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  1. the hand drum is too loud for my taste but as a whole it is very enjoyable
  2. LanderGames

    Can you detect any difference between these sound effects?

    sound a and sound b sound the best to my ears. c and d are more dull sounding though the difference is very minor.
  3. LanderGames

    Game Trailer Feedback (Music/Sound)

    I enjoy the music very much. The fast music in the middle and end is very good but the first one is somewhat slow for my preference. The sounds are amazing but there should be a sound when the shuttle turns quickly. The game reminds me of Star Fox from the Super Famicom!
  4. LanderGames

    Music feedback

    I like "small epic intro" very much. This sounds very grand and epic. "intro of dragons" is very flat, from what I am hearing it should have the same grand quality as "small epic intro". "fame town" and "magical forest" are both very enjoyable. Very good music as a whole!
  5. LanderGames

    Looking for critique on my new RPG forest theme...

    This reminds me of an old Super Famicom game, but I can not remember the name of the game. A very enjoyable track
  6. LanderGames

    Looking for a uncomfortable background noise

    I believe this is called a drone or stinger sounds. That may help you to find what you are searching for.
  7.  A very good song! This would be perfect for the game.
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