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  1. I will add WebGL support to my TODO list, my next step though is gonna be Vulkan backend.
  2. If WebGL is equivalent to OpenGLES 3.0, it should be possible to make the engine support it. Meanwhile, if I was targeting web, I would probably use WebGL directly. Do you know how valuable it is to have a common abstraction layer that allows targeting web and standalone apps?
  3. I do support cross-compiling HLSL shaders to GLSL and it works just fine on GLES, but I do not currently support WebGL. I also need GLES3.0 or higher, and I am not sure if WebGL supports that (last time I checked it was only 2.0).
  4. Added one more tutorial: 2D Quads
  5. Thanks! It's great to know you found it useful!
  6. Diligent Engine now also supports iOS!
  7. Diligent Engine is now available on MacOS!
  8. OpenGL does not work for example on Universal Windows Platform (XBox can run UWP apps these days). macOS and iOS only support very outdated 7-year old versions of OpenGL/GLES. Also, OpenGL is an old-school API that does not really map well to new hardware and is awkward to use. I spent countless hours trying to figure out which global state was messed up by third-party libraries or just some other functions.
  9. Added seven tutorials demonstrating the basics of the API usage: 1. Hello Triangle 2. Hello Cube 3. Texturing 4. Instancing 5. Texture Array 6. Multithreaded Rendering 7. Geometry Shader
  10. Diligent Engine now supports Linux!
  11. Hm, this limitation looks somewhat unusual. I see why it makes sense to limit time to edit comments (stack overflow gives just 10 minutes to edit a comment after it has been posted). At the same time it looks reasonable to allow authors update their content as they get feedback, have something new to add, or just want to fix a typo. Anyway, I was planning to keep updating my blog posts as my projects go. What is the right way to do this given I can't edit them? Thanks!
  12. It looks like you misunderstood the purpose of this project which was to develop a portable high-performance low-level graphics abstraction layer. Direct3D11 is arguably the most well-designed API. What it misses is scalability, little bit more low-level control and portability. Diligent Engine takes what works best from Direct3D11 and tries to fill the gaps. It uses D3D11-style resource creation because it is perfectly expressive and covers 99% of use cases. If in your API you want to have specific high-level classes such as VertexBuffer, IndexBuffer, ConstantBuffer, StreamOut buffer etc., you can absolutely do that on top of Diligent Engine. If you read the article carefully, you would mention the very first design principle, Lightweight abstractions. So having high-level classes is an explicit non-goal. It is a low-level library. On the other hand, Texture and Buffer creation is probably all that the engine really takes from Direct3D11. Pipeline state initialization uses D3D12 and Vulkan style, while shader resource binding system that hides widely different shader resource binding models in specific APIs is designed from scratch. The only reason that you did not find high-level abstractions in the low-level API that was specifically designed to not have them in the first place does not make it useless.
  13. I know this must be a very dumb question, but I can't find any way to update my article/blog post. I spent almost half an hour inspecting the article page and searching for words "edit", "update" etc. with no luck. Google did not help either, so I am not sure that this is even possible. Thanks! Update: I do see there is edit link under this blog post, but not under my other posts. So why can't I edit my posts?
  14. Thanks As of right now, this is a low-level graphics library, so it can "only" draw triangles and run shaders. I am thinking about adding higher-level functionality (scene graph, PBR shaders, shadows, etc.) but did not decide which way to go yet.
  15. Vulkan 101 Tutorial

    This is what this post looks like now: Same on IE....
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