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  1. What language should I choose for beginning game developing?

    Everyone, thank you very much. Your answers helped me to choose language and some books to start, so making a simplest game for me will be the first goal. Again, I'm very grateful for your stories and advices! You are all magnificent sirs here.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a Web developer and thinking about learning game development. I know, that all you need - is inspiration, small basic idea and a lot of effort. I mean, many people don't even think about language. They google, find couple of answers and start programming basic game in one of several languages.   I learned programming by myself, starting from ActionScript (1, 2, then 3). Then, when I needed a job and in my location there were only job offers for "JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML" developers I stopped working with ActionScript and learned all those things.   I'm working on Mac OS, so this also affects my choice of programing language for game development.   For me, when I worked in AS 3, game development (at least 2d) was objectively easy. There class with npc, there class with damage zones, here is player, that could shoot and many other easy things that you could do in AS 3 by just writing something like (I don't really remember AS 3 now) //Somewhere in class Game private var gun:Gun = new Gun(30, playerOne); //ammo and controls of player one and adding gun sprite for player one //somewhere in class Player public function shootGun() { if (this.hasGun && this.hasAmmo) { this.gun.shoot(targetOne); } } Something like this.   All was already there for me. Creating sprites, animating it with Tween class or basic changing x/y, etc.         After 2 years of web development (without cool things like Canvas or interesting animations) I found myself in the "mindless and ignorant" state of knowing nothing about game development at all.   I searched information and found many many possibilities. I found Java and LWJGL (OpenGL), discovered, that at least 2 not bad games was written in Lua (Don't Starve and Project Zomboid), found that C++ is very good way to start developing games, but I don't really think that it's very suitable for working with on Mac OS.   I though about game engines. I though about Unity, Source, Unreal Engine.   But I did nothing for starting actual game development. Only was preparing and thinking about many ways.   One thing I know - I don't want to develop for mobile platforms. Now - for PCs or Macs.   I don't know what it is, that was holding me from starting. Fear of possibilities and choosing a "wrong way"? Maybe. Not much time? Maybe, but I'll overcome this problem.   I ask you to give me some advices, based on your experience. What languages you learned? What was useful and you started working with?   What was the biggest barrier and fear?
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