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  1. sprotz

    Help in Naming my Games.

    This main character is Persian. He is a hunter/warrior who exists in a post apocalyptic era where radioactive fallout has caused mutations that led to existence of mutants , giant insects. The Dinos were resurrected from a pre apocalyptic experiment and let loose after. The main character is among a Persian tribe that survived the apocalypse. It is about an Asian (Chinese/Japanese) martial arts expert who is harassed by a mob for something he did not do and goes on an adventure to clear the misunderstanding while fighting baddies with martial arts moves on different locations indoors and outdoor, using the environment and its objects to help beat his enemies. It is about a family in a cartoon GTA universe where they time travel to different city environments, prehistoric, future etc. My proposed surname would be "The Keatons" , but maybe there is something better? And for the rest of the naming, Thank you. That actually helped me, especially the first entry.
  2. I am trying to figure out what to name some of my planned games so I need your ideas on what title to give them. You can give as many names per game as you like. The games are: A 3D platformer involving a rabbit as the main character whose name is this game's title ( What name should I give the character?) A dino killing Sci-fi Fps where the protagonist also fights mutants, hominids and giant insects ( What should be the main character;s name?) A 3D platformer involving a boy genius. What should be his name? A detective/adventure/platforming hybrid. A martial Arts Beat em up action adventure. What should I name the main character who is Asian? And an open world Adventure involving a Family of three/four. What should be the Surname of the family?
  3. Ok, I've seen. Tozal inc. owns the rights to Lode Runner, and cartoon network owns the rights to Dexter's laboratory. But how on earth could I get to Jackie Chan to ask to use his name and likeness in a game? I assume because of his fame he could be unreachable by a normal person.
  4. I would like to know the issues involving copyright infringement of using themes and game characters from other franchises, be it cartoons and films, where the rights are owned by someone else, and how far should I go without committing this copyright infringement? Especially when selling the game at a price is involved? For example, I have planned a 3D platformer that is Dexter's Laboratory themed. Is it Ok naming the game after this cartoon series and using Dexter's name and likeness as well as other characters? Or how about using a different title, with Dexter having a different name but same look, or should he look a bit different? I have the same question involving using the name and likeness of Jackie Chan, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and the Lode Runner ?
  5. sprotz

    Handling player stats and skills

    Try adding the first two parameters instead of multiplying, then multiply the result by the last parameter.
  6. The pessimistic attitude and calibre of the members on here made me do it, almost made me doubt myself. I doubt there are any adults on this forum.
  7. @suliman I will develop and release 'short' demos of the planned projects and post them on the internet for free, if that is a good proposition. Two of the projects are actually quite short. I can develop them first, but It will cost upon release. Initially, I planned to release the PC versions of the games free, but after the outcome of the 'big' post I made here, I decided all games are going to cost.
  8. But I will most probably have a finished, good enough, decent game that is with enjoyable gameplay, ( I do not intend to compete with current gen titles). By the way, you can rapidly create large open worlds with unity and its terrain editor.
  9. @suliman What do I need a big budget for? When all I need is a game engine, a laptop a few electricity bills, some free resources from the internet, and a lot of time, and no salary to pay if I'm doing it by myself or have a few volunteers help out? This is what I've been trying to explain to someone else on this site, but let's stick to the topic.
  10. @suliman It is not just caveman or ancient era, it is a combination of "eras" all in one time period. It is more like, different regions living in different eras. Cavemen, ancient civs and medieval people living in the early gunpowder age. There will be cities and sizeable villages with lots of people and things, gameplay will be fast paced, animal transports will be fast, cannons on ships, tribesmen with bows and arrows and swordsmen will be analogous to police hunting you down. So yes, fast pace chaos in this setting will be achieved. Romans built roads, so those, along with dirt tracks will be there. Maybe no explosions except from canon fire.
  11. I think it's better to combine them, given that the fighting genre normally consists of a not so large game, and it will give the player lots of variety.
  12. You could add men in power suits with upgradeable modules, that enable speed upgrade, reaction upgrade, power upgrade, upgradeable augmentations for different things like predicting opponent's next move, bullet time, each character's suit could have unique abilities like throwing solid projectiles, spewing acid, telekinesis, supermagnetisn. A sort of story mode could be added where a character moves through a world and encounters opponents to fight intermittently.
  13. And what is your definition of a troll ?

    I feel that that statement is an understatement, People need to have limitless ambition, but they don't, so we have too few "Shigeru Miyamotos" and "Steve Jobs"

    1. sprotz


      I found out the definition, so I guess you have to be an Ogre.

  14. @lonewolff I'm not going to make a GTA 5 clone. I'm going to make an enjoyable action adventure game with decent 3D graphics. But these people seem to be on a completely different wavelength. They think that they should make a carbon copy of GTA 5 when actually they are simply told to make enjoyable 3D, or 2D games with good story and missions. they seem to be calling a genre a clone.
  15. Most of the Hobbyist/indie devs. Let them know that they can be like Sakisa, have that fierce determination, iron will, disregard the assumptions.
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