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  1. curator785

    Vector3 How does it move?

    @Scouting Ninja Hey thanks bud yea I been reviewing the tutorial at https://www.khanacademy.org/math/linear-algebra I'm one of the hobbyist for http://www.thoucurator.com trying to learn more about game programming. Your post help me kind of solidify the stuff I've been working on so thank you.
  2. if (!_ReachedDestination) { // I'm not sure why you need to subtract the TranslationVector from the Waypoint which is the point you need to go to in world space? var Direction = _Waypoint - Unit.Transform.WorldMatrix.TranslationVector; // I'm not sure why you would divide the length here for the direction? // Get distance towards next point and normalize the direction at the same time var LengthToDestination = Direction.Length(); Direction /= LengthToDestination; // Check when to advance to the next waypoint bool WaypointAdvance = false; // Check to see if an intermediate point was passed by projecting the position along the path if (_PathToDestination.Count > 0 && _WaypointIndex > 0 && _WaypointIndex != _PathToDestination.Count - 1) { Vector3 PointNormal = _Waypoint - _PathToDestination[_WaypointIndex - 1]; PointNormal.Normalize(); // I think the Unit part is where the unit is in world space so we are doing a dot method to find the distance from our waypoint? float Current = Vector3.Dot(Unit.Transform.WorldMatrix.TranslationVector, PointNormal); float Target = Vector3.Dot(_Waypoint, PointNormal); // If we are at our waypoint or passed it advance to the next waypoint? if (Current > Target) { WaypointAdvance = true; } } else { // Check distance to final point if (LengthToDestination < _DestinationThreshold) { WaypointAdvance = true; } } // Advance waypoint? if (WaypointAdvance) { _WaypointIndex++; if (_ReachedDestination) { // Final waypoint reached Stop(_ListUnit); return; } } // Calculate speed based on distance from final destination // Slows the unit down or speeds it up...? based on how far away from the end point it is? float moveSpeed = (_MoveDestination - Unit.Transform.WorldMatrix.TranslationVector).Length() * _DestinationSlowdown; if (moveSpeed > 1.0f) { moveSpeed = 1.0f; } // Slow down around corners // I know this puts an arc in the path but i dont understand why you would want that for a straight line on my 3d plane it still arcs a bit to its destination // I need to figure otu how to make it go straight if there are no corners float cornerSpeedMultiply = Math.Max(0.0f, Vector3.Dot(Direction, _MoveDirection)) * _CornerSlowdown + (1.0f - _CornerSlowdown); // Allow a very simple inertia to the character to make animation transitions more fluid // Adds everything up to try to provide a direction on the update game loop _MoveDirection = _MoveDirection * 0.85f + Direction * moveSpeed * cornerSpeedMultiply * 0.15f; // Using the default character component to do the moving _CharacterComponent.SetVelocity(_MoveDirection * _Speed); // Make the unit face the direction its traveling but at the end when it gets to its end point rotates back to the -z axis... not sure why it reverts to facing that way instead of just facing the way it was going if (_MoveDirection.Length() > 0.001) { _YawOrientation = MathUtil.RadiansToDegrees((float)Math.Atan2(-_MoveDirection.Z, _MoveDirection.X) + MathUtil.PiOverTwo); } Unit.Transform.Rotation = Quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(MathUtil.DegreesToRadians(_YawOrientation), 0, 0); } else { Stop(_ListUnit); } } Below is some code I pulled from our current project. I'm trying to figure out how in the world it works. Can someone take a look at my comments and tell me if its right or shine some light on the question I commented out?
  3. curator785

    How to find front of a 3d model?

    Thank you 0r0d that make sense I guess I will need to rotate all the models and export to fbx with them all facing the same direction.
  4. In general does anyone know the basic concept of finding the front of a 3d Model fbx format?
  5. Thou Curator is a hobbyist game development studio looking for volunteers to join us on our multi-platform 3rd arcade military style game. If you have ANY of the following skills or a desire to learning     Artist Talent on Paper or Digital     Creative Thinking for Designing     Music & Sound Effect     Knowledge in C# Programming     Ability to Write in Comic Book Style     Familiar with Modeling 3D     Interests in Game Creation     Team Work     Communication Skills via Facebook & Our Email System And wish to be a part of a productive team come join us by clicking http://www.thoucurator.com/join If you have any questions please message us on our Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/ThouCurator Our current project is The Last Stand you can review what this game is about that we are developing by the link below. http://www.thoucurator.com/projects?id=1 And finally if you are just wanting to follow our group and be updated on the progress and release of the game.  Well we got you covered too by following us you will get a newsletter every month.  The link to that is also below. http://www.thoucurator.com/follow
  6. curator785

