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  1. superherox7

    Need someone to review my script

    I feel uncomfortable sharing it on a public forum. I need someone to review it individually.
  2. I've been writing a game script for a long time now and I feel it's time I ask someone to review it for me. I'm not finished but I just want to assure myself that everything is coming along great. The script is for a jrpg, however it's something unlike I or most people have ever written before. Now I'm not trying to come off as pretentious when I say that, rather the style I chose to write is hardly written anymore and I need someone to read it with that style in mind. I have never written in this style but I feel like I'm doing it right, however I need a second or more opinion. Please contact me so I can explain the style and give the script for you to read. It would really mean a lot for your help. 
  3. superherox7

    Question about budget for specific game design

    Yes but the thing is, my game is a little harder to plan since its limited by ps1 technology. I know there are devs out there who recently made genesis and dreamcast games, so I know what I'm doing isn't too far left field. It's just something I need opinions on.
  4. superherox7

    Any jrpg style writers in here?

    I'm actually writing it myself. I just wanted to see different styles and compare it to my own. Do you have any examples? I'd love to share mine as well!
  5. I'm curious. As I see games like Shiness and A Hat in Time get away with a low $100,000s budget I'm curious if anyone can estimate the cost of a game I want to make. I've been designing it for a while and am almost ready to start looking for employees to hire. See the game I want to make, I want to limit it by ps1 technology and actually work on ps1 dev kits. I've researched and found a community that is dedicated to ps1 programing so I'm set there. The game is a 3d jrpg with pre rendered backgrounds and a world map. The graphical style I want to be the same as FF VII (now that's where the similarities end, I'm in love with the blocky characters and charm it adds). How much do you think it will cost for pre rendered backgrounds, music, art, programming, etc? Since my design is very specific I think it would be harder to make and cost a little more but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?
  6. superherox7

    Dialogue woes

    I see where Kingofnoobs is getting at. I think that dialogue would work if it wasn't in a stress situation. Using that fanciful language is pretty unique but you have to be careful about which words you use when conveying what you want to. Other than that the other dialogue you've shown me works out but it all depends on the situation.
  7. superherox7

    why some turn based games are so popular?

    Because it removes the skill barrier from enjoying the stories, I'd think.   If it was an action game, people might feel pressured to perform better with their play.   Skill barrier? Dodge, Attack, Heal. That's the basic formula of real time rpgs. Turn based requires more skill because you have to choose your decisions wisely. It's not like Kingdom Hearts or Dark Cloud 2 where you are constantly mashing down X, Dodging, and healing. Theres no strategy or planning that comes with most Real time rpgs.
  8. superherox7

    Will indies have ps1 throwback games?

    In all honesty people would mark up making a ps1 looking game up to laziness but isn't it harder to achieve that affect? As someone said you would have to make an engine that limits all the special conveniences and tools we have today. I know it would also require fixed point math as opposed to floating point. I think it would be an artistic choice as it's clearly harder to limit yourself. I read a bunch of forums with people who were positive towards the idea and thought it would be cool. I didn't expect this community to act in a completely opposite way.
  9. superherox7

    Writing for games, need help.

    To sun: What do you mean workflow rather than format?
  10. superherox7

    Will indies have ps1 throwback games?

    I agree Gian! I've been replaying a lot of ps1 games and I understand if people think it looks "ugly". But as of late I've been finding an artistic beauty in its abstract nature of rendering things. Some may mark it up to nostalgia but in all honesty I don't think it is.
  11. superherox7

    Writing for games, need help.

    I'll make this a quick one but im designing a jrpg and have a foundation for the world, characters, and have even written some scenarios. But im curious in the style of jrpgs, what is the most efficient way of writing a story?
  12. It seems today that many indies are inspired the 16 bit era of games (with some working with 8 bit). Everywhere you go there's at least one indie game citing inspiration from (insert snes, genesis, tg16 game here) and it makes me wonder as fresh faces enter the industry do you think we will get ps1 and Saturn looking indie games? And I mean with the warping textures and shaky polygons. It might seem weird to say this but after revisiting so many ps1 and Saturn games its almost like an aesthetic charm rather than a technical limitation. Its almost like abstract art. But anyways I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter. This can include low poly characters with pre rendered backgrounds as well.
  13. I honestly don't want anyone stealing this, its very unique! Please refrain from posting anything else regarding the story on this public board. I'd like to share my story idea for a game to you and see if you like it, pm or email me your story ideas and I would love for you to see mine!
  14. Im curious, what sort of graphical style do you want? I have a few in mind that I think would work well   2d: FF VI 2d with real time 3d backrounds: Xenogears (I think using sub pixel animation to get the fluid animation of xenogears would be pretty cool) 2d with pre rendered 3d backrounds: Star Ocean 2 (using fixed camera angles gives it a more cinematic approach without taking control away from the player) 3d: FF XII (maybe open space (not open world) like ff xii?)
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