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  1. Lactose

    blackjack game

    There is almost no code, so there's almost nothing to say. This is like saying "I'm going to write a book, and so far I have a main character called John. Is my book any good?". The only real comments I have on your code is that the enums could have more descriptive names (Hearts instead of H, etc.), and that currently your face enum doesn't support values of 1-10. And that you're including time.h, when no part of your current code uses it. Oh, and "using std" is generally not a good idea, because it can cause naming conflicts in larger projects. For such a tiny project it's probably not a huge deal, but I thought I could mention it. If you want proper feedback, you're going to have a lot more to show. Preferably a working version of the game.
  2. Lactose

    C# variable name creates error

    Paste your actual code causing the error. Edit: In this case, it's because your variable starts with a number -- a variable name cannot start with a number. For future reference, though, please always include both the code causing the error as well as the complete error message.
  3. If you want legal answers, you need a lawyer. If you don't know one, you'll have to search. If you want legal guesses -- well, I've given my guess.
  4. My guess: no, this is not something you should try doing. If you are really interested in doing this, contact a lawyer.
  5. Lactose

    Defining AAA

    while !funEnough tweak();
  6. Lactose

    Defining AAA

    I'm very certain that if you could reduce artist workload by 99%, this is tech you could sell for 10+ million dollars to any AAA studio.
  7. Lactose

    Defining AAA

    If we're day-dreaming, why stop the fantasies there? Imagine 99.999999% is automatic! Imagine it's 10000x faster! Or let's just imagine a button you press and it spits out a 100% finished game, and it's perfect in every single way! As long as there is a manual process involved in creating games, AAA studios will always be able to stand out by throwing more people/money at the manual process. Indies cannot, and should not, try to compete against AAA studios on the AAA studios terms. Indie studios should not waste their time trying to make copy Uncharted and expect it to be as polished, as full of content, as heavily marketed, and as high-selling.
  8. Lactose

    Defining AAA

    And then the AAA studios will use the same tech, but with 100x the budget, maintaining the difference.
  9. Lactose

    Defining AAA

    Which is why every masterpiece costs $1 dollar to make.
  10. Interestingly, I don't have any particular issues with this. I would definitely recommend testing VR if you have the opportunity, but I can see not wanting to throw tons of money at it without any first-hand experience.
  11. For me... I don't have stereoscopic vision. My eyes both work, but not perfectly in unison. My dominant eye's input is what fills my vision, with the peripheral being filled in by my non-dominant eye's input. I didn't know until I was mid-20s or so, working on a 3DS game. Before that, I had noticed that I never seemed to see the picture hidden inside an autostereogram (AKA magic eye pictures). I also never understood why people were fascinated by the View-Master toy -- I just saw some pictures of random things, nothing special about that! Since I was a kid, I've always been able to "choose" which eye I see things with, and I was quite surprised when I found out that's not a normal thing. For me, it seemed as intuitive as being able to choose which hand you use to pick up an apple. Essentially, I can choose which eye is my dominant one, although if I make no effort, my left eye is always dominant. Which is a shame, as some colors (yellow, especially) looks slightly better with my right eye. Richer, somehow. I can give myself motion sickness while walking, if I swap to having my right eye be the dominant one. I suffered from a lot of headaches when I was a kid, which might potentially be linked to my brain really not liking the conflicting signals my eyes sent, and just funneled that into intense pain until it understood how to discard most of my non-dominant eye's input. 3D movies do nothing for me -- and it feels silly that I still have to wear the 3D glasses in order to view the movie the same as I do when I watch a movie in 2D. VR is still quite a step up in terms of immersion. While it's still no proper stereoscopy, it's the same way I view the rest of the world. I've been thinking about a VR project for quite a long while, which I'm hoping to get some sort of start on once my summer vacation starts. I'm not really super-bothered about my lack of depth perception -- I've never had it, so I can't really tell what I'm missing out on, but I would definitely like to experience it.
  12. As per the title... Just out of interest, does anyone on this forum lack depth perception? AKA stereoscopic vision/binocular vision/3D vision. A quick & dirty check-yourself test can be found here: https://www.mediacollege.com/3d/depth-perception/test.html If you do lack depth perception, when and how did you find out? Does it bother you? Have you experienced 3D movies and/or VR titles? If so, what were your thoughts compared to normal 2D movies and non-VR titles? Given the various VR devices out and about, I find this to be an interesting topic.
  13. Resetting the following stuff did not fix the issue.
  14. Lactose

    Scrum metodology

    Some people change the source code of the Unreal Engine. Not just extending it with gameplay scripts, etc. Directly modifying it, to create stuff which goes against what is possible to do without altering the source code directly. One of my own upcoming projects will most likely have to do some of this in order to be possible to create in Unreal Engine. This is simply not correct. There were more changes to Heretic than simply adding "an inventory component" and some new data. You seem to live in a more theoretical world, where designers never change their mind, where specifications never change, and where single issue is known up-front. A world where the entire game can be designed from the start, without ever having to have huge sweeping alterations. This is not what game development is like.
  15. Lactose

    Scrum metodology

    Easiest example -- some moves involve more than a single piece. Do you think that every racing game ever made should use 100% identical code, no custom code per game, and have all unique features be data driven?
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