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  1. Ah yes, overlooked that one ^^ .. Do you test LockRect() against D3D_OK, to see if it actually succeeds in locking?
  2. Pitch * Height * NumBytesPerPixel .... What format is your texture? I think maybe your texture isn't 8bpp...
  3. vinterberg

    Bloom/Glow effect in OpenGL question

    I would guess the crystal is done with a simple emissive property, and a point light without shadowmap?
  4. vinterberg

    How much more taxing are UV's?

    Profile it, impossible to say since it depends on many things - including the hardware...
  5. The main issue isn't assets, but math skills .. Programming is very heavy math, especially for 3D - and using an engine won't exclude you from knowing why stuff works and how.. Like others have said, try starting with very basic games, those can be challenging enough to create when you start from zero Online stuff isn't really what you should aim for (you'll face many complex problems to overcome), go for simple singleplayer games until you're confident in that
  6. vinterberg

    Silly Input Layout Problem

    You don't get access to them by a float4x4 in your shader, you retrieve your ins. matrix by four "float4 INSTANCEx" and then you assemble those into a matrix again Something like this: struct VS_INPUT { ..... float4 World0 : MWORLD0; float4 World1 : MWORLD1; float4 World2 : MWORLD2; float4 World3 : MWORLD3; }; cbuffer Buffer1 : register(b0) { float4x4 MatrixWorld; ..... }; VS_OUTPUT main(VS_INPUT Input) { VS_OUTPUT Output; float4x4 mworld = float4x4(Input.World0, Input.World1, Input.World2, Input.World3); mworld = mul(MatrixWorld, mworld); .....
  7. I think it might be better to use a different 2D engine, since this one is unsupported and seems buggy..
  8. vinterberg

    How To use mouse Events

    I normally use the WM_INPUT method: https://docs.microsoft.com/da-dk/windows/desktop/DxTechArts/taking-advantage-of-high-dpi-mouse-movement
  9. vinterberg

    Failing to draw faces in normal way

    Have you triangulated your model before exporting it?
  10. I think this is the classical "Window is not set to the proper dimensions, so canvas will be scaled slightly" ūüėÄ When creating a window, you must account for bordersize etc., there's some functions that can help you calculate it properly
  11. When you create a buffer, you can make it static (which means it cannot be altered), and in that case you need to supply initdata upon creation - or dynamic, which you can Map()/Unmap()
  12. Unbind the instance buffer, and use Map()/Unmap() to update it once per frame - don't think there's much overhead in that What he's talking about with Draw(30,0) and Draw(50,30) is when you have more than one model in your vertex buffer, by using offset into a vertex buffer (starting point).
  13. RGB32 + RGBA32 = 28 bytes, and your Vertex struct is probably defined as two float3s (which would give 24 bytes)..? You set the stride yourself, at "strides[0] = sizeof(Vertex);"
  14. Have you tried setting the arraysize to 3+ for ied[]?
  15. If you're using D3DX consider using XM instead, D3DX is deprecated and doesn't use SIMD AFAIK Edit: Ah you're using DirectX 9, thought you were using DirectX 11 - not sure what's best then
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