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  1. I can already code and do some vector art. And I wanna learn how to make music too cause I know a guy who can code, do art and music on his own. So I asked him how he got started and his advice is basically "Just do it" "and learn some music theory". After that I got FL Studio Mobile on my phone and made my first song following this tutorial. It was meh but hey, it's my first song and I need to learn. I can't really find many articles and resources particularly on making music for video games. It would be great if you can share some articles you know. Thanks!   Note: I wanna make fun music, like for fun action games I don't wanna go professional really (most articles I found seem to be for people wanting to be professional and going into the industry)   Also I've also found these beside the tutorial mentioned earlier: How To Write Music For Video Games (don't really understand this, maybe I need to learn some music theory) The 5 Stages of an Electronic Music Producer (and How to Progress Effectively Through Them) (does this applied to video game music producer too?) Youtube: How to Make Video Game Music For Beginners! ( Walkthrough ) (not my genre)
  2. About the competition: It's an annual mobile game/app competition in my country, sponsored by Google and some big companies here. It's been held since last year so this is the second year. I'm not gonna tell what's its name here. How to win: The game or app with most downloads wins.   About me: I'm 16, almost. The first moment I saw this competition last year, I decided to enter it but I had little experience in gamedev so I didn't last year. I still wanna enter it this year and other years until I win something. But with school and everything, I've only managed to get some experience but no games finished yet and some abandoned projects.   So my idea is simple: Since I don't have much experience so I decided to make a Pong spin-off of my own with a some inspiration from Juice it or lose it here, which means Pong with beautiful colors, a bunch of juice like tweens and effects and everything like that, plus awesome music and sounds and paddles with personality (eyes and mouth + expressions). The last but not least, the most fun core features of the game: game modes and powerups. Well, as mentioned before, because of school (starting really soon), I don't have much time until now, a week before the deadline, I got a week off school just before the deadline. So the game modes and powerups haven't even been started working on yet but I only got the basics of Pong. Unfortunately the deadline is in 3 days and I think I can't finish every planned even though I have pruned some unnecessary ideas.   The question: What can I still do about this? Maybe adding all the juice and playtesting for the next 2 days? And after the deadline? Note: I can still push updates after the deadline but I won't be able to do much because of school. I have 25 days to get as many downloads as I can to get into the Top 40 probably by marketing.   And in case someone's asking, I'm using the HaxeFlixel game engine which has all the features I needed so I don't really need to worry about that. Also sorry, I don't really know which forum is the best place to ask this in.
  3. dleanjeanz

    Becoming An Indie Game Developer

    About art, if you need vector art, you can learn how to make some with the tutorials at 2D Game Art For Programmers: http://www.2dgameartguru.com. With vector art, you can create simple art using just primitive shapes like ellipses and rectangles. Or more complex art with advanced features.I used to don't know how to do art myself until this. The author also offers paid tutorials and assets. He once gave away some paid assets. It was some 2D top down character animation. But it must be somewhere deep down in my email inbox. If you're interested in this, I can try to find it for you. (UPDATED: Sorry dude, I afraid I've accidentally deleted it a long time ago) Here are some of his tutorial blogs on Gamasutra: 2D Game Art For Programmers - Part 1 2D Game Art For Programmers - Part 2 And this is one of his very first tutorial, I guess:   And a top down character animation tutorial:  
  4. I use the Haxe language and HaxeFlixel as the engine, you may have never heard of.
  5. Thanks all of you guys for the help! It's actually my grandma not my parents who doesn't like me to pursue this career. She thinks it's unhealthy to sit for a long time beside the computer (Sure, I will have a pause every half hour). She also came up with all kind of reasons to stop me like videos game encourage crimes, she was just blaming the whole game industry, all she knows about video game is that they're violent, or all games are violent games. A few days ago, we had the last argument about this (we had many arguments about the same thing). I could have been unrespectful to her but I had been merely fighting for my dream. It was maybe so drastic that some in my family had a small meeting and decided to allow me to use the computer 6 hours a day, 2 hours in the morning, afternoon and evening. Yay!
  6. Hey, A little bit information of me before we go further: I'm 15 and in high school. It's now summer and as stated in the title, I only have a few hours (2 - 3 hours, that's not enough) of access to a computer but a lot of free time. I also have a smartphone which gives me internet access and allows me to post this. Here's the problem: I have a small half finished game which is also my first one I will ever finish and I want to join a game competition with it whose deadline is on the 5th of August. So I have roughly 30 days to finish the game. The parts still missing from the game are the most fun features which distinguish my game from the others of the same kind, and the level design. So this is my solution: Use my free time to come up it all the ideas, problems I have and will have and the solutions to them. And take note all of them into a notebook or into my smartphone. All the notes I take must be elaborated so all the time I have with the computer should be only coding with the support of the notes not thinking as it's easier for me to think when I'm away from the computer. TL;DR: Problem: Have small game to be finished in 30 days for a competition. Solution: Use free time to come up with ideas, solutions and take notes. Do you guys have any thoughts on my solution (is it a good idea and I'd better start now) or any advice, tips or maybe some suggestions or apps for my note taking?
  7. dleanjeanz

