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  1. NikitaSadkov

    I hate dialogue systems

    Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Façade_(video_game) That is an unique game, in that it uses natural language processing, so player can refer to any object in the scene. Although in many cases it fails: for example when player types "watermelon", game characters treat that as reference to boobs and get insulted.
  2. NikitaSadkov

    Procedural Content Generation

    Such approach reminds me of Stephen Wolfram's idea of going from algorithms to phenomena, instead of taking phenomena and going to algorithm from it. In simpler games it may give passable result, if you just want a random environment to shot monsters in. But if you say want to build a realistic city for GTA style game, you will have to delve into civil engineering statistics, about car and pedestrian traffic, average building height, architecture, etc.. Same goes for simulations like Civilization, if you want to have realistic earth. I guess implementation depends on your framework. It will have to fit with other components. But you will have to expose it somehow to game designers and map makers. And possible allow to modify it dynamically. I.e. if your GTA style city undergoes zombie apocalypse with a percent of population turned into zombie. Regarding pseudo-random, that is a fundamental philosophical question. Some people don't believe in randomness at all. In 1955, RAND was tasked with producing numbers as random as physically possible, resulting into a million of random digits. In more modern times a challenge was established to compress these digits: http://www.drdobbs.com/architecture-and-design/the-million-random-digit-challenge/228701653 The challenge is still open, despite author even promising monetary reward for defeating these RAND engineers of the old. So my guess is that prefix "pseudo" can be meaningless, because all numbers are result of some process, it is just that people know nothing about it and think it is random (in some true divine sense) and start believing that God plays dice.
  3. NikitaSadkov

    Procedural Content Generation

    Just shared my thoughts on the subject. Maybe someone can point where I'm wrong.
  4. NikitaSadkov

    Procedural Content Generation

    Isn't randomness a fundamental element of game design?
  5. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    You must be living in some different Russia. I've summarized my 30 years of experience dealing with Russians in the following story: https://github.com/saniv/text/blob/master/one-life-in-russia-eng.md
  6. Ok. You have random() function, but no idea of how to use it? If you just place map tiles or terrain heights at random, it will result into white noise - an unrealistic and unfun garbage. For example, if you launch some cellular automata with random rules to produce caves in your roguelike, these caves would look unnatural. So to properly generate a video game world, you can't use pure randomness, but need to constrain it by some laws of physics, which will declare what is possible given the context - i.e. you need to have statistics of chances of some world event happening; for example, a chance there will be a lake or a mountain at a given point on the planet. That naturally leads us to stochastic algorithms, like Markov Chains or ANNs. So to create realistic looking caves, you need an example of real caves layout in a euclidean space (likely broken into some discrete graph nodes, because working with pixels would be hard). Now you train Markov Chains on that space, producing probabilities, that of tunnel going at a given angle, distance, curvature or forking, given the previous state of the tunnel. Now, you can start from cave entrance, and use the random() with probabilities to generating realistically looking cave system. Similarly you can use ANNs, which will work on more complex context, or just modify the Markov Chains concept to capture more complex data cross-correlation. There is just no simpler way - random() without probabilities and constraints is useless. You need statistics. You need some real world geology research. Even superficially simpler algorithms, like the one used in Spelunky, still use this concept, but have hardcoded unrealistic constraints.
  7. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    I have seen people using such tone in numerous popular Youtube videos, especially referring to other youtubers. Rap scene is known for it too.
  8. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    I complained to OGA admins and they banned me for bring that out. And as for why I use such tone, my compatriots constantly spam my blog with insults. For example: http://lj.rossia.org/users/sadkov/280272.html?thread=10159312#t10159312 In fact, people in Russia don't understand other language beside a good old punch into the face.
  9. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    It is easy to check. For example, https://opengameart.org/content/rpg-game-ui includes 3 items from Diablo 1. See https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/diablodiablohellfire/sheet/59437/ Regarding the language, I treat others like they treat me. Living in Russia for 30 years I'm perfectly accustomed to such language. When you're being insulted, returned the insult multiplied by 100, otherwise you will lose respect.
  10. NikitaSadkov

    Warlock game/movie font

    What is this font called? Guess it is in gothic modern family, but which exactly?
  11. NikitaSadkov

    My first videogame

    Stephen king uses it a lot, i.e. clowns, creepy children, or Pet Sematary's zombie cats, that appear normal at first. Although he also uses other fears, like acrophobia. The labyrinth environment could be unconfortable too, if there are a lot of pathways, with monsters setting up an ambush behind a corner, breaking ceiling behind player (Resident Evil 7 style). In fact, it is nice to study, how they changed everything from RE7, which is completely different from previous RE games, although actually returning to the Alone in the Dark roots.
  12. NikitaSadkov

    My first videogame

    Nice analysis. Beside jump scares (i.e. zombie getting out of a closet), using out of place things to scare audience appears to be a common design element. For example, Stephen King used a clown character in his "It" novel: a clown may not look that scary in circus, but seeing a clown at night in the woods totally changes the perception. Although these new Alien games, very similar to Slenderman or OPs design, don't use it that much, yet still manage to scare many players. But Silent Hill, Penumbra and Amnesia do use it. A lot of people are scared of things they are bad at or when a game appears to know too much about them, so if you carefully analyze player, you can present experience that will genuinely scare him/her. Maybe trying to processing his Facebook profile and incorporating statistical findings into game experience, unknown to player. That will scare the crap of a typical player. Half-open spaces, like wood, where danger can come from any side, yet there are some obstacles that my hide the danger, seems to make player uncomfortable too. Slenderman games also use tall grass with small kid monster hidding in it. Children of the Corn has cornfields instead of wood, where hero moves through it, suddenly stumbling upon some sacrifice place.
  13. NikitaSadkov

    My first videogame

    OP asked "What do you think? Could it be an interesting game?", I honestly responded that is not up to AAA+ standards yet. And the idea of horror game with finding N objects in a labyrinth while monster chases you has been done already a few times. For example, Slenderman games. And there are a lot of such games on Steam, sold for real money, some looking even more alpha than OP's one.
  14. NikitaSadkov

    My first videogame

    I love how telling truth always gets me downvoted. I got similar feedback after saying that Jesus wont save anybody, because he doesn't exist, and Communism is impossible, because of basic evolutionary principles. Had I wrote that the game is amazing, and OP can publish it into Early Access immediately, I would have got upvoted, because such people rarely can detect sarcasm.
  15. NikitaSadkov

    Begginer at writting for video games.

    Most people know English nowadays. Here in Russia, English copies are of more value, than Russian ones, because much more effort is being put into producing the English version (in fact, game designers and other people in charge closely watch it), while translated versions are of dubious quality, made by people who just don't care ("all your base are belong to us" is a notorious example). I still can't stand the annoying Russian Warcraft III translation, while I bought the localized version, I still had to buy pirate English version CD, because it is impossible to get official untranslated version in Russia. Same with software, like Windows OS - the Russian translation is total garbage and makes it impossible to use online HOWTOs. I heard from Germans the same: all games translated to German language are botched. So if you don't want people pirating your game, then give them the English version, with translation being non-mandatory. Unfortunately many countries have these nationalistic language/culture protection laws, so you cant just sell English versions to them, but online markets changed that.
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