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  1. Update -- search index is no longer processing. The page just doesn't list anything. "There are no results to show in this activity stream yet"
  2. Check out the GDNet Chat, it's on Discord
  3. (Google translate to the rescue) There is a preview button in the editor. It's the icon 5th from the right (magnifying glass over paper). Click it to preview how the post will look. Also, please note that this is an English speaking (writing) forum.
  4. Lactose

    Semi-complete Newbie

    (Emphasis added). False. Lots of good, real, succesful and completed games have been developed using managed languages. You are trying to dismiss managed languages for all games ever, which is going too far.
  5. Lactose

    Semi-complete Newbie

    Again, this is still the No True Scotsman fallacy. A game can be "a real game" without needing to support 200 players per server, 5000+ clients in an MMORPG or 100k clients in a MOBA. There are other "real games" than MMOs and MOBAs. Unity/C# and managed languages might not be the best choice for all kinds of games, especially games with fairly extreme requirements end-to-end, but Unity/C# and managed languages are perfectly fine for most "real games" most game developers will ever work on. Especially if in the situation where you are able to choose your own tech stack like this.
  6. Lactose

    Semi-complete Newbie

    No true Scotsman fallacy. Real games are produced in Unity. This is not hard to prove; I already did so in my previous post.
  7. Lactose

    Semi-complete Newbie

    Then you have a different view of what's acceptable than most other people. Managed languages like C# can be used to make games just fine, e.g. in Unity. They have been made to make games just fine. For example the absolutely gorgeous and amazing Ori and the Blind Forest.
  8. Lactose

    Semi-complete Newbie

    Are you saying all managed languages are useless for game development, and should be avoided?
  9. Lactose

    C++ Game Asteroid

    If you need more help than given by the people assigning the test, you aren't currently at a good enough level to deserve the job. Helping you means tricking the employers.
  10. Lactose

    C++ Game Asteroid

    You said this was your code. If this is a test (which you say it is), we won't solve it for you. Ask the people who gave you the test for a hint.
  11. Lactose


    Are we talking something which could be used on a gambling site, involving real money? Or just a normal "game" slot machine, no actual money goes in/out of the system? This is a very important question to answer before proceeding.
  12. Lactose

    C++ Game Asteroid

    Personally I would guess that either a bullet is null, or that you're deleting bullets from inside the vector (which will invalidate all subsequent iterators). For a better stab at fixing the problem, more code is needed.
  13. Seems to be fixed now...? EDIT: Seems to be, just tested again.
  14. My opinion is that this thread is a very good example of why intellectually dishonest, bad-faith arguing and trolling should be moderated much more heavily and with less leniency. I personally don't see the point in not acting more swiftly in these circumstances.
  15. Reported a post because it was a double post. Was sent to a page saying I had already reported said content (will report this post to get the exact error). Has also happened with a different case of reporting. Edit: Actual message: Sorry, there is a problem You have already reported that. Error code: 2S136/4
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