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  1. drpaneas

    Learning SDL For Game Development

      I guess that the same principles apply to both API versions. I am thinking to buy this one in order to grasp the fundamentals and the basic concepts of SDL.However, I would be interested to know if there are any books (or any other tutorial/video) using SDL + C instead of C++. I would love to create a game in C first, since I am not that fan of oop.
  2. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

    When you want to make a game, what you do is program. You may make mistakes along the way but you will never be wasting your time.  As long as you are programming a game, you are not wasting your time. Period.     Spiro thank you so much for your time answering my questions. I really love your passion about game programming and I never said that you say something wrong. You have a valid point. No argue here, what you say is right. However, following your path requires devotion, time and patience and given that I am not a professional game programmer nor I want to become one I am looking for alternatives/shortcuts that will lead me to the final result faster than some others. You see this is going to be hobby project that I am going to accomplish after-work hours, which means that I have little time and too many irons on fire.   Thanks for your answer No I am not trolling, I am just frustrated -- that's all. My main platform is focused on Linux, so I guess there's no way to use RPGMaker. I am thinking to start with SDL 2.0 and C since I am already quite experienced with this language. At least I could try and benefit from the experience of it.     That's exactly what I have had in my mind.    Thank you very much for answering all my problems. Pretty much that's the kind of answer I was looking for. Thanks again for reminding me your article. I had read it in the past, but also, in my case, bookmarks is the place where URLs go to die. So, I had completely forgot about its existence. So, I should roll up my sleeves, spit on my palms, and get ready to go to SDL because this is going to be really handwritten.   That's a very interesting perspective I didn't see. Thanks
  3. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

    Why isn’t “program constantly, make progressively larger games” good enough? Why do you think there is a specific path you have to take to get to the ability necessary to program Gunpoint? Do you think only the 3 programmers who followed a specific diet can program this game? Diets may differ, but people tend to be equally healthy at the end of them.   Just program.   ok, let me rephrase: I am looking for an optimal path that would lead me to my desired result. There are many ways to go to your destination, but you don't just jump off the road and start walking randomly. First you have to ask if it's feasible to go on foot. If not, then you check the means of transport that are available to rent/hire and then you should definitely check with GPS/GoogleMaps what's the fastest way to get you there. I am not interested to spend 2 years to go to Paris by foot when I can just take on a plane and be there in 3 hours.   Simply put if there are: x basic things I need to know for game development y basic things I need to know for 2D game development z basic things I need to know for RPG development and for making an RPG game, the gamedev community recommends (randomly picked) : Unity2D GameMaker then, why should I even bother learning xyz in a different working environment (e.g. SDL 2.0) rather than Unity2D or GameMaker in the first place? Don't take me wrong, I understand that there are some fundamental principles in game programming that everybody should be aware of. I also understand that it needs time and patience. What I don't understand is how should I start learning all these basic stuff.       Simply because I have no idea where to start from. Unfortunately, I have not the experience to judge what language or whatever API or game-engine should I use to develop tetris. I need to know that the time I would spend on making Tetris should be beneficial and place myself one step closer to my target. For example, I have already made Pong and exported it for iPad, Android and HTML5. I made it in one day, using GameSalad following Jamie Cross tutorial. Should I develop Tetris in GameSalad too? That would only make sense if I am also going to develop Zelda in GameSalad too. If not, then why bother learning the game fundamentals in GameSalad in the first place?
  4. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

    thank you all for your replies :)   I am thinking to go down in a road trying SDL and Unity2D at the same time. Apart from the 'handmakehero' (looks awesome project) what other links/tutorials would you recommend me for these SDL and Unity2D ? Based on you experience so far, are there any must-see (video) tutorials or books ?
  5. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