    Hobbyist Game Development Online

    Thou Curator is a game development studio looking for hobbyists to help create games using 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, C#.NET and similar tools. If you have an interest in game creation and want to be a part of a productive team come join us by visiting our website [DELETED]
  7. curator785

    thou curator

    We would be happy to answer any question you have please email them or skype them to me, my skypeid is cpurepair785.  I would also agree I think a fast response is a good thing too, we try to get to everyone email team members and all in under 6hr to keep things moving.
  8. curator785

    thou curator

    Hello,       My name is James Fleming and I am the leader of the group Thou Curator.  We are an indie development team that is focus on our game Century of War.  Our one page site is just to say we exist for people that are interested in game development.  We don’t focus a lot of time on the website as that would take away from our game development.  I am sorry you think our group is not 100% dedicated to game development but we are hobbyist and trying to get our first title released.  Right now our target release date at the earliest would be around August of next year.  If you would like a tour of the website from a member side I would be happy to show you.  We are extremely organized and focus on only one project.       Oh and if you got an email late at night in your time zone that is probably because we have member oversea as well as in the United States.   Game Producer, James Fleming http://www.thoucurator.com
  9. I have been researching game loops and thread.  I post my code below to accomplish this.  Does this look correct to anyone or have a better solution for multithreading a game loop? // Loop using System; namespace Client.Plateform.Window.Lifetime { public class Loop : Client.Plateform.Window.OperatingSystem.Threads { /// <summary> /// /// </summary> private static bool _IsExit = false; /// <summary> /// /// </summary> public static bool IsExit { get { return _IsExit; } set { _IsExit = value; } } /// <summary> /// /// </summary> public Loop() { } /// <summary> /// /// </summary> public void Excute() { base.RenderThread.Start(); base.LogicThread.Start(); base.ResourceThread.Start(); base.SoundThread.Start(); } } } // Thread using System; using System.Threading; namespace Client.Plateform.Window.OperatingSystem { public class Threads { #region Global Var private ThreadStart _RenderThreadStart = null; private Thread _RenderThread = null; private ThreadStart _SoundThreadStart = null; private Thread _SoundThread = null; private ThreadStart _ResourceThreadStart = null; private Thread _ResourceThread = null; private ThreadStart _LogicThreadStart = null; private Thread _LogicThread = null; #endregion #region Accessors /// <summary> /// asdfadsf /// </summary> public Thread RenderThread { get { return _RenderThread; } } /// <summary> /// asdfadsf /// </summary> public Thread SoundThread { get { return _SoundThread; } } /// <summary> /// asdfadsf /// </summary> public Thread ResourceThread { get { return _ResourceThread; } } /// <summary> /// asdfadsf /// </summary> public Thread LogicThread { get { return _LogicThread; } } #endregion #region Constructor /// <summary> /// /// </summary> public Threads() { _RenderThreadStart = new ThreadStart(() => RenderMethod()); _RenderThread = new Thread(_RenderThreadStart); _SoundThreadStart = new ThreadStart(() => SoundMethod()); _SoundThread = new Thread(_SoundThreadStart); _ResourceThreadStart = new ThreadStart(() => ResourceMethod()); _ResourceThread = new Thread(_ResourceThreadStart); _LogicThreadStart = new ThreadStart(() => LogicMethod()); _LogicThread = new Thread(_LogicThreadStart); } #endregion #region Method /// <summary> /// /// </summary> private void RenderMethod() { while (!Plateform.Window.Lifetime.Loop.IsExit) { Console.WriteLine("Render Method"); Thread.Sleep(3000); } } /// <summary> /// /// </summary> private void SoundMethod() { while (!Plateform.Window.Lifetime.Loop.IsExit) { Console.WriteLine("Sound Method"); Thread.Sleep(8000); } } /// <summary> /// /// </summary> private void ResourceMethod() { while (!Plateform.Window.Lifetime.Loop.IsExit) { Console.WriteLine("Resource Method"); Thread.Sleep(6000); } } /// <summary> /// /// </summary> private void LogicMethod() { while (!Plateform.Window.Lifetime.Loop.IsExit) { Console.WriteLine("Logic Method"); Thread.Sleep(13000); } } #endregion } }
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