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  1. By the sound of it, you look for full-time programmer, right? If not what is the minimal weekly commitment you require?
  2. That effect sounds cool, any ideas how is it done?
  3. The grayscale for disabled is great, but I would like to stick with "normal" for normal. Is there some kind of vivid manipulation? @wodinoneeye can you link some example of result? It is quite hard to imagine how it looks like.
  4. Well, technically I dont. And the more I think about it, the more I realize I probably dont need it. I just wanted to have some default GUI style for quick prototyping that would work OK anywhere. It is interesting - this is exactly what I am trying to achieve with OpenGL. Reinventing the wheel and creating cross-platform XAML based GUI for my games. Actually I think there is no good free GUI for OpenGL games (Yes, I know there is CEGUI, but I tried it and I did not like it - I dont think I really need 1500+ classes for GUI) at all.
  5. An interesting way - I would not thought of that.   However, I probably misled you in my original post. I am dont technically need to be in contrast with background(game) - the button's color/texture I will choose manually. My thoughts were, if I once go through all the GUI implementing, I will probably use it in my next game too. But that also mean, the button can be of other color/texture in the next game and I would like to have some nice MouseOver effect on it - regardless of its color.
  6. I am working on GUI for my game, but I think this question could apply to any object in general - How to clearly highlight object regardless of its color? Currently I am blending its result color with other semi-transparent color(light blue), but obviously - this does not work for blue objects.   What are my options if I would like an object highlighted? I am looking for OpenGL shader solutions, best in customizable ones (e.g. more variants/ intensities).
  7. Ond?ej Byrtus

    What intermediate/advanced games should every programmer write?

    The problem of my "big" project is how slow it advance - I already refactored about 80% code I wrote. So basicly I spent 80% time by writing worthless code I wont need in the end. But because I lack experience in 3D I cannot know in advance what I will need and what I will not. I know it is not related to the original question, but any chance how to improve this?
  8. Ond?ej Byrtus

    What intermediate/advanced games should every programmer write?

    That is great idea, but it is tied two big problems: 1.st there are no lists of these things(obviously), so after the things you said I would be still a bit lost 2. if it is not a part of a game I could easily make something that is not reusable thus wrong
  9. Ond?ej Byrtus

    What intermediate/advanced games should every programmer write?

    Thanks, those are nice beginner tips, but as mentioned earlier. I am not looking for for beginner tips. I already made games like space imapact, multiplayer pexeso and a raytracer. I doubt I could learn much from games like Pong or Tetris now...Or does quantity matter?
  10. There are thousands of "How to start" tutorials, questions and answers, but I miss "How to continue" types. I am looking for games good for learning more advanced features/mechanics/etc. A bit of explanation: I found myself advancing in my big project way too slowly and I attribute this to lack of experience in more difficult/bigger projects then side scrollers. I hope few intermediate games could actually improve the development speed in long run. Please note that I am more interested in programming then designing itself. I am especially looking for 3D/3D applicable games.   What I imagine as a game good for learning? does not require many assets (I am not an artist after all) quick to make and finish requires implementation of intermediate/advanced features good examples available - exemplary games by others showing "how to properly make this"   tl;dr:  I made side scroller, 2d multliplayer and a raytracer - where could I continue now?   EDIT: I am not looking for beginner games like pong or akranoid but rather more difficult ones.
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