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  1. Announcing the first public Amplify Texture 2 development version, featuring: Third-party shader support (Alloy, Lux, Skyshop) and many other updates. We would love to hear from you, our product is close to a official release and we can really use all the feedback we can get.   Next-Gen Massive Virtual Texturing for Unity Pro   The latest development version is here, Try it today!      
  2. We are happy to announce that Wasteland 2 is now using our vector based motion blur solution for Unity3d; Amplify Motion. It’s an honor to have contributed to the project, a true classic that we can't wait to play.   Wasteland 2 by inXile Entertainment   [video=youtube;juemg0G1UNg]http:[/video]   Visit our website for more info on Wasteland 2 and our Unity Products: Open Page
  3. Thanks @Chman Colorful & Amplify Color @unity3d work great together. Hopefully we will have bundles @UnityAssetStore soon ;) fingers crossed
  4. Amplify Color, new update @UnityAssetStore brings volume based blending with 3rd party effects and events @unity3d http://t.co/BIyMIO3w3S
  5. Update 2 - New version available. Volume Based Third-Party Effects & Events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm4zISILYYA NEW! Source Code NEW! Third-party Effects Volume Blending NEW! Better Volume detection accuracy NEW! Base and Volume LUT mixing NEW! Unity 5 support   Update 1 - Volume Based Color Grading In this new version we introduced additional mobile specific optimizations and Color Volumes. Color Volumes: This new feature will empower your artists by allowing them to use volumes to efficiently define color correction by area. Mobile Mode: We introduced some new mobile optimizations that will give you an extra boost in performance when using older devices. Update Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teNimsqRKYk
  6. AmplifyCreates

    Amplify Texture 2 - Development Showcase

      Hello everyone, we are very happy to announce that the second Amplify Texture 2 development build is available to all early adopters. Dev Build 2 introduces new amazing functionalities and improvements, we are getting very close to a production ready version and on track to release before June.   Amplify Texture 2 changelog:   Multi-VT support; Up to 16 simultaneous Virtual Textures per-scene (max 64 Terapixel) Dramatic runtime memory footprint reduction; RAM footprint no longer depends on VT size Introduced Virtual Texture Hardware Level property Added new Cache Sizes for High and Ultra HW Level modes; 1024MB_16K and 2048MB_16K Improved runtime performance inside the editor     You can view the full change log in our Download Page.     We are also happy to announce one of our excellent partners; Nurulize Inc, co-founded by industry veteran; Scott Metzger, on a path to revolutionize their field of work.   Watch Scott's presentation given in the latest GTC and get a sneak peek of what is going on with the usage of Amplify Texture 2, more to come soon.   Building Photo-Real Virtual Reality from Real Reality, Byte by Byte Click the *image to view the video. *low resolution, captured from the presentation slideshow     Their website will be updated soon; stay tuned Nurulize Inc.   Product Page - Amplify Texture 2
  7. Amplify Texture 2 is coming and with it a multitude of new features and improvements, we decided to create this thread in order to share all the upcoming developments.     As a reminder, Amplify Texture 2, unrivaled texture virtualization for Unity Pro is available exclusively in our website, currently 20% off, subject to change after final launch. Upon pre-ordering, early adopters will be granted immediate access to Amplify Texture 1.5 along with the latest development builds of Amplify Texture 2 as they become available and access to  the private development forum.   Pre-Order and Product Page   Amplify Texture 2 - Development Showcase, Part 1   In Part 1 of this series we will showcase: Multi-Tile UV support and automated workflow using MARI, Zbrush, Mudbox and compatible naming conventions. Virtualized Displacement and Tessellation. We take a deeper look at the already efficient variable bit rate compression used in Amplify Texture and to be improved further in the upcoming Amplify Texture 2.    Features and Workflow     Amplify Texture 2 - Features Overview, Part 1 - YouTube   Abandoned Factory Demo   Amplify Texture 2 - Features Overview, Part 1 Demo - YouTube     Visit Amplify.pt for more information on our products and the features demonstrated.   Special thanks to The Foundry for providing the Blacksmith data set and Renato Martinho for the great accompanying music and mixing. Check out more of his work at Renato Martinho's Portfolio. The scene presentend was constructed thanks to Better Reality and their awesome scanning technology Thorskan. We used raw, high quality, high resolution scanned data in order to showcase the power of Amplify Texture 2. Thorskan is an extremely effecient system and we invite you to check it out, you might have seen it already in action in the latest reveal from Farm 51 - Get Even.