    Using taken name?

    @PatrickPB What if they are not   ? What if they're just selling other stuff like food, clothes,... not games?  
  8. dleanjeanz

    Using taken name?

    1. What if I use a taken name for my game studio/website/company if I could go that far? 2. What if I use a taken name for my game (having the same name with a brand/company/... or with other game)?   I have googled and found a lot of brands using the same name. They just add a prefix or suffix to the name. Perhaps I just need to add "games" or "game studio" to the taken name.
  9. So I'm writing a game design document for my game. It's a simple memory game.  However I still find it complex to write a document.  There's too much to write and it feels like it's never going to be completed.  
  10. dleanjeanz

    Need a little help with english

    What do you call the part in game screen that shows information about the current game (like money, health point, time left, time elapsed, ...) ? Thanks   [attachment=25630:kr.jpg]
  11. Here's the explanations: What the function SetPosByOrigCenter() does is: set the position by setting it to the x (and y) of the original center point minus half of the width (and height) of the object (the object here is a button) public function SetPosByOrigCenter():void { //this: the button this.x = origCenterPoint().x - this.width / 2; this.y = OrigCenterPoint().y - this.height / 2; } What the function SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent() does: public function SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent(e:Event):void { //e:Event is a must for event function in AS3 SetPosByOrigCenter(); } The function SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent() is called every time the button is transformed in size like these buttons in Frantic Frigates: public function Button(...) { ... this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, TransformSizePOnEvent); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, ResetSizeOnEvent); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ResetSizeOnEvent); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent); ... } Maybe, I just rename it ResetPosition() or let it remain unchanged
  12. First of all, thanks for reading this post. Now I just get to the point.   I've got a function named: SetPosByOrigCenter(). That means: Set Position By Original Center Point   Then I've got this: SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent(e:Event) public function SetPosByOrigCenterOnEvent(e:Event) { SetPosByOrigCenter(); } That means: Set Position By Original Center Point On Event   Yeah, their name are really long, right? Like 18-25 characters.   So I'm just asking if you guys would mind finding a new name for these functions Please, thanks!
  13. dleanjeanz

    Where to start making my very first Flash game

    Thanks guys! I have drew a character in my game and I'm gonna code how the player can controll the character. 
  14. I've learned coding since early this year and AS3 a few months recently. I just want to make a game but have never made one before. So I'm trying to make my first game. These are what I have:    - C++ & AS3 coding skill    - FlashDevelop (code editor) & Flex SDK (compiler)    - Inkscape art skill    - Ideas about this game I have almost everything (ideas & stuff) about my first game but I just don't know what to do or where to code first, should I make the art or code first and a lot of other things.   So please help me, thanks.
  15. dleanjeanz

    Almost the same code but different action

    Nevermind, the compiler is just confused, I added "stage." before "mouseX" in "Paddle.as" and it works well: package gameobjects.paddle { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.Event; public class Paddle extends MovieClip { public function Paddle() { this.graphics.beginFill(0xffffff); this.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, 55, 10); this.graphics.endFill(); this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, movePaddle); } public function movePaddle(event:Event):void { var tempX:Number = new Number(); tempX = stage.mouseX - this.width / 2; if (stage.mouseX < this.width / 2) { tempX = 0; } if (stage.mouseX > stage.stageWidth - this.width / 2) { tempX = stage.stageWidth - this.width; } this.x = tempX; this.y = stage.stageHeight - this.height * 3; } } }
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