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  1. XNA and VB.NET + C#

      I fixed it. One error more and i have no idea what do.
  2. XNA and VB.NET + C#

    Hello! I have small problem! I try make XNA multiplayer game using VB.NET, but my client socket not working on XNA but working VB.NET and C#. Server get sended data but game get error when try receive data and two small error. XNA code: [PHP]Public Class Server     Private Shared _clientSocket As New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp)     Private Shared _PORT As Integer = 21     Public Shared Sub ConnectToServer()         RequestLoop()         [Exit]()         Dim attempts As Integer = 0           While Not _clientSocket.Connected             Try                 attempts += 1                 Console.WriteLine("Connection attempt " & attempts)                 _clientSocket.Connect(IPAddress.Loopback, _PORT)             Catch generatedExceptionName As SocketException                 Console.Clear()             End Try         End While           Console.Clear()         Console.WriteLine("Connected")     End Sub     Private Shared Sub RequestLoop()         Console.WriteLine("<Type ""exit"" to properly disconnect client>")           While True             SendRequest("")             ReceiveResponse()         End While     End Sub     ''' <summary>     ''' Close socket and exit app     ''' </summary>     Private Shared Sub [Exit]()         SendString("exit")         ' Tell the server we re exiting         _clientSocket.Shutdown(SocketShutdown.Both)         _clientSocket.Close()         Environment.[Exit](0)     End Sub     Private Shared Sub SendRequest(text As String)         Console.Write("Send a request: ")         Dim request As String = text         SendString(request)           If request.ToLower() = "exit" Then             [Exit]()         End If     End Sub     ''' <summary>     ''' Sends a string to the server with ASCII encoding     ''' </summary>     Public Shared Sub SendString(text As String)         If text <> "" Then             Dim buffer As Byte() = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(text)             _clientSocket.Send(buffer, 0, buffer.Length, SocketFlags.None)         End If     End Sub     Private Shared Sub ReceiveResponse()         Dim buffer = New Byte(2047) {}         Dim received As Integer = _clientSocket.Receive(buffer, SocketFlags.None)         If received = 0 Then             Return         End If         Dim data = New Byte(received - 1) {}         Array.Copy(buffer, data, received)         Dim text As String = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(data)         Console.WriteLine(text)           If text.ToLower() = "movedup" Then             MsgBox("test")         End If     End Sub End Class [/PHP] Error when i run program: [PHP]System.Net.Sockets.SocketException was unhandled ErrorCode=10057 HResult=-2147467259 Message=Tietojen lähetys- tai vastaanottopyyntö hylättiin, koska vastake ei ole kytketty ja (lähetettäessä datagrammivastakkeeseen Sendto-kutsua käyttäen) osoitetta ei määritetty NativeErrorCode=10057 Source=System StackTrace: kohteessa System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags) kohteessa System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, SocketFlags socketFlags) kohteessa XNAgame.Server.ReceiveResponse() Server.vb:rivillä 66 kohteessa XNAgame.Server.RequestLoop() Server.vb:rivillä 31 kohteessa XNAgame.Server.ConnectToServer() Server.vb:rivillä 8 kohteessa XNAgame.Game1..ctor() tiedostossa Game1.vb:rivillä 6 kohteessa XNAgame.Program.Main(String[] args) Program.vb:rivillä 8 InnerException: [/PHP]