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  1. I made the same mistake when I started. A way to think of it is like playing chess with someone in another room. Each of you have your own chess board. There is a 3rd person who keeps running between the rooms to tell each player what move the other made. So when ever the 3rd person tells you that the other player moved pawn E7 to E5 you move the pawn on your own board to mimic their board. The 3rd person can also act as a referee because this person sees both boards and can correct mistakes. So if you equip a item on one player, the server tells the other player that the item was equipped and the local computer updates to reflect this change. All you need is some way for the server to keep track of the game that is played.
  2. The interesting thing about it pollution is that it is a self regulated system like almost anything on earth. As pollution fills the world, the demand for unpolluted space grows, causing a market shift into making "green" zones. So the very economics that causes pollution also fights it. E-waste is one of the best examples, as demand for new mobiles grow the demand for recycling of E-waste grew to help cover the demand. As the E-waste recycling created air pollution the demand for cleaner E-waste recycling and green real estate grew; resulting in housing planting more trees to improve property value. There is a lot of money to be made in "green" technology at the moment. The demand for solar energy for example has lead to a stable solar panel stock market that inspires a lot of investors. This in turn has lead to even faster growth in solar technology than expected.
  3. Scouting Ninja

    Best way to optimise 3d models

    The short answer is hit the "Bake" button. If you don't plan on learning normal mapping in depth then this is good enough. http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Texture_Baking The long answer is months if not years worth of information you are asking for, it is a really in depth topic.
  4. Scouting Ninja

    Best way to optimise 3d models

    In Zbrush you will want to use the retopology brush. It's ZRemesher is the auto topology tool. There is no need for plugins with Zbrush.
  5. Scouting Ninja

    Isometric view with 2 grids & tile size

    Yes, that is correct. I was thinking of correcting this so that the angle is correct again. It was the only problem I could still see in the last image.
  6. Sorry, I don't think there is a way to understand it better without practice. I struggled with it as much as you did when I started with it. Trail and error and asking on the web is how I learned it.
  7. EvaluateLocalTransform().GetT() and LclTranslation.Get(); These two can give you different results. Evaluate checks the bones relative to parents and Lcl Transform or rotation is the bones rotation relative to its own axis. Most of the time they should be similar; because the bones axis is relative to the parent. A bones axis is almost always relative to a parent unless told not to follow the parent.
  8. Scouting Ninja

    Isometric view with 2 grids & tile size

    Your grid tiles are diamonds, so to get a isometric look you "flatten" them by scaling the height. So when you load in my sprite that is already isometric, it just gets flattened. batch.setProjectionMatrix(camOrtho.combined); batch.setTransformMatrix(imageFaceCameraMatrix); batch.begin(); batch.draw(squareDummy, 0, 0); batch.end(); Should be: Matrix batchMatrix = camOrtho.combined.setToScaling(1,2,1); //Assuming XYZ; I really don't use LibGDX anymore batch.setProjectionMatrix(batchMatrix); batch.setTransformMatrix(imageFaceCameraMatrix); batch.begin(); batch.draw(squareDummy, 0, 0); batch.end(); //I didn't have time to test the above, but it should work. The short story is that your sprites have to be twice as long, because your camera "flattens" the diamonds. You could use longer sprites, or adjust sprite scale with setScale( 1, 2) when imported. Whatever you want, the camera is shrinking the Y scale by half.
  9. That is what the local transform is. The local transform is calculated relative to the parent's connection or "nose". For example if the bone is attached to the parent then it's local position = 3DVector (0,0,0) because it is touching the parent. If it is looking in the same direction as the parent it's rotation should be Quaternion (0,0,0,1) etc. You can confirm this with the offset formula: (Bpoint -Apoint = offset) So the parent position - child position should be (0,0,0) if they are attached. The "Master" (First bone,Tailbone, drop shadow bone, etc..) bone's local position should be the whole rig's local position also. Edit: If you have problems try EvaluateLocalTransform().GetT()
  10. Is this a custom importer, made by someone else? Can you provide more info on the importer. If this is a custom importer can you then link the FBX model as a text file? In my experience the Autodesk exporter uses: ObjectName.EvaluateLocalTransform();
  11. Scouting Ninja

    Best way to optimise 3d models

    Github has a good auto tool : https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes It actually does a fantastic job and even works with the topology a artist makes. @JTippetts provided me with it in a earlier post. At first you would think this Instant-mesh tool should be slower because it makes higher polygon meshes, yet it does so with even triangles; that is actually a lot better than the small triangles that pro optimizer and other tools provide. In terms of performance it is on par with the tools Zbrush provides (better than pro optimizer in performance). It's better than even some paid software. There is a limit to what auto tools like this can do. There is a lot to topology that computers just can't solve at the moment. So having a artist make a manual low topology is often the best choice for quality, however it is very slow. AAA games use auto topology tools because it gives you 60-70% of the quality a artist could reach, in moments; instead of hours. If you then allowed a artist to go in and fix the auto results you can get +/- 80% quality in just a few minutes. 80% of the quality 700-900% faster is more than worth the small problems. Other ways to improve performance is to limit split vertices like UV maps, smooth groups and sharp edge. Over use of these line markers can result in a mesh that is two times as large. Good topology and good normal maps remain the best way to optimize a mesh
  12. Scouting Ninja

    Isometric view with 2 grids & tile size

    I see libgdx allows you to define a matrix from the start for your sprites, using Batch() https://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/ci/nightlies/docs/api/com/badlogic/gdx/graphics/g2d/Batch.html#begin-- So if you use Batch.begin(); just as is, it will look at the camera. So if you wanted a HUD it would be: hudBatch.begin(); So don't assign any matrix to the batch of sprites. It's nice to know that libgdx uses batches from the start.
  13. Scouting Ninja

    Isometric view with 2 grids & tile size

    Reading this again. Do you mean, you don't know how to make the image "look" at the camera? You could use a "look" formula, however because isometric is done from 45 degree angles; you can just rotate sprites by 45 degrees.
  14. Scouting Ninja

    WHO recognising 'gaming disorder'

    I also want to make clear that the studies have proven it is a real Disorder. It's not like they just decided this in a moment. It actually took a long time, because first they discovered it had the same effect as Cocaine on the brain (that is why Brad Huddleston book is named as it is). The argument was that the effects where only visible for short burst during a long game session. A 5-6 hour session showed roughly a 8% similarity to cocaine use; people argued this was too small of a similarity to brand games a addiction. The study happened in 2015. Now 2018 other studies have been launched and finished; some to prove it wrong and others to prove it right. Right now there is still a argument over how much of a drug games are, however addiction is real and the extra studies have proven it is a Disorder. Even the ones who aimed to prove games do no harm, found that it does cause disorders amongst a lot of people.
  15. Scouting Ninja

    Isometric view with 2 grids & tile size

    Please use the above image in your game, so I can see if everything is setup correctly. There seems to be a confusion. A Orthographic camera, produces a Isometric image when it is lined up at a 45 degree angle. All Isometric images are Orthographic,however not all Orthographic images are Isometric. Like all thumbs are fingers but no all fingers are thumbs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isometric_projection
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