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  1. NikitaSadkov

    Exluding Country from Using Software

    You're accusing me of something I haven't done. Are you a Russian?
  2. NikitaSadkov

    Exluding Country from Using Software

    Actually, Russians committed me into psychiatric institution when I was 8 years old. I was treated with Haloperidol and a lot of other heavy anti-psychotics at that age. Later I was again involuntarily committed into insane asylum for breaking these Russian "hate speech" laws, after making a social network post saying that "Russians are not even human beings". Yet that haven't made me to love Russians. Guess why?
  3. Hi, folks! As you know, I have a huge personal problem with Russians. So it is obvious, I want to exclude Russians from getting The Spell of Mastery and my other programs. A political statement if you will. But what is the best way to achieve it? Guess stating openly "sorry, we don't serve Russians" will not work, because many countries have some commie anti-discrimination laws. But will saying "Unfortunately this software doesn't currently work in Russian Federation. We work hard to fix the issue." do the trick? Then we also have problem with Russians, who downloaded software illegally. My idea is to include harmful code into program, which, when detects Russian locale or Internet address, starts sneakily damaging files under user's home directory (or maybe even download child pron there and call cops?). That should scare Russians enough to stop downloading it illegally, even if pirates promised to break the protection, because pirates can never guarantee that all protection checks were removed - they don't analyze whole hay stack, just look for the known needles. Now if these Russians start complaining about lost data, I can just shift blame to software pirates or viruses, and claim that it were crackers who included harmful code (many of them do it anyway). And because license doesn't allow disassembling the executable, there is no legal way to prove that is my work. What do you think?
  4. Ok. With everyone suddenly making remasters of older games, like Blizzard's Starcraft remaster. I found that Ubisoft has also remastered Heroes game. I expected them taking the original 3d models and rendering them in real-time for any resolution. But it was like WUT?!!! They just badly resized and edited old 3d rendered sprites for higher resolution. For example, look at the title screen archangel's sword fire animation: In original flame looks like flame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFbMLorQkIM Original devs probably sampled real flame and put a lot of effort into editing it into game. In a remaster we have an ugly out of place paintover, of a quality an 8 years old would do without using any reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymc6jaGyV7w They also added some sparkles, and removed the muscles. Is that some cryptic message? And the icons got moved closer to center, leaving huge space on the right. Is that what you get when people don't actually care about what they are doing?
  5. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    Not everyone is as savvy as you. And the site claims "you can use any of the art submitted to this site. Just be sure to adhere to the license terms." Earlier OGA also distributed a lot of icons with trollface character, then its author, Carlos Ramirez, sued everyone, taking down many games using it: https://kotaku.com/the-maker-of-the-trollface-meme-is-counting-his-money-1696228810
  6. NikitaSadkov

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    I'm just warning people, so they double check everything and won't get into troubles. Here are a few recent additions to the OGA list (I contacted them at their IRC channel, but they insta-banned me again): - https://opengameart.org/content/tileset-for-tile2map-with-tsx Relicensed into Public Domain various non PD tilesets, such Sylveira's CC-BY-SA tileset from silveiraneto.net/2011/08/20/ - https://opengameart.org/content/bug-animation Bug from Startship Troopers movie. - https://opengameart.org/content/animated-san-holo Han Solo, a character from Star Wars - https://opengameart.org/content/knights-glove-mouse-cursor-0 World of Warcraft cursor and edits of it. - https://opengameart.org/content/hyena Paint over a copyrighted photo relicensed ad Public Domain http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-14024734-hyena-showing-tongue.php Author responds angrily, for some reason putting comas into wrong places: "the hyena may have rights to this photo, I don't care if you'll remove this draw ,this showing the limits of free licenses. The open source wolrd seem to be an utopy for me. I could argumenting so long but I won't. Time is precious , contributions are precious I don't care about formated minds who dig there grave." - https://opengameart.org/content/insectoid-aliens Obviously Tyranid characters from Warhammer40k. - https://opengameart.org/content/nutpea-pixel-sprites Plants-vs-Zombies Peanut character.
  7. There are a lot of ways to implement that. For example, limited gain per unit of investment. You can have 5 heroes with 1000 creatures each, but also with spells and some perks (like the one allowing rearranging units on the first turn), or single hero with 1500 creatures, without spells and skills. I.e. no single hero would be able to collect all creatures.
  8. Is there any other way to implement initiative? Say you have a fast unit, say a cat, while opponent has a turtle. Who would go first?
  9. NikitaSadkov

