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  1. Epic Music

    I'm so confused

    Thanks for the explanation, and I'm so sorry for misunderstanding forum rules. I simply don't have a lot of experience with any forums. Regards to all.
  2. I've been warned for spam and advertising, with simply sharing my music tracks for free on gumroad, music in which I put so much time. You cant even give something for free these days. Can someone explain me what is happening? Regards, Marcin Klosowski
  3. Hi guys,I've decided to share my music via gumroad for free and I hope you will find it useful since I put so much work and time to create these tracks in the last years. I'm a musician for more than 15 years now, I'm elite author on audiojungle with over 2000 sales. So straight to the point, here is the link for free cinematic & ambient music (package contains 12 tracks, both mp3 and wav files included), Feel free to use it in some of your projects:https://gum.co/qdiqPlease give me a credit if you're planning using these tracks in your end product. Best regards, Marcin KlosowskiP.S.And when you download please let me know if you like it , Cheers
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