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  1. Need a link advice.

    Well In the "Read before post" is mentioned not to paste  entire pages cause noone will care to read them. I have done like 3 pages of the plot, and I am writing each of the created up to now levels.  Thanks Mr. Sloper for the recommendations.
  2. Need a link advice.

    Actually I dont know what content to add, not how to write it. Content is in everything. I am reading Sea of Sorrows(Guild Wars 3rd Novel) right now and when im finished with it, I'll check the other book.
  3. Need a link advice.

     Hey guys,  I am currently writing a plot for a game in the style of Trine, but I am a little stuck. I have the beginning of the game, and I have the ending, but I dont know how to link the two stages together and advance the story in a compelling way. If you guys could help me think of ideas or offer suggestions as to how I can improve the plot at the middle, it would be greatfully appreiciated. Thanks, Michael