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  1. Good. On to some more questions Do you know how to dynamically make a button disabled/greyed out? Do you know how to set a variable in script that persists/is stored as long as the game is running? (Doesn't need to be saved for now.) Do you know how to check a variable in a different script? Do you know how to disable/enable a specific skin? (What does a "skin" actually mean in your case? Swap texture? Swap model? Something else?)
  2. So let's start from the very beginning: Do you know how to create a button in Unity which calls a script function?
  3. So again, what did you actually try? Did you try something and it didn't work? If so, what did you try and what about it didn't work? Or did you not try anything, you just not know where to start?
  4. What is the difference between "unlock and set" vs "bought and equipped"?
  5. I mean my post could be ignored, since you edited it it. Sorry for the confusion
  6. There is no picture. EDIT: It's edited in now, ignore my original post
  7. What have you tried? Are you able to get a button that does anything working in Unity? If yes, what specifically about the shop/unlock problem are you stuck on?
  8. It's also not as quickly searchable Several programmers I know have used various note-taking applications for exactly this purpose. Writing down gotchas, important bits and pieces, etc. Of the ones I remember being mentioned are EverNote and OneNote.
  9. This is also how most games operate. Most applications of any description, really, so it's not isolated to just server type applications. Notable exceptions are things like tools that operate on some input and spit out some output. These things generally just start, do their assigned task and shut down, and do not have such a loop.
  10. What?
  11. You should try it yourself. This forum is not your compiler. If it works - great! Move on to the next step you want to solve. If it doesn't work - try looking at the code and understanding why it does what it does, and what needs to be different in order for it to work as you want it to. If you are still stuck after spending time on trying to solve the problem yourself, post with the current code + description of expected behavior + description of current/actual behavior. Note that this methodology applies to more than just this specific issue.
  12. What I posted was a suggestion that he should consider doing things differently. I think my reasons for suggesting it was made clear in my previous post (which was a "huge wall of text" in order to clarify the much shorter post which just got a dismissive and condescending reply). I did not forbid him from creating 6+ threads per day, nor did I tell him to swap to only using the chat instead of creating threads. I said that he might want to reconsider his approach (with, I think, good reasons why), and I mentioned the chat existing because it can be helpful in ways the forum is not, due to its more direct nature.
  13. That doesn't answer any of my questions.
  14. Do you know how "auto" works? Where is the "auto timeStampPrevious=chrono::time_point<chrono_high_resolution_clock>;" line located? Where did Josh tell you timeStampPrevious variable should be?
  15. Josh's reply covers that part.