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  1. OpenGL OpenGL and OS X/Cocoa Tutorial

    Thank you for your reply  !   1st link: I am aware of this.  It is a good reference, but not that good of a tutorial. 2nd link:  I am also aware of this.  It wants you to also use their "Angel.h" header file that they made, which I'm not going to  . 3rd link: This might work.  I'll look at it, but I want something that explains things.   But, Thanks anyway!
  2. Hi, I have asked a question before regarding what version of OpenGL I should learn and what tutorials: Don't get me wrong; the tutorials mentioned there were great, but I have decided that I want one that uses the Cocoa API now.  I want it to use at least OpenGL version 3.x.  It can go up to version 4.1, not any higher.   Thank you so very much, retsgorf
  3. Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

    Ok, I have narrowed it down to two questions.  Since I like the poll feature on this site, I am adding another question.  I will have it up soon.   Thanks, retsgorf
  4. Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

    @Carducci  Yeah, I get that.  But, since 4.x just adds more features, wouldn't it be better to learn those a long with it, instead of learning something older so you can switch to the newer one easier?
  5. Will you upgrade to windows 8.1?

    If I stilled had my Windows 8 tablet, then yes I would be.  But, since I don't have it, my answer is no.   ?I personally think it is great.  The metro part won't be great if your on a desktop computer, though.  I like the interface.  And it does have an amazing boot/shutdown time.   I do have Windows 7, but I don't want to take the chances of messing up my computer, or I would upgrade.
  6. Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

    I know mine supports up to 4.1.  What's the difference between 3.x and 4.x.  And, Won't 4.x kinda be the future of it, until 5.x, etc..  If it would be, then wouldn't it be better to learn it?
  7. Opengl ?.x and what Tutorial

    Ok, Thanks.  And a quick question, Why is everyone voting for 3.x?  I would think that 4.x would be better since it is newer.
  8. I have just started reading NeHe's tutorial (OpenGL 1.x) and have now been told that it is old and that I should learn a newer version.  I am ok with it being harder. What version should I learn?  I am guessing it would be the newest (4.4 - I think).  My computer does support OpenGL 4 (OS: OS X 10.9 Mavericks).  Even though I am programming using Objective-C with the Cocoa API, I know C++ and WinAPI, so I can easily translated it.  Next, What is a good tutorial for the version of OpenGL that you said for the first question?.   Thank you very much, retsgorf
  9. How to create a physics engine

    Ok, sorry for taking it that far.  I understand what they meant.  They were trying to save me from wasting my time, etc..  Which, I thank them for that, but if someone started a thread on it, they probably want to learn how to do it, not to be told that is wasting my time.  This is something that I really want to do.  So maybe I was wrong, and I apologize for that.  This is it fixed  
  10. How to create a physics engine

    I had already gotten this book.   Thanks for the ones who actually answered.   No thanks to the ones who were trying to discourage me. :P :P
  11. How to create a physics engine

    Thanks   Well, it is the first case, and kinda the second.  But, I would like to do it anyway.   Ok, just wanted to make sure I gave all of the information I needed to.   Thanks for all of that help.    That had to take you a long time to type that up.   EDIT: +1 for your answer! :D
  12. Hi, I am new to this forum so please tell me if this is in the wrong place.   I would like to make a physics engine.  So, can u point in the right direction and/oror give me a link to some tutorials and/or books.  My preferred programming language would be Obj-C or C++, but I am sure I can probably translate it to one of those.  I am using OpenGL, if that helps.   Thank you so much! :D