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  1. Alberth

    plane game collision

    @8Observer8 Your strategy doesn't work with Phil EDIT: He is lacking problem solving skills, feeding solutions doesn't train those.
  2. Alberth

    Python Python + Pygame Threading Sample

    Multi-threading is hardly ever simple. Maybe you use the wrong way of storage? If you use horizontal rows for display, erasing is as simple as removing one of the rows, and moving the remainder down. That is, just because the game looks vertically oriented doesn't mean you have to implement it that way. There are often other options that create the same effect but are easier to work with in an implementation.
  3. Alberth

    New Here

    My tip is to answer posts as good as you can, and ask questions about topics you tried but got stuck and need some pointers to get you on the road again.
  4. Alberth

    C# Make a game like Mario Wanted

    I'd say first start with learning C#, and probably second, learn Unity. As a warning, names used in other games are copyrighted and are usually furiously defended by their owners. So to avoid getting sued or getting cease and desist letters, don't use names from other games in your own games.
  5. Alberth

    C# Path relation lookup

    I would likely use a list of sub-directory names for each path from the root, and then compare the names in both lists pairwise.
  6. Alberth

    Starting the journey of creating my game

    It is probably helpful if you write down what the game should contain, at least at high level. When coding you tend to go down into the trenches, and forget about the big picture. Also, try to build a "complete game" incrementally. Start with some very tiny subset, and expand iteratively. Having something that works all the time is much more fun and helps development, as it is simpler to try out ideas, and improve if it's not working in the game.
  7. Alberth

    No Comments == More Problems

    One Action object would indeed work. The disadvantage is that it has knowledge about lots of game objects laying around in the adventure. You can also split your Action object into smaller pieces. 1 Action object for each game object in the adventure, and instead of storing that action object near the player or command processor, store it in the game object itself. That leads towards the Behaviour object I proposed in that same thread at the first page. My proposal was different in the sense that I also broke the Action object into even smaller pieces based on the verb, so "take" can be special, but eg "drop" is not.
  8. Your void popRigidBody(MyLibRigidBody* body) is a bit too similar to the 'push' function, it's impossible to store the popped body outside the function. EDIT: That is, unless you copy the body content. In that case however, you'd expect the 'push' function to make a copy too.
  9. Instead of publishing an endless series of articles advertising over and over again that PVS can find bugs that humans missed, fix the bugs, and make a PR for the project.
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