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  1. Hey game devs, I wanted to ask advice for getting started with game development for a 2d rpg. Some background info Yes I've heard that an rpg shouldn't be your first due to complexity (I'm fine with that. Still something I want to make) I'm a software developer by trade so I have plenty of experience with various languages like C/C++. python, java, javascript, etc Me and my friend have currently hit the point where we have all the things such as most of the mechanics bar damage calculations(which I'll get to later) done. We just need to start developing prototypes to test things out such as overworld/local map gen and walking a character through that map. I'm leaning more towards coding the game myself but there could be the option of using a kit like game maker etc. My questions are If we use a kit, what's a good one for beginners with 2d rpgs where once we start developing the game it's ours completely? Meaning we don't have to worry about someone saying "You developed it in our kit so we own a fraction of it" or for when we go commercial "We get a portion of the cut for using our kit" If we decide to code it ourselves, what's a good language to use? I'm leaning somewhat towards python due to finding a REALLY good engine called fabula that seemed like a dream come true for our needs as far as the look of the game goes(picture Zelda Oracle games on the GBA with pokemon movement style) but quickly found out it be more of a headache then need be due to no documentation of at least any I could find. If we go this route how necessary would a game engine be? I've read that a game engine encompasses things like graphics rendering and handling sound so I'm assuming pretty important. Are there any good freeware ones that you guys would recommend? If I'd have to pay for one the question there would be the ones from above about licensing.   Thanks in advanced for any help you guys can give on this.
  2. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

    I took a look at Love but I didn't see Love2D I'll look into it.
  3. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

    Thanks for that Cross, needed to take a good look at an tile editor. Also very much appreciate the clarification. I was under the impression that a game engine encompassed a bunch of other things(I wish I could remember the link I was reading from). Started playing around with pygame and a very simple application didn't take much to ge going. I'll do a bit more research on it.
  4. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

       True and thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to start taking a look at pygames for the time being. We've got a lot of details about how numbers work in the game down already it's just a matter of putting on screen. This being a first game for both of us means we should start small and ease into this. Between both our life responsibilities, pacing is going to need to be a very serious thing.
  5. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

      Right, I checked out a few games on the pygame site. I figure as far as doing a prototype goes, we shouldn't be too focused on how it looks. That attention should be given more towards the finer details like damage calculations and movement. One of the major selling points for using a game engine like unity would be that it'd have to be cross platform. This fact pretty much turned me away from RPG Maker since it seems to only support windows.
  6. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

    Also I guess I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of not using a game engine. From what I've read it seems to be a pretty vital part of the game. Am I not worrying about it due to it being handled by whatever language I'm using? I guess that would make sense as I can think of several ways to may a tilemap via a loop and <insert data structure>.
  7. Fenrir190

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Gonna look into these suggestions more. I thought of doing python + pygames + fabula(pygame game engine) but as I mentioned earlier there is no documentation on it. C#, I'm not sure why, but for some reason I have no good memories of it...
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