  8. We updated Amplify Motion, v1.2.3 features various quality improvements. http://t.co/k08fa3IL0e
  9. We updated Amplify Motion, Version 1.2.3 features:   -Fixed excluded and/or instantiated objects from leaking into the background. -Fixed intermittent motion blur in slow velocities -Improved accuracy of motion blur sampling and masking.   Product Page
  10.   As you may know Insidious Technologies, makers of the leading technology for virtual texturing in unity Amplify Pro Virtual Texturing, Color3 and EasyFlow, is now Amplify Creations.    We are happy to announce that Amplify Color, formerly known as Color3, is now available on the Asset Store.   Amplify Color is one of the best Unity Extensions for Industry Level Color Grading. Extremely easy to use and to integrate in your project, no coding required.   An efficient color grading extension comparable to industry standards used in VFX and Film, future proof and high performance even on mobile devices. You wont need to purchase another color grading solution any time soon.   Any artist can pick up this extension and quickly get the desired results. Be it via the Photoshop connection or even with other software like Nuke or After Effects using the file mode, users will be right at home.   Other extensions may provide you with slow performing “filters” but Amplify Color provides you full control over your color matrix without compromising performance.   Amplify Color is the leading choice for professional, accurate and high performing color grading.   Take it for a spin with our fully functional watermarked trial and see for yourself: Direct Link   Amplify Color Overview   [video=youtube;13ZeJAdb9-s]http:[/video]     The workflow could not be simpler, you don’t have to learn how to use any new Software.   Amplify Color connects directly to Photoshop, or similar tools. You can use the software already in your pipeline to push color transformations directly into your Unity Project Scenes. You may alter Color curves, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Hue and much more. Users may even selectively apply color grading only to specific objects.   Any color profile previously saved may be loaded in run-time allowing users to seamlessly blend between various color profiles. Users may even use dynamic blend masks to extend their color based effects.   Two possible workflows provided :     A semi-automated workflow where it actually connects to Photoshop to upload the reference frame and download the modified frame. A standard file-based workflow, compatible with all image editing software.   Features: • Supports any combination of color transforms • Semi-automated Photoshop workflow • File-based standard workflow • Dynamic blending between profiles • Texture-based per-pixel masking • Optimized for mobile   More Info and Manual: Product Page   Customer Showcase: Showcase   Asset Store: Amplify Color   If you are a Color3 user, update now, for free!   I would also like to remind all of our users that we are looking forward to your work submission, we would love to feature your work, get in touch.   Update - Arcus web demo now available.   In this new stylized web demo you will be able to test most of the features provided by Amplify color. Color profile blending, object isolation and much more.  
  11.   As you may know Insidious Technologies, makers of the leading technology for virtual texturing in unity Amplify Pro Virtual Texturing, Color3 and EasyFlow, is now Amplify Creations.    We are happy to announce that Amplify Motion, formerly known as EasyFlow, is now available on the Asset Store.   Amplify Motion is a complete and fast full-scene vector based motion blur effect that works with all opaque and coverage/alpha-test surfaces. It supports both stationary and moving objects as well as Skinned and Cloth meshes.   Capable of handling all translation and rotation on cameras or dynamic objects with efficient per-pixel vectors accuracy.   Amplify Motion Overview   [video=youtube;2dUYgpVCD5o]http:[/video]     Features: Full-scene quality vector based Motion Blur Instant results, drag & drop, no coding required Variable quality steps Camera and moving objects Skinned and cloth meshes Improved runtime object handling Massive performance improvements Lower draw call overhead Soft edge bleeding Mobile compatible     Be sure to try the WebDemo: Direct Link   More Info and Manual: Product Page   Customer Showcase: Showcase   Asset Store: Amplify Motion   If you are a EasyFlow user, update now, for free!   I would also like to remind all of our users that we are looking forward to your work submission, we would love to feature your work, get in touch.    
  12. Good news everyone! We have extended our licensing offer.   We are happy to announce that from now on, instead of the older per-seat/single user license, each license of Amplify products allows for up to 3 users/seats.   This also applies to previously bought licenses. The new EULA document will be sent to existing customers.   Keep up the good work everyone! We are amazed with all the great feedback and work sent to us by our users. Thank you!
