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  1. thanks, but could you post some link directly to some shops for this equipment?   Also i assume, these mics or better word would be recorders have their own memory card slot and battery?   What would also be the correct term to search (english is not my native language)   Portable Digital Audio Recorder  ?   i believe this is the type of device that im looking for:   http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v1/2049911996_1/-font-b-Portable-b-font-Professional-Digital-font-b-Audio-b-font-font-b-Recorder.jpg   Hows the built-in mics in these? Are they ok or do i need some additional?
  2. Also how to record stereo sound? Does all the micprohones record stereo sounds these days automaticaly? or do i need 2 micprohones to record stereo sound? (asi i said im noobie in audio world)
  3. Hello Im a game designer, but who worked profesionally mainly as a graphics designer, we are putting together a team and will be working on our game. We will of course hire some sound designer, but i want the ability and flexibility to record sounds for our game also bymyself. Our game takes place in the real mostly realistic world so i do not need any "exotic" sounds like aliens or something "abstract", just quite normal sounds...   Not all of them can be found online (not the specific type i want, i dont want to pay so much for it, its not in a good quality etc.) and as i said i would like to record time to time some sounds for our game myself. The biggest amount of our sounds will be of course dealth with with our musician/sound designer.   I have one simple question- What microphone would you recomend me for recording? Im quite noobish in all audio stuff/world so i dont have a clue. I will be recording dont outdoor and indoor, i need the microphone to be mobile of course, I DO NOT want anything expensive since theres no reason for that, the upper limit is probably 120 USD, but the cheaper the better, i believe i should be able to get something useable even for around 20 USD??   Please recomned something for me special (cheap) needs.   thank you
  4. Whats the best camera today to use with faceshift software? www.faceshift.com From their website (http://www.faceshift.com/cameras/ ) and from the internet in general i got the "feeling" that the best choice today is the Intel RealSense (Dev Kit) ( http://click.intel.com/realsense.html ) Couple of questions: 1) Is it really true that its the best camera AT THE TIME for use with faceshift? 2) What about the new "version" (?) ( http://click.intel.com/intel-realsen...-kit-r200.html ) the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera (R200) Developer Kit im not sure if it works and is even supposed to work with faceshift? 3) I can wait about 6 months to buy the camera (probably), so even if the real sense is the best choice today, isnt there any other super hot new tech camera comming in the next 6 months that will beat real sense to the ground?? (i dont follow HW news anymore so i dont know...)? Thanks for advice and tips!  
  5. interesting, and if you receive such C&D letter, and you react and take that product down, dont you with this act also in reality admit that you have done something wrong and give the other side a nice legal "proof" (if they change their mind and decide to sue you even though you have taken the product down?).
  6. Interesting thanks for responses, could you elaborate more on this:   "I know three individuals off-hand who have had C&D orders,"   Whats a C&D order and if i got it correctgly nothing really happened to them, they just got some notice, took their product down and it was done, no lawsuit, not lawyer, no fees, no fine?
  7. frob:   Why did you reported that guy? I did find him just by accident, didnt want to cause any harm to him, was it really a necessary move??   Otherwise thanks for replies to all.   Im planning to be using "obscure" local brands that noeone knows anyway, im also not really interested in reworking the whole packeging, so i will go probably with modified wrappings (will take delete most ofthe text and logos, but will leave background, will add my own text and logos and maybe change some other things, since its just a local brand i believe it should be ok, im really not ineterested in redoign the whole package...   BTW did you know about anybody (freelancer i mean) who got sued because of this kind of stuff?   For example i know that some similiar site to turbosquid.com removed half-a-year (or a year)  all products that had some "keyword" (like all apple products), all BMW cars, or ferari cars etc... due to some (possible?) law problems, turbosquid instead has them still on... do you know anybody (individual, not a big company) that got in reality sued for it?
  8. Frob:   Yeah thats what i was worried about...     anybody else has an hindsight?   So for Example this object clearly breaks the "laws"?   http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/chocolate-snickers-3d-max/846290   And this one is quite obvious, but what if someone would use some less know regional trademark, like some local company thats making food for example in Turkey...   Would that make a difference, i mean is there any case that someone pressed charges for this?
  9. Hello i have a question- Is it ok and legal to scan (via photogrammetry, this means including textures) a real object like for example some food bought in supermarket (like chicken, frozen pizza, chocolate bar,etc. etc.) and then use it in commercial projects or even sell the 3D model to someone (via my own website or if anything else via turbosquid etc.)? Im talking about possible problems with copyright due to the presence of the wrapping of the product, including logo of the company who made the food (or anything). For example lets say i buy this in supermarket and scan it: http://img.21food.com/20110609/product/1305166716937.jpg or http://www.boromir.ro/images/products/zoom/142/en/croissant-cu-crema-lapte-50g.png or anything else, the problem are the textures, the whole graphical representation of the package and probably especially the logo... Is it Legal to use it in commercial project? And is it legal to sell the resulting 3D model (including textures(!)) on my site or turbosquid or similiar? If not how to fix it, is it sufficient to just erease the logo and replace it with something fictional or do i need to "redraw" the whole package texture :-O ?  
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