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  1. Thank you ! Yes, I forgot about filter keys / sticky keys  :)
  2. hi,   just wondering: is there is a general consenses regarding default keyboard controls ?   Currently finishing a game which uses the keyboard or gamepad (or multi-touch mobile), and has customizable preferences.   But am looking for a good starting point.  I'm starting with this:    WASD        -  movement shift           -  jump return         -  fire R                -  reload G                - grenades    Can anyone suggest a better solution ?
  3.   Thank you DanglinBob ! #2 looks like their strategy...  Thanks for letting me know about the potential effect of the new refund policy as well.   I want to talk to some of their other clients...  will see how to do that.   I've spent more than a year on this game so far. Definitely hoping for a "Scooge McDuck Moneybath"  !   
  4.   Thank you Stormynature !  I want to explore these links tonight !   I did some research into a recent game they released to Steam.  According to http://steamspy.com, this game is making over $100k per month.   I know they landed some major reviews, which undoubtedly helped.  This income would justify spending $6k on a release.  I just don't like being given one price, then being given a doubled price for the same thing.  And I also didn't like to hear that I should wait for the game to be Greenlit before releasing to mobile...  which seems redundant and too slow.   The price they quoted me previously was "for everything", and just this week increased that price drastically beyond their previous quote.
  5.     Their response from earlier today: "the overall package would change a bit -- mostly because a full Steam launch requires a couple of extra PR pushes." I could send them their earlier emails and try to make them stick to their earlier price,, not sure it will work. They sent me incorrect invoices for testing the game as well...       Thank you for that link !  Looks very informative ! Answers many of the questions I've had about how to prepare the Press Kit, etc. !
  6. I just contacted them again and they DOUBLED THEIR PRICE today !   Originally the quoted me $3,000 for a full release to all platforms. They have confirmed this price several times in the previous months. Today they just DOUBLED that to $6,000 for all platforms, claiming that an announcement to Steam would cost more than originally quoted.   This has officially lost me.  
  7. They said:   "it's better to wait until you're greenlit, preferably out on Early Access, before releasing on mobile".   That would add many months of waiting,,,  and I don't see any benefit to their strategy. So I'm having second-thoughts about hiring them  (this isn't my first reservation about them).   Are there any threads on this forum with recommendations for gaming PR companies ? I want to look elsewhere.
  8. Thank you both.   Will contact them again to get a clearer understanding of their plan. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a botched job.  :)
  9. DerekL, thank you ! Thank you. Yes, they charge several thousand $$ for their release PR services, and have experience with multiple games released on Steam and to mobile. I couldn't find anyone else on the web supporting this suggestion from them...
  10. hi,   we are talking to a promotions company about releasing a game to Steam and to mobile platforms (iOS / Android). They are suggesting that we should wade through Steam's Greenlight process before releasing the game to mobile. Is this true ?   Can't we release the game to Mobile while waiting for the Greenlight to happen ?  
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