of animation compared to bone animation. I recommend watching these: It starts by explaining face topology and how to setup shape keys for use.
  8. Software used for this type of cinematics

    This is so simple you could just use your engine for it. Nothing special except the depth blur. I would recommend Blender, the opensource 3D tool. It has a easy to use depth blur. It should take around 2 weeks to learn all the effects used in the linked movie. Or you could just hire a artist who will already have there own software of choice and provide you with a video.
  9. 3D PBR, Substance Painter and Tonemapping

    You want all your tools showing as near to your game as possible. If your game uses sRGB then you want to view substance as sRGB. Else you could get very different results from expected. Keeping things constant between editors and engine will save you from adding details or needing to fix things that doesn't work in the engine.
  10. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    First thanks for the contest, I didn't get much time for it but I did enjoy following the other games and getting to play them. If you did it all over I would recommend adding a interesting mechanic to the game, as is it's platformer with noting unique, the AI is also bit bugy. As for the rest I think you did very well. Mostly making your own game with your own theme would be nice to see.
  11. So just got online when I noticed a few emails asking me how I got so many physic objects working in Unity. The answer to that is nothing special. On average there should only be a 1000 physics objects on screen. The physics is also a lot more strict on making objects sleep. The way this is done is the same most AAA games work with art. In a AAA game it isn't rare to have a static duplicate of a skinned mesh. As a example take the players gun, often the gun will be a skinned mesh, playing it's firing animation while the player presses fire. However skinned meshes have an extra cost just to be in a game, so because exporting the static model only takes a click of a button and the code for swapping them is very fast you can just change your animated model into a static model. Some engines even turns a animated into a static when it's done with the animation. So in Project Castle I did what most games would do with a destructible wall. First I made a object using physic blocks, then I took there meshes and generated a new mesh. The blocks are disabled and the new mesh is displayed. When any object that can hit it is near the static mesh is swapped for the rigid bodies. Now at this point of the blog I thought I would share the code, although @Avalander says my new build still doesn't working so I realized I could just upload the Unity pack. Everything, except Unity, was made by me for this game so you can use it as is. Import the Unity pack as a custom pack. The layer for shooting is "Water" because the Unity pack doesn't export layers. Space key will swap physics for static meshes, causes a kind of freeze time effect. I would like criticism on my code if anyone has time for it. ProjectCastleFiles.unitypackage
  12. ProjectCastle LastDay. This one should work on OS X, worked on the only one I could try it on. There appeared to be a problem copying files from Windows to OS X.
  13. 3D PBR, Substance Painter and Tonemapping

    sRGB when it comes to Albedo. It's like the 8bit normal map vs 32bit. Although 32 bit is much sharper and can store complex data it's almost never used. Because the deference between them isn't worth it. Same with sRGB. Filmic options do give better range for lights to work in and with bloom and GI it does matter, just not by so much that people are willing to rebuild years worth of libraries for it.
  14. Week of Awesome V - Day 7

    I think it needs C++. I wish I was allowed to explain our workflow. Simply said I create large files and when they leave me they are still large files.
  15. Week of Awesome V, Part 7: Resurrection of the crunch.

    I did not. Also now if I go into the game it starts right at the point where the cube attacks me. I will be playing it again, although I also want to play the other games.