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  1.   Do I have stories to tell regarding non linear edits and how the people i've showed them to complained about the player messing about too much :) And I do  like your suggestions and i'll definitely try to incorporate some in the next version of the trailer , but I also want it to have the atmosphere i envisioned. So i'll get right back to work and hopefully surprise you guys with a much better trailer than this one in the near future.   Thanks to most of you, you've been really supportive and i'll probably need your support even more in the future.
  2.   After making a first draft of the trailer and discussing it with a few game designer friends , I've realized that what i have now in the trailer is not appealing. It feels empty and rushed ( well i did rush it to get it out as fast as possible). The consensus is, while it looks nice for something made it a short timespan by me alone, that's not worth anything at all. So I need to go back , get the game in beta stage , where I can show more and then make a trailer that actually makes you want to play the game.    So thanks for all the feedback. I'm gonna to back to work now and see what I can come up with in about 7-8 weeks from now. Hopefully it will be something that will get people talking and supporting!   Also for anyone interested here is the trailer(I'm not too proud of it)Even with adding a title screen and music I still don;t think it's any good  :   .
  3.   I actually like that approach. I'll try to think of something interesting and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Hey thanks for the throrough answer. You have a lot of valid points.    My biggest worry (and the reason I mostly post screenshots of the landscape) is that there isn;t enough stuff to show. I mean it's a first person adventure game. There is not a lot of gameplay I can show. It's mostly story driven. I didn;t see gameplay of games like dear esther or gone home or lifeless planet before release so I assumed there's not really a lot to show. The greatness( or lack of) of these games hinge on the story and how it's presented. And until I get a least some voice acting going it's kind of dull for me to show the players lots of text and interactions that  lack context for them .   And everything regarding the gui is still using the default unity skin for buttons/menus etc that look very ugly and I'm afraid showing them now would deterr some players ( I always  was under the impression that showing something off too early hurts more than it helps).   At this point my plan is basically this :   1. Release a teaser trailer ( Currently editing it, so that should be ready soon ish). 2. Continue to update IndieDB with one screenshot per day. 3. Continue working on the game until it reaches a Beta status. 4. Start focusing on promoting the game through every media available(steam greenlight etc)/ go for the indiegogo campaign. 5. If indiegogo is successful , switch to unity pro and finish the game,while also investing time on promoting it. 6. If indiegogo is not successful  ,finish the game,while also investing time on promoting it. 7. After game is finished....promote it some more 8. Release it     That's the basic idea. I know there will be a lot of hurdles, but i'm afraid to start promoting it too soon, and would rather work on the actual game first. I'm not sure this is the right mentality , so let me know your opinion on it.
  5.   Hey thanks for the rather brutal reply. But let me clear up a few things.   The cost of development is 0 starting now. Well 0 financially. The cost is probably go pretty high on my mental stability once the project reaches the latter stages. I have a full time job in the industry. So I don't count my cost of living in the budget.    I have already bought slowly over the course of  a few months all the assets I will be using for about 500-600 dollars total. It's amazing how many cool things you can find on the asset store if you look and have just a bit of 3d knowledge to modify them where needed.     I have been working on this for about 6 months or so and  it's over 50% done.   The story  and the flow is written already. The level design is done 70% ish. Needs polish The systems are working, just need polish( journal system, map system, object interaction system weather system etc). You need not forget that this game involves no combat . It was relatively easy to write the code for all the systems I use. The island is quite small ( around 500m in length)  I'm currently working on putting the flow from the paper to the actual game (about 20% done i'd estimate). The game is quite short. It will take the same time to complete as the games mentioned above. 3-4 hours if you take your time and explore the island.   I am the only person directly working on the game and I plan to keep it that way, since I am confident I am able to release this alone. I do have someone writing the music , but other than that , it's just me and me alone. I have hopes of releasing it in mid december, but that's me being optimistic. But I should be able to release it sometime in Q1 next year if not.   The money I want to raise will be used for 2 things : Unity Pro and paying voice actors. That is all. I do not plan to hire programmers or 3D artists with it. Maybe purchase a few more assets packs from the asset store if I find something that looks nice and fits.     Well I don't know what else to say at this point. That's the gist of things and hopefully it clears a few things up
  6. Thanks for clearing that up . I never felt it was personal, was just puzzled by your stance :)    I do plan of sending stuff to review sites and especially RPS, but that means polishing specific content while the game as a whole is not finished , which does mess with your workflow and I wanted to postpone that until close to release but it seems i might have to do it faster if i want coverage.   Thanks for your replies so far. They were really helpful so far.
  7.     Hey thanks for your input and I do see your point, but one thing bugs me. You paying for a game that i will sell to other people. Doesn;t that apply to every game on kickstarter/indiegogo? I mean you will get the game for free for donating a certain amount (cheaper than the release) and I will probably include some other perks as well if people want to give more substantial donations. But I'm not really sure what you meant with that statement.   Other than that yea  I do feel that it might be prone to fail before it even begins because of some of the reasons you mentioned and others. That's why I'm asking people with experience.
  8. Hey,       Seeing that this is probably the biggest forum for game developers I thought i'd post my question here as well.   My original post on TIGSource :   "Hello everyone! After lurking around the forums for some time now I've decided to create an account to ask a question that's been bugging me for a while now. Let me start I am THE sole developer of this little game :   http://www.indiedb.com/games/blackmoor-bay I am currently developing it using Unity Free and I handle everything except most of the 3D ( Most of the models are bought from the asset store and some edited to suit my needs) and music. The thing is that while Unity Free is ok and allows me to finish the game , Unity Pro would really help in making it look nicer/more atmospheric. So I've been thinking of having an Indiegogo(Cannot use kickstarter due to country) campaign in the future( when I have the trailer out and the game is nearing release). The campaign will focus on getting enough money for 2 things : Unity Pro and voice acting. For this I plan to have a campaign for about 5000 dollars max. Based on your experiences with both your games and based on what you can see about my game, any estimates on the chances of it getting funded? Because making an Indiegogo campaign will take some time and if it'd more likely to fail those resources are better invested in finishing the game faster . Also any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!"   Some further clarifications :   - My game is an adventure game/ interactive story , similar to games like Gone Home, Lifeless Planet and Dear Esther. You explore the island, find clues and solve puzzles. There is no combat, survival , crafting elements. Just a story to unfold and  location to explore.   - I hope to gather responses from people that actually had experiences with crowdfunding , positive or negative , but educated guesses help as well     Thanks !-  
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