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  1. Survive together but only one can win

     What about adding a discard cost of some kind to some actions, that require you to discard a card and shuffle it in a common pile of cards, from which people either need to draw from in order to use an action, or simply as a general rule of the game, or discard. The general pile can consist of all events and actions as well. Having such a drawback as discarding some cards you hold to use others without revealing the dropped card will also ensure a multitude of different moves.
  2. The Most Dangerous Game (Concept)

    best reference you can get is either from the movie: "Predator" or the "Sir you are being Hunted" Vgame.
  3. Help with Game Name.

    It's probably the red enemies in your video, but the name "Red Link" just popped into my head. That and "Project Red".    Other than that your game looks cool! Certainly something I'd green-light, and will as soon as I know how you do name it. Very alike UFO, keep on doing the good work!
  4. Story attempt for game

    Hmm, donno what to say... I think You are combining ridiculous and serious story elements kinda unsuccesfuly. What I would do is make the story either overall ridiculous for a gag-story/game, or make the story overall serious(although that's hard to do with your setting). I'm not saying I wouldn't combine some serious elements too, but I'd exagerate them a little, or caricaturize them. The seriousness-ridiculous ratio has to tip quite heftly towards one side, and I don't think you have the right ratio yet.