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  1. Blind1701

    OpenGL & Rotation Matices

    Fixed it! Sorry for making so many basic mistakes throughout this thread, I've learned a lot. many thanks to everyone and hopefully I'll not make the same mistakes again
  2. Blind1701

    OpenGL & Rotation Matices

    Ignore post, made a silly mistake.
  3. Blind1701

    OpenGL & Rotation Matices

    Thanks for all the advice, I'll look into GLM after I'm done with this little project, I've fixed the matrix math and I've got my object rotating around the origin (where the camera is placed), So I attempted to translate before the rotation is applied and then translate back after to reset the origin (as I have done previously with glRotatef) however the translate calls are making no difference and the object is still rotating around the original origin, any ideas?
  4. Blind1701

    OpenGL & Rotation Matices

    You are quite right. I've been so stuck in this mindset I never looked back at what I thought was already correct. Well I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks. Maybe now I can make some progress
  5. Blind1701

    OpenGL & Rotation Matices

    Thanks for the reply, however I'm not quite sure what you mean, Im pretty new to OpenGL, and C++ for that matter. I've simply tried following tutorials, but adapt them to my matrix class. Could you elaborate please? Many thanks
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