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  1. bool theseThreeCellsTrue = cell[1] && cell[5] && cell[9];
  2. If so, I think the problem is with the contents of isSlotTaken.
  3. You should probably mention the progamming language used somewhere in the post. It looks like it's C#, so I'll assume that. With the given example, I think draw will be true if every element of isSlotTaken is a bool with the value true. This sounds like a problem you should look into using a debugger -- are you familiar with debugging techniques? Breakpoints, etc.
  4. It's not the best suited in all cases. Like I said, it's often nice if you've got a quick question you just want an answer to, or feel like discussing something more rapidly back and forth than writing long forum posts and hoping for a reply (which might be a lot slower in most cases). To me, bouncing ideas sounds well suited for this type of quick back and forth. I don't think I've ever used voice on GDNet's Discord channels. Text is the most-used way of communicating there. The chat also tends to be a bit more casual than the forums are. Anyway that's a bit of info. Regardless of whether the Discord chat is what you're after, welcome to the community, hopefully you will settle in nicely
  5. Discord is a chat program. More info on their official site: https://discordapp.com/
  6. The forum you're in now is most likely where you want to be for those kinds of questions. For more direct/quick chat, you might want to join the GDNet Discord channel. Linky: https://www.gamedev.net/community/chat/
  7. The answer will depend on a few specifics. For these questions, assume the correct phrase is "mars". What is the expected result if the input is "sram"? (All input characters are correct, but order is not correct.) What is the expected result if the input is "mar"? (All input characters are correct, but correct phrase not solved.) What is the expected result if the input is "marss", "mmars", etc.? (All characters from the correct phrase are present and in the correct order -- but with additional characters.) What is the expected result if the input is "MARS"? (Case sensitivity.) An example solution could be something like (pseudo): auto minCount = min(correctPhrase.count(), guessedPhrase.count()); int numMatching = 0; for (int i = 0; i < minCount; i++) { if (correctPhrase[i] == guessedPhrase[i]) { ++numMatching; } } But like mentioned, it depends on the specifics of the expected results.
  8. Lactose

    collision sprite

    Putting exit in code to debug is not something I would recommend. Research breakpoints and debugging.
  9. Lactose

    Need Help For My Simple C# Code

    You didn't write what was going wrong (which you should keep in mind for the future), but in this case I'm fairly certain it's because your FixedUpdate() function is living outside the PlayerController class. Move it up inside the class and see if that helps.
  10. Lactose

    rotating sprites

    Is this the same game you were working on for a college class?
  11. Lactose

    rotating using trig functions

    When posting a question, what are you supposed to include in the post? Hint: You've been told probably a dozen times or more.
  12. Lactose

    What do game testers learn?

    You can't know which bugs are major and which are minor if you can't find them. Even if you know a bug exists, it's a lot more difficult to fix something if you can't reliably reproduce it (i.e. you prefer to have detailed steps for reproducing a bug, both for finding the bug and verifying fixes). Finding bugs can also be done in a number of ways. Managing automated tests is quite different than doing pure manual testing. Even for testing, someone with a decade of experience finding bugs can draw on a lot of knowledge when it comes to which bugs might exist, and see patterns others miss. Knowledge and experience with different kinds of bugs and testing can be a huge factor -- platform certification testing is quite different from localization testing or network related testing. QA is a job in which you can improve your skills, just like any other field. You probably won't gain a lot of programming skills from doing QA, but then again you probably don't get a lot of programming skills from making art assets, either. Basically, you can have good testers, and you can have bad testers. This means that, as a tester, there are things you can learn and improve.
  13. Lactose

    What do game testers learn?

    What do programmers learn from their job? All they ever do is implement features, create software architecture and fix bugs.
  14. Lactose

    Int vs. Float Graphics Programming

    When it comes to internal usage as well... This is not a good idea in many cases, due to e.g. movement speed and timesteps. You might convert/snap positions to be aligned to a grid in many cases for display/logical checks, but it's useful to have the raw position be without more rounding/inaccuracies than needed.
  15. I can't remember ever being able to do as you described, changing while not being in a breakpoint/step-through mode.
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