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  1. Ok thanks, I hope modeling in Blender isn't as hard as it seemed 4 years ago.
  2.   I'm still toying around with Unity and C#, it's not possible to do 2D isometric in Unity, is it?
  3.   I have very basic knowledge of C#, but I just need someone to point me in the direction of what to use, I'll gladly learn that language. I have used Unity3D for a few months, but just to make a third-person RPG based off of "BurgZergArcade"'s tutorial. I have also used GameMaker in or around 2008, I tried it again recently and was somewhat uninterested. Even though I have a job, I have little disposable income; so free is always better. All I need to know is: What engine and language should I use for a 2D-topdown or isometric RTS?
  4. I'm going to keep this short. I want to make a game that is somewhat similar to Dune 2000. I bet you all know of some engines and language I should use to create a top-down RTS similar to Dune. I'd like to keep the game to 2D isometric but I might try 3D isometric if it isn't as challenging as 2D.
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