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  1. Hi! I managed to have a 2D pixel artist contact me to make some pixel sprite work for me. I am happy but also lost on how to go about setting up a work plan list for this artist. Can anyone lend me some tips on how to complete a work plan list? Thanks!
  2. Greetings! Who do I need? I am creating a game and I need a 2D Pixel Artist(s) for my game. Introduction: I created a game company two days ago called Dark Star Ship Studio (The link to the company: The game I am creating is a 2D action RPG game with city building game play elements and world exploration game play elements. The world is a procedural generated map (its in the design process) and I am creating the game play; unfortunately, my art skills are very poor. How much work did I accomplished? I've been working on my home brew game engine in C++ and I did try to make some pixel art (I attached a image example). Again, I know my pixel art is horrible. I do not have the talent or patience to create visual art. In addition, I did try to learn on how to create a decent pixel sprite sheet; however, I lost my patience and decided to come here to seek talented artists that are looking for an opportunity. What's in it for you? I wish I can compensate for your services and help. I am in the process of adding more Software Design plans for the game engine and hopefully the game can be available in mobile devices. As a matter of fact, I did registered for the Nintendo Developer Portal and I do wish to release the game in the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch (I know what you're thinking, "This guy is nuts!"). I cannot promise if the product will succeed or not; however, the reward of creating a game and gaining experience can be very helpful in the future. Thank you for your time! cyberspace009
  3. My C++ Game Engine from scratch

    Nice! I am also creating a C++ game engine from scratch, too. Keep it up!
  4. I've been very busy at my job and decided to release some stress after 3 years of programming experience at work. It seems like my c++ skills have gained new levels and JavaScript is a simple fun language that I've enjoyed. In addition, I was learning to use the basics of the Unity 3D engine and it seems like I've learned a lot with the program, too. I can become lazy when it comes to art. I can model 3D meshes pretty well in Blender 3D and I have 1 year of experience; however, animating an object in 3D requires a lot of patience and it seems like I do not have it. I started out from this: To this: You can learn a lot in 1 year using Blender 3D. Also, I created a FREE unity 3D game application in Google Play store (the app does not have any Ads!). try it out on your android phone. Critic is always welcomed! I am debating to try and join a group to make a game in Unity 3D but is it possible if I work almost everyday? Who knows?
  5. [Rev-share]Unity Programmer - INT project.

    How many years of experience do you need for the Unity programmer position?
  6. Studio looking for Programmers, Artists

    How much experience is needed for the unity position?
  7. Very busy...

    I actually have a job! I've been very busy working as a software developer. I love my job so far and I am learning new things. I was struggling looking for work but thank goodness that someone contacted me about a full time position in software engineering I. Today, I am working and trying to start my own buisness. Game Development : SDL is a very interestings API. I've been practicing and learning SDL for almost two years. Did I learn anything? Yes. In addition, my C++ expereince has increased, too. I made up my mind on following my dreams. I was not sure if I want to make games and fail on trying to start a company. However, I want to try and make my dreams happen. I always have this idea on starting a game development company and actually manage to make great games. Thus, I need to come up with a nice company name soon... Creating my first game engine: It finally happened. My first attempt on creating a 2D/3D game engine. I was able to complete the 2D portion that has collision support but I ran into some bugs with the alpha color setup for the sprite. In addition, learning OpenGL can be another challenge. The reason why I am making a game engine is to increase my skills in C++ programming and some of us do believe that "practice makes perfect" . I will post more thoughts and news this weekend. Thank you for reading!
  8. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

      I am trying to convince myself to NOT join his cause.   I want to start making games on mobile devices and start my own company. I don't see myself joining his company due to the fact that I hate dealing with customer service. In addtion, the people here at Gamedev help me see the pros and cons.   I am going to tell him that I am not interested.
  9. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

      I told my friend the same exact thing. Depending on grants from the government and donations from companies will be unrealistic. Don't get my friend wrong about doing good for society. He wants to help the community and all but he also told me this is a "side" job for him. What I am trying to wrap my head around this dilema is that he hates PC repair and still he is willing to do this. I want to say "no thanks" but what if this idea of his becomes a huge success? Clearly, his idea is to help people with no technological skills or people with no experience in troubleshooting PCs/Laptops. Sadly, I agree with you Khatharr on his dependency for "wealthy benefactors" can be unrealistic.   Joining/Creating a business can be a real challenge. In addition, I hate taking a risk that I am not sure about. Is this risk worth taking? Including when I may have to pay $366 for the location in the future?   NOTE: He wants to open/rent a location near a mall and expect the both of us to pay the rent.
  10. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

      My friend said he will depend on government grants and other tech companies to donate for the cause. He is trying to make a non-profit organization focused on PC/Laptop repair for communites and companies for free. I am worried about this because how long will it take for companies to donate for a free service in PC/Laptop repair? In additon, he thinks the the government will give him grants for the organization? I am afraid to take a risk like this but how likely will this work?   Note: He is paying out of his own pocket to open a location in the future (pretty soon).
  11. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

    You're probably right about that. I was trying to find an answer on what should I do. I need to think about this and do more research on this idea.
  12. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

      I actually told him that, he said he will never do phone/tablet repair. I try to explain to him that donations can be a problem as well but he seems very positive about it.
  13. Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

      I am not sure if there are any computer related charities in the area. And refurbishing older computers can be expensive because some parts can cost a lot of money. For example, DDR RAM can be more expansive than DDR2 RAM in some cases (or other parts). However, I like the idea of keeping our planet clean and try to recycle computer parts for others who want a simple computer for smaller activities (browse the internet or basic entertainment).
  14. Hi,   I was wondering if anyone would try free PC/Laptop repair? I know a friend of mine who is trying to start a company offering free PC repair. The comapny is a non-profit organization and they will depend on donations. My friend also said they will use a Van to pick up PC/Laptops and repair them in the van.   So what is my question?   1. Will you donate to a non-profit organization involving free PC/Laptop repair?   2. Do you think this is a good idea?   3. Are there any pros/cons you see in this company?   I want to join him and help his company grow but I have my doubts.   Thank you!
  15. Planning is important

    I am not Dead: I was a bit busy doing some side Java project for a family friend and got some interviews going on. So far, I was successful on the third interview and hope I get the software engineer position in this small company. In addition, I was returning back to OpenGL and began to work on some unfinished lessons that I wanted to finish. I have big plans for the Fargo Game engine and hope all goes well. What's the plan? I finally got an idea for a game. It involves dungeon crawling, exploring the world, secrets, boss fights, and multiplayers. THIS IS NOT AN MMO! I will add more of my ideas once I get everything in motion. I was thinking of using SDL and OpenGL together but I will put that aside for now. All I want right now is to make small demo and see where it takes me. Any last words: Game development is tough but I know it is paying off due to the fact that my coding skills are reaching new levels. While I' m looking for work, I need to keep my mind fresh from everything I learned at college. Those of you who are reading my journals, thank you. I am glad someone is reading my struggles in life.