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  1. What is the best OS and IDE for game dev?

    Whatever OS will let me iterate the fastest. If I can run my game from the same OS that I'm using and it will be the same as the target platform or nearly so, that is the most ideal. If I'm developing a game for a windows PC, developing on a windows PC is ideal, as I can compile and run the game right there, and it should look and feel like the final product.
  2. I learned so much from my first industry job having access to an actual game from end to end, professionally done.. So I can see where the benefit comes from. The fact that they can turn around and sell it and cause problems for a poorly implemented marketplace...is more about the marketplace being poorly implemented. The same problem can happen with non-unity prebuilt games. What would Unity impose upon their marketplace? One could eliminate the complete game category...but that wouldn't stop it from being put on the store. It would either show up in some other category, or be split out into easily recreated parts, or offline from the Unity store entirely.
  3. Unreal does this as well, they have an asset marketplace, RPG Maker also stands out. And I'm sure I could find thousands of nearly complete games/tutorials for phones and resell them. Again I don't really see an issue. Who are the resellers hurting? Shitty marketplaces that don't do a good job of filtering or presenting products?
  4. For the most part, I think this was due to a Steam problem more than any issue of Unity. I mean, who cares if someone buys a complete game that someone else willingly put up on the Unity Store, and then turns around and tries to sell it. If the game is not actually good, it shouldn't sell, right? Or if the buyer made some decent changes, it should feel distinctive and sell. The market should discourage people releasing derivative clones. Well, Steam fucked this up by letting cheap games grant Steam Trading Cards. Suddenly everyone wants to buy and play these dumb games so they can get trading cards they can sell, and the developer gets a cut of every transaction on the cards! Steam has recently done some work to try to curb this behavior, dunno how much of an impact it's made. That said, I think having a full fledged, professionally made example can be really helpful to some people. I find a lot of Unity's assets to be only vaguely useful and impractical. Scripts/Assets that really only work for the small scene that they were included in. Either they don't scale well, or they don't handle a majority of physics situations, etc.
  5. I wonder how well that license agreement would hold up in court, I would assume there is some expectation that Unity's store is selling assets that are able to be used, and not stolen/using someone else's IP.
  6. Nice article, with nice links as well, I have a feeling I'm going to spend most of my day digging through it.
  7. What does your GridNode look like? You might try to shrink it down as much as possible. You might even get a benefit from pulling out the visited index to its own array. GetNeighbors, is that doing a copy? That could potentially be doing some goofiness. You also have a minor potential bug, as you never check for overflow in your searchindex. (Shouldn't happen that often, but it's not a tough fix.) I'm also curious if rewriting the whole thing in C++ and importing that into Unity would be faster still.
  8. Nice! Mildly surprised to see WinForms. Not a bad thing, as I always loved WinForms for it's simplicity, even if it's uglier to look at than a WPF or XAML UWP app. I am really curious about the Event system used in-game. I've never been completely happy with any of my event systems inside Unity.
  9. C# Need some help with Unity.

    Are you referring to the car wheels spinning, or that the car wheels are not moving/turning left or right as the car's steering wheel is turned? You might try this link: https://forum.unity.com/threads/car-wheels-spinning-and-or-rotating.77750/
  10. Hello ferrous i hope you answer my message, I think you know quite a bit about 2D RPGS and stuff and I wanted to ask for your help because i'm working on a small project just for fun and I want to make my sprite able to change different armors and weapons but I literally have no idea about how to do that, Please help

    1. Drezor


      I forgot to mention that i'm using Java

  11. Yup, its a preference thing, I'm in the var camp, mostly especially for the "Foo foo = new Foo()" case, that's my personal nit, as it's super obvious what foo is, you just declared it to be a new Foo(). (Exceptions for when you wanted BaseFoo as Nypyren stated.) It's more helpful of course when it's List<Foo, Dictionary<Bar, MyKey>> foo = new List<Foo, DIctionary<Bar, MyKey>> instead of just Foo. I'm also in agreement that four bools, that should be an enum, especially if you can't have a spiral line circle. In addition, it's best to make structs immutable.
  12. R&D is a thing?

    That's a good point, though I consider Engine positions to fall under jpetrie's description of, "Do some R&D, but not all R&D", as engine positions are going to be doing a lot of non-R&D work.
  13. R&D is a thing?

    Yup, a lot of taking an existing white paper and academic code and turning it into actual production code.
  14. It's pretty common in windows api and directx https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb172588(v=vs.85).aspx was my first random google =)
  15. Do all those members really need to be public? I'm a big believer in only exposing to the consumer of your code the bare minimum, and having them modify things through methods instead. For example, what if in a later implementation, you find that you want to reset the spawnTimer when someone disables the spawner. In your current implementation, that would be a painful retrofit, as you'd have to track down all the places where people are mucking with the internals of your class. Other things just seem unnecessary to expose, like timeDelta. Why is that public? And finally, whats up with all the hard coded numbers? 500? 800? Without even a comment as to what they are. Those should be named constants, or exposed so that users of the Spawner can set them to what they want.