    Video Game Plot Generator

    Just found a check-list on how to make games like Bioware does. Add following and you got the next Dragon Age!
  10. That is okay, not all people like complex games. But game design involves two fundamental concepts: gaming pieces and space, which are there even in card games. Time is part of the space concept. There are numerous ways to implement the notion of time, and velocities of objects moving through it. And the Final Fantasy Tactics style scheduling appears to be closest to model real time and without making game mechanics overly complex. In my game I'm using the "player moves all his units during his turn" mechanics, but I had to implement numerous complex hack to make fast units receive more actions per turn. In fact, the whole time mechanics takes several A4 pages to describe. Despite the original Final Fantasy Tactics having no multiplayer, its system actually favors multiplayer, because players don't have to wait long before having to move again, but play more like a chess exchanging smaller turns.
  11. NikitaSadkov

    Game Design from Hell

    So it is the year 2004. I've finally got Baldur's Gate II copy, but it isn't working, due to the bug in the botched pirate translation, and it was impossible to get untranslated original English version in Russia, because Russian pirates hacked and translated all games into Russian, usually including speech, sometimes using automatic translation tool, and always blindly, without testing how it would look and sound in the game. So yeah, Baldur's Gate segfaulted past the first few areas, that pirates have tested after their botched translation, while I learned a lesson that piracy is bad, and instead had to play Evil Islands (or Allods 3, as it is know in Russia). Evil Islands was in originally in Russian, as it is a Russian game, it was somewhat working, albeit very glitchy and unoptimized (framerate was jumping from 5 to 20 FPS), and it was an ugly experience, pretty much summarized by the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOCtp94TRSI If you're designing an RPG, you can get a lot of insight on what makes bad RPG from the above let's play video. In a nutshell, Russian game designers failed to properly balance monsters and playtest their garbage. It had less polish than modern asset swapped indie games. I got childhood trauma from that. [REMOVED] BTW, two previous Allods games (sold as Rage of Mages in the west) weren't much better. Basically they were Warcraft 2 clones with ugly graphics and without base buildings. Allods 4 (Allods Online) was an outright blatant World of Warcraft clone with worse everything. Now tell me that I have no right to hate Russians. Do you have any stories about the game design you hate? Like absolute worst in its genre?
  12. That is why user interface must expose the queue of the units, which will act next. Original Heroes games used even less intuitive scheduling. But if game time is divided into discrete turns between players, where player moves all his units, during his turn, there will be much less tactical depth. Because fast creatures would stop offering first turn advantage and there will be no way to counter these pesky archers with your super fast phoenixes, while slow zombies at close ranger would attack just as fast as any other unit. I.e. it will stop being HoMM game, become more casual knock-off, with different target audience.
  13. NikitaSadkov

    I hate dialogue systems

    Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Façade_(video_game) That is an unique game, in that it uses natural language processing, so player can refer to any object in the scene. Although in many cases it fails: for example when player types "watermelon", game characters treat that as reference to boobs and get insulted.
  14. NikitaSadkov

    Procedural Content Generation

    Such approach reminds me of Stephen Wolfram's idea of going from algorithms to phenomena, instead of taking phenomena and going to algorithm from it. In simpler games it may give passable result, if you just want a random environment to shot monsters in. But if you say want to build a realistic city for GTA style game, you will have to delve into civil engineering statistics, about car and pedestrian traffic, average building height, architecture, etc.. Same goes for simulations like Civilization, if you want to have realistic earth. I guess implementation depends on your framework. It will have to fit with other components. But you will have to expose it somehow to game designers and map makers. And possible allow to modify it dynamically. I.e. if your GTA style city undergoes zombie apocalypse with a percent of population turned into zombie. Regarding pseudo-random, that is a fundamental philosophical question. Some people don't believe in randomness at all. In 1955, RAND was tasked with producing numbers as random as physically possible, resulting into a million of random digits. In more modern times a challenge was established to compress these digits: http://www.drdobbs.com/architecture-and-design/the-million-random-digit-challenge/228701653 The challenge is still open, despite author even promising monetary reward for defeating these RAND engineers of the old. So my guess is that prefix "pseudo" can be meaningless, because all numbers are result of some process, it is just that people know nothing about it and think it is random (in some true divine sense) and start believing that God plays dice.
  15. NikitaSadkov

    Procedural Content Generation

    Just shared my thoughts on the subject. Maybe someone can point where I'm wrong.
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