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  1.   Well here it is guys, our second appeal to the public. SideQuest has a brand-new Kickstarter featuring reworked Reward Tiers. If you have the ability to lend a helping hand in moving us across the finish line, we at Fractal are only most grateful if you choose to do so. Help us get this project funded and released so you can enjoy it and we can begin development on bigger and better things, all for your enjoyment.   www.kickstarter.com/projects/1460827633/sidequest-v2
  2. Good day guys! We have a brand new Developer Journal up and running, this one focusing on everyone’s favorite RPG location: Dungeons! Be sure to check it out. We have a page on Indiedb.com and also have a new Twitter, follow us to stay up-to-date on the project and the pending Kickstarter we have launching shortly. Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring day, take care and see you soon. =) http://www.side-quest.com/news-archive/101-dev-jouranal-2-dungeons https://twitter.com/FractalEn https://www.facebook.com/sidequestgame http://www.indiedb.com/games/sidequest/
  3.   Welcome! I’m Ma-Senior (or as they call me at home, Patrick) and I’m the Public Relations Manager for Fractal Entertainment, hard at work on our debut title Sidequest. In Sidequest you select your main character from five team members - the grizzled warrior Krug, voluptuous healer Kissa, geeky wizard Khyberistarian, seedy archer Talon, and hotheaded knight Caerwyn; you then set out to stop the re-emergent evil that threatens the land. Heard that a thousand times before, right? What you don’t know is the vibrant and meticulously crafted art, the familiar-yet-undiscovered lore, and the single player experience that crosses with PvP instances (and a nifty collectable card game) to bring Sidequest in to its own. Sidequest seeks to take the best values from the RPG titles we’ve all come to love – be they MMO, JRPG, or Western RPG – and combine them to produce a unique, addictive product to be enjoyed in your browser. Of course, Sidequest is careful to not take itself too seriously in the presentation; satire and parody lace the otherwise well-balanced mechanics and engaging, unique missions. Our team works hard so YOU can play hard.     A major attribute of Sidequest is avoiding the repetitiveness and monotony that can come with RPG’s. We feel that you deserve a dynamic experience from beginning to end and strive to break the copy-and-paste approach that many titles have adopted. A major effort towards that is the wide variety of vibrant art created for the title. If the adventures are going to be different they should certainly look different. Another point is the symphonic soundtrack, composed to only the highest standards and a highlight of our effort.     Sidequest will employ a Free-to-Play payment system (don’t you dare stop reading) because we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy our product with no charge forced upon the player. Naturally, micro-transactions are available to enhance and accelerate their progression through the story – which you can finish, beginning to end, without spending a penny. You have nothing to lose and an addicting experience to gain by trying Sidequest, with a projected release of Q3 2013. Head on over to our website for Developer Journals, and be sure to like us on Facebook. Thanks for reading! http://www.side-quest.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sidequestgame