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  1. sprotz

    Dragon Little Cute Original 3D model

    I like the grey one (on the extreme right), like a gargoyle, but I think they are a little too high poly.
  2. jbadams says they don't exist.
  3. @jbadams Just to think up some third world country where I know doesn't have these laws and where other similar laws are rudimentary. @Stragen sounded like the United States should be the boss of the world and dictate the laws to other countries, telling them what to do.
  4. @jbadams Are you talking to @Stragen? He/she has mentioned that he/she is not from Uganda, and neither am I.
  5. @Stragen Do you live in Uganda? How is the weather? What is your definition of trolling? I know that there is no law about giving games to your brother, friends, high school bullies and other people to play. I am sure that nothing can be done once everyone else is giving it to someone else.
  6. @DarkRonin I can't see anyone on this forum so I can't verify their age or profession. Anyone can pretend to be somebody on an internet site.
  7. @deltaKshatriya Still many people own that music on the youtube videos and there should be no point of taking it down, but we are talking about games here. I don't know what IP means but as I said, nothing can be done about someone giving away digital content to others, as others too will also be giving it off an so on and on. And as for what you mention something about someone using a character in their videos that represent a bad image and give it a bad image, that is also unstoppable because it is super easy to do with digital items. Except maybe for humiliation, there would be no harm done to the creator unless money was involved.
  8. Misuse of digital property? something that is intangible? Never heard of that. Something that has billions of copies existing in the hands of others. Nothing I can do about that, digital content can very easily be copied, changed and manipulated. Besides, they are not making any money from it. But I was talking about fan games that are often different sans the characters in them. Not in Uganda. I assume 'Using' means doing everything under the book with it, playing with it, using it as reference. This form of use is unstoppable.
  9. @DarkRonin I know it's not. It is illegal to give a copy of your game to your brother, uncle, grandma. What nonsense. @jbadams It is easy to take down a download page of a fan game but it is impossible to remove the game from players who already have it and have uploaded it elsewhere for some more sharing, with even more players getting to have it. Before you know it, the game is all over the web.
  10. Because it involved development of games for Commercial purposes.
  11. So people made fan games and uploaded it to Google play. The games are still there. Google seems fine with it. @DarkRonin So you call giving a copy of your game to your brother copyright infringement.
  12. Definition: Distribution means to spread the product throughout the marketplace such that a large number of people can buy it. What about the numerous fan games that exist on the internet? Mostly sonic games, Tons upon tons of games with ripped content on the play store and other game download sites. All are free.
  13. What's the definition of copyright infringement?
  14. @DarkRonin That's different. It is one object and can't be copied. Digital content is copied.
  15. You make a fan game with copyrighted characters, show it out for free, no profit, what's wrong with that? To us, sharing this with the community is like sharing with friends and family, only on a much bigger scale.
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