      Thank you for your advice :) really appreciated.   As I said earlier in my first post, I am not going to do that professionally, but just as a hobby project. I work for SUSE Linux and I see C low-level code pretty much all day, I even work with glibc updates from time to time. What I am trying to say here is that when it comes to source code, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.   I am not asking for a magical way to the moon, but for a path to a 2D RPG game. I have no prior experience in game programming, so I though that it could be relatively easy to start with that, such as learning how to load the character on screen, then how to make him move, then how to interact with the environment and so on. Well, apparanteltly I was mistaken, and according to you and the rest of the gamedev community, it's seems a rather difficult. But, from other people's view, this might be easy if you use the right tools, like RPGMaker, GameMaker, Gamesalad, Stencyl etc. Even the Youtube's Unity 2D RPG Tutorial, seems to be quite an easy task to start with.   So, where should I start ? Can anybody give me a path to follow that the final destination is an RPG like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ? You said something about Tetris. How can I start with tetris? Should I use Unity2D for that? I have no idea.   PS: Sorry if I am asking too obvious questions to you :(
  6. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

      Thanks for the advice :)   Since I am going to create a 2D RPG, I will definetely try to create some art of my own. I don't think that roguelike is something that excites me. An RPG that looks like old Gameboy RPG like pokemon or SNES zelda should suffice (or even Diablo 1 for PC). How could I create one of these games in Linux? I know C++, but I don't know where to start from.   let me give you some examples of what I want to make: example 1 example_2 example_3   I see there are a lot of Unity2D RPG tutorials, but I am also thinking if there's something simpler like Gamesalad (e.g. this). My guess is that Gamesalad and Gamemaker generate a lot of garbage code, and make the game sluggish.
  7. drpaneas

    RPG, Engines and Frustration

    After some searching here in the forums I sense that going straight to 3D is going to be an overkill.   So, I guess I will go with 2D at first.     For 2D RPG games, should I use Unity or Unreal? Or they both would be overkill?   I also saw SDL and MKSL (something like that, sorry for not writing right, I don't remember it exactly).   pfff
  8. Hello there,   This is my second thread in GameDev forums. In the first thread  I'd asked you how could I learn C++, and now, almost 4 years later, I can say and I have purchased and studied all the 5 C++ books you mentioned there. Apparently, I don't consider myself professional like you guys, however I think that it's time is right to jump into game development. My dream scenario is to create an RPG game, like Zelda, but in 3D like that. I have no prior experience in game development, no experience in 3D graphics or 2D graphics), nor Unity/Unreal Engine or anything. One could say I know programming, but when it comes to game development I am completly noob.   All I know is that I see these beautiful youtube videos with these magnificent graphics and I want to develop my own game, even if it takes ~5 years. Obviously, I am not going to make money out of it. It's just my after-work hobby. So, I am not interested in profitable workflows (e.g. use this game engine because the pro license costs less than the other game engine).   I see there are lot's of stuff online, and I have no idea where to start. I need a solid choice that will prevent drawbacks. I see that many guys are working with Unity and less with Unreal Engine. At least, the amount of online tutorials is larger on the Unity side. I also like that there's unity2D. Truth be told, I like very much this tutorial series. I've just watched them, I didn't tried to reproduce them, but in the end I have no clue how to proceed: how to make dialogs, how to make fights, combat moves with enemies and so on...   I have no idea how difficult is to develop a game in 3D vs 2D. If 3D it's too hard, then obviously I will start with 2D, but if they are both difficult, I would prefer to start directly with 3D. I suppose that I can buy these beautiful environments from game engine's marketplace, then buy the 3D model for the hero, the enemies and so on.   I would appreciate if you could guide me, through what path I should choose for a 3D RPG game and where can I find help? By saying help it doesn' t have to be neccessarily free. I saw there are online videos through Digital Tutors but I have no clue if they are any good. Also, a private tutor would be a good fit I suppose. Also, what about books? I don't know, I am kinda frustated here...
  9. Hello guys, first post here and what a nice community you have :)   I would like to ask your opinion about another new kid in the block, called "Jumping Into C++" by the creator of cprogramming.com. Would you  recommend this book to a starter?
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