  13. There's A New Homeworld Game Coming, and it's powered by Amplify Texture http://t.co/lpiA6qsNIp
  14. Amplify Texture is the leading solution for virtual texturing in Unity and the only one ready for commercial and reliable use.   Our virtual texturing, aka mega-texture, technology allows real-time applications made with Unity to present scenes without any sort of texture limitations imposed by graphics cards memory limits. Developers may utilise  massive amounts of textures, quite literally up to hundreds of gigabytes per scene, without worrying about the usual constraints.   It’s the ideal gateway into building beautiful, vast and highly detailed worlds. Accessible price, streamlined integration with unity, it adapts to your workflow and not the other way around.   In short, Amplify Texture is Virtual Texturing for the masses.   We strive for simplicity, innovation and efficiency. As with all our products, integrating Amplify Texture in a project is as easy as Drag & Drop. There is no need for dedicated UV channels and developers won't need to write a single line of code for a standard integration. We do however provide source licensing options to developers that wish to extend and experiment with the technology.   In essence, Amplify Texture frees developers from the usual workflow constraints. Forget 4k textures, crushing, reducing and optimizing textures. Amplify textures employs efficient variable bit-rate texture compression algorithms for its Virtual Textures with compression ratios above average when compared with normal DXT compression, resulting in smaller and high quality builds.     Fully functional solution.   Workflow Real-time WYSIWYG editing, completely integrated with Unity.   Tools for auto conversion of scenes/projects, virtual texture manager configuration and statistics directly accessible via the inspector tab.   No need to change your workflow, the only requirement is that developers use an Amplify Texture  compatible shader. We provide all Unity shaders already converted and you can easily convert your own to work with Amplify Texture.   Developers can still use other shaders, they will work as they always did, but the textures will not be managed by the virtual texturing technology.   The virtual texture build process is incrementally, updated as the user adds content.   Features Up to 512k x 512k pixel per Virtual Texture, 1 virtual texture per scene with up to 1TB of texture data. No texture size limits; it’s “a big texture” (512K) made of smaller ones of any size (e.g. 1K, 32K, 128K).   Direct control over video memory allocation.   Support per-material diffuse+coverage, normal and glossiness textures, without the usual size constraints and virtually supports an unlimited number textures. Textures may even be repeated/tiled with efficient filtering support, it even supports dynamic surfaces.   Works with both static and dynamic geometry, characters, vehicles, etc   Extremely efficient Multi-threaded parallel processing while maintaining a low memory footprint.   Windows, Mac and linux compatible.   Higher fidelity texturing with virtually unlimited texture quantities without compromising performance.   Above are some of the features and functionalities of Amplify Texture, for more information visit amplify.pt.       Product Overview (Youtube)   We have some exciting announcements in addition to Amplify Texture 1!   Amplify Texture 2 is coming, we would like to invite you all to take advantage of our early adopter promotion.   Amplify Texture 2 will build upon the groundbreaking innovations introduced in Amplify Virtual Texturing, to bring the next step of hardware-assisted future-proof massive texturing technology to the tip of your fingers, while taking full advantage of improvements introduced since Unity 4. Whether you’re importing large-scale Satellite imagery, generating giant procedural terrains on World Machine, or painting high-resolution worlds and characters on MARI and MODO, this product will integrate seamlessly in your pipeline and help bring your creation to life.   Drag & drop integration, no coding required Multiple virtual textures up to 2M x 2M, or 4 Terapixel New real-time WYSIWYG editing mode with improved workflow New high-compression, high-performance texture compression Spherical page detection system, for fast view rotations Light-map and Displacement-map support Static batching support Unity Terrain support Anisotropic filtering High dynamic range (HDR) texture support World Machine, MARI and MODO integration Oculus Rift/VR support Hardware sparse texturing support Mobile support   Pre-order now: * Save 20% over launch price   * Includes Amplify Texture 1.5 License   * Early access to development builds   * Your chance to help shape this product   On Source Licensing options you also get 20% off, join us and help us shape the future of Amplify Texture 2.   Visit Amplify.pt for more information about Amplify Texture and our other products, Amplify Motion and Color, some of the best extensions for Industry Level Color Grading and Vector Based Motion Blur for Unity.   @AmplifyCreates
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