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  1. cyberspace009

    A Strong Start

    Change Of Plans: I decided to use Unity instead of my own personal game engine, Ignis Game Engine. I made this change because I believe Unity will alleviate some stress in the development of the game. In addition, I am convinced that I finished the 2D system interface for the Ignis Game Engine; however, the 3D system implementation will take some time to complete. Good Start: I am excited and nervous at the same time when I started developing this game, Iron Age Stories. On the other hand, I managed to create a Sand-Box scene with a prototype coming together. What's Next: The next step is to tread carefully and plan accordingly on how I can succeed in this project. I did create a TODO list for the prototype to keep track of my progress; however, the list keeps growing. I can feel the stress already but I can spread the work into smaller pieces to determine the work load. Thanks for reading and happy coding!
  2. cyberspace009

    Iron Age Stories

    Iron Age Stories is a top-down pixel style/3D game that will deliver a single-player, story driven, and action/adventure RPG simulation with rogue-like elements. In addition, the player will fight huge enemies and face deadly traps in unexplored dungeons! The player will also explore the cursed land, Athary, and save the land from total annihilation. The game will have a Sand-Box mode where the player can create and defend his/her kingdom from the clutches of evil (More plans will come soon. Stay Tuned!). The Ports For the Game: The game will be released in: Nintendo Switch PC The Features: Story Mode Sand-Box Mode Random Dungeons Mode Permanent Death -- If the player gets killed, they will lose their saved game.
  3. cyberspace009

    Trial Of Courage

    Hello! It seems like things are finally moving along for me. I finally started a company after saving some money! I ran into road bumps in my life but I finally got back up again. My Small Independent Game Studio Company: So I started a small company called Dark Star Ship Studio and I am going to announce a game sometime in March. I am a bit nervous/scared that I will fail. However, if I can be careful about my decisions, maybe it can work out. I am trying to remain positive and realistic on making a game with a very simple gameplay. Also, I found a good 2D Pixel Artist working with me on the art side. Ignis Game Engine: I've been working on my game engine for the past two and a half years. I feel very satisfied with my proficiency in C/C++ and Visual Studios 2013. I was able to make DLL plugins for testing the graphics/gameplay in my game engine environment; in addition, I am trying to create my own procedural generated world map using the perlin noise algorithm (I might use a library instead if its taking too long). Hopefully, my 3D implementation will be completed once I can release a small 2D game. I know some people would suggest that I should use Unity, Unreal or GameMaker to make a game. Unfortunately, I prefer to start from scratch so that I can learn and challenge myself. I've been using Unity for almost two years and it is a great game engine but I am having a lot of fun trying to create my own game engine (I guess I like to go deeper to understand game engines???). Final Words: I hope I can triumph over these challenges that are coming my way. I can only hope that I don't burn out in the process since I do work. Wish me luck, Game Developers! I know I am going to need it.
  4. cyberspace009

    Iron Age Stories

    Album for Iron Age Stories
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