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  1. Dark Souls Multiplayer Mod Help

    If you're posting this as a status update of a project you're working on, check out Blogs section of the site. If you're trying to enlist others to help you, check out the Hobby Project Classifieds section of the site.
  2. Military Simulation Game

    One solution is to have Side A always win. If that isn't a good enough solution, then you need to implement some way of quantifying the strengths and weaknesses. A simple algorithm would then just tally up the various stats, and the side with the highest point tally wins. Maybe add some random scaling factor if you're feeling really fancy. Or be more granular, assign strengths and weaknesses to groups. This would allow a group to be removed during simulation, and not affect other things once dealt with. But now there's suddenly more questions to answer -- how to decide which groups face each other? How to handle strengths and weaknesses if you simulate injury to a group? Do we care about groups gaining experience and becoming better at what they've done before? Is aging something which could realistically affect long-term group performance? What about terrain, weather, sickness, moral and other external factors? Basically, this isn't a programming question, this is a design question. The core question is "in scenario x, who whould win?", which we can't really answer for you. Your best bet would be to create a rule set and apply it to various scenarioes. If the outcome of a scenario isn't what you'd want it to be, make changes to the rules and keep iterating. There might be points where you go "this is my current rule set, but this given scenario doesn't play nice with it, regardless of what I do", at which point there might be some suggestions we could give. As it stand, you are asking us to design your rules for you, which is far too open-ended.
  3. Add a debug line after Find -- if TextHolder == null Debug.Log("Find failed") to see whether or not that's where the problem is. If might not solve the issue, but at least helps narrow down where the problem is.
  4. It looks like your GameObject.FInd ("XPCounter") returns null. Maybe it's the wrong name (spelling error), maybe what you're looking for isn't a GameObject (I seem to remember UI things being different somehow, but it's been too long since I looked at Unity stuff to be sure).
  5. Backups (online and image)

    Mind expanding on this? I'm also currently looking into setting up a proper backup solution.
  6. Game design career interview questions

    Nonsense, like usual. Whlie it's true that nothing will guarantee a career in game design, nothing will guarantee a career in anything. Game designers are hired on a regular basis. You not being hired does not mean game designers aren't hired. As has been explained to you again and again. There is proof that game designers are being hired. You claiming otherwise is pure trolling at this point, and you should honestly feel ashamed for trying to trick people into believing in your delusions.
  7. List with nouns, adjective and verbs?

    And even then, there are exceptions. "Bad" is an opinion, and would normally be listed first if there are multiple adjectives (similar to "lovely" and "beautiful", as listed as examples). However, you don't say "bad, big wolf", you say "big, bad wolf".
  8. GameMaker turn-based fight system

    Unless you have the rights to make an Adventure Time (which I'm fairly certain you do not), I would highly recommend not trying to use characters or any other likeness from it.
  9. Case matters. "Pickup" is not the same as "PickUp". I notice that the .h file is called Pickup, while you are trying to include "PickUp.h". Same with all the functions.
  10. 42px pixels

    Yay fixed!
  11. Below the poster's avatar, the poster's pixel count is displayed, but in a slightly bugged manner. If the user has 42 pixels, it is displayed as "42px pixels" -- I would expect this to be either "42 pixels" or potentially "42px".
  12. How to make 8-bit sprites out of 16 or 32-bit ones?

    You'll have to draw them manually, using an image editor (e.g. paint.net -- there might be better suited pixel graphic editors I'm not familiar with). Instead of starting each image from scratch, I would suggest loading up the original image and resizing it to the intended size, and saving that as your starting point. Using the resized image as your base and the original image as a reference, make changes until you're happy with the result. For more general advice on creating any sprites, I would recommend searching online for sprite-making resources.
  13. Pixels?

    https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/blog/2223-gamedevnet-staff-blog/ Scroll down a bit to see a section explaining them. Edit: Also see https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2263292-upcoming-site-reputation-re-index/
  14. Rotation in a sphere

    (Disclaimer: just woke up) Looks like what you want is the tangent of the circle at the point where the player is. This should be just orthogonal to the gravity vector you already have.
  15. Input on Adult Content

    Have you considered sexualities other than heterosexuality?
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