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  1. Personal chat is now giving format errors. It is currently unusable. "Template .... does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the ... to restore the default theme"
  2. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    You should better define IQ vs School Education. google: "nasa pen vs pencil" By the way, learning a foreign language is a good way to prove IQ..... I've never learned english in a school. Only from chatting and maybe google.... @Fulcrum.013 Many of the self taught programmers without an education are highly intelligent for being able to learn programming by themselves. In the 6 moths schedule they take people who have some base in codding. In the 12 months schedule they take anybody who passes the exam. Nearly 2000 people enter, as few as ten could finish.
  3. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    12 months the normal schedule, 6 months the fast schedule. And voila - you are a professional programmer. I will not give personal details here, but it was a free programming school and it is the most respected school in my whole country. If somebody finish that school has a job instantly. They kicked me out haha, problem with a##hole team mates. They helped me a lot with OOP and abstract thinking in programming. Layering my ideas inside the code, saving interfaces aside for future development/expansion etc. What you could call a Software Engineer.
  4. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    Modern programming was created in parts because not everybody is needed to know everything. Because a programmer could know about biology, other about physics, and all they can work together and program an app altogether. Abstractions and interfaces. A person without the most minimal knowledge in math can create the flowchart of a program. Math is a plus, but not a must have. In the future, programming as a whole will become pretty abstract. Now on competitions, genetic algorithms can create programs of such quality that no human can create. In the future "a programmer will be able to program for biology without knowledge of biology" In the future programming will become a philosophic science. In my second programming school the entrance exam had not math exam. Instead, it had an IQ exam. In my own opinion, introducing castes in a company is a bad thing. @Fulcrum.013 for example, is good at math but bad at english
  5. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    @Fulcrum.013 All those are instructions. It is no different at first look from reading a biology book(no formulas used). I can google about anything you just wrote and implement it. We were told by teachers that googleology is very important science. The ability of a person to formulate his searches in a way that google can help. In google - skip/discard triangles -> back-face culling -> sign of dot -> formula, voila! I just have no more to add to this discussion.
  6. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    What do you mean? "Cross product gives a third vector that is perpendicular to the tho input vectors" and "dot product gives a scalar value that can be used to obtain the angle" I don't really need to know more about it. How much time these two sentences take to learn? In school they could make me deliver the dot/cross products from pythagorean theorem on an exam. In real life i don't need that level of math. I can not do it right now. But i used dot and cross without any problem. My working code is a mess, but whom's not? Before sharing my code to others, i take a good time refactoring it for readability of a third person. My final codes look great! I understand that people need to give some value to the time they spent learning math in school. But at the same time, the truth is a person who is bad at math can code too.
  7. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    So at some point of your life you spent years to learn that.
  8. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    Was you born knowing about dot products? I learn upon demand. Code upon demand. For a stand alone developer, it is very important to save time.
  9. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    The occasional times i needed more complex formulas, still googling can solve it. There are a lot of technical papers people have published in internet. I first read vaguely the description and the speed/precision/result graphs. And if it looks nice, I code it myself reading the technical paper. And finally ONLY if needed i could learn the danm algebra behind the formulas grrrrrr My original point was "Sukcing at Math is not a reason to give up on programming" I don't want to devalue mathematicians. I think i would be not able to code fire particles and sparkles. I could only code fire particles math from others, not create my own. I admit this. I think somebody good at math should do that. I just say, so far, being bad at math haven't stopped me.
  10. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    In 3D - matrices. Knowledge of matrices makes your life much easier. For accelerations you can play with numbers and move a character around too. But it helps to understand trigonometric graphs. @Fulcrum.013 You first code example is pretty hard to read. It could be coded much more readable. A lot more readable. When i code my own implementations of math functions, i code it in the easiest way to read possible. This way i can always look to them as looking to a tutorial when i need the same function but forgot how it works. Instead googling it again, i can read it from my own code. It pays to be readable. Still i can copy the formulas from internet (not copy the code, but copy the formulas. In some sites they explain how the formulas were obtained. If I read that explanation, i would understand how they work, but i just don't need to do that.)
  11. NikiTo

    Beginning developing

    It was never a business. Nobody took money form the kids and we all were volunteers. I did for that kid what i would do for my little kid brother, or for my own child. My conscience is white clear. I am not anymore volunteering there. I tried it to see how is it, but we were forced to force kids to code. Some kids wasn't wanting to code, and was watching youtube. The organizers told me to force them somehow to code. Not cool for me. And i stopped volunteering there.
  12. NikiTo

    Beginning developing

    I was making once with a kid boy a shooting game in Scratch at Coder Dojo. When the staff said everyone to have a break to pick some sweets, that boy kept staying with Scratch. When his mother came to take it home, I told her that it is not normal for a kid to skip sweets because of Scratch(almost every other kid left Scratch and gone to the table with the sweets). I advised her to not bring that kid more and to not let it become a programmer.
  13. NikiTo

    Beginning developing

    We swim in an ocean, we have to adapt or die. Ocean says: "you need a career and income to proof your as a human being! nobody cares about your inventions nobody paid you for!" If a person loses the social touch with external world, he could lose his social skills(i open the mouth and everybody instantly hates me. what did i say?!?!). If a person is not able to work in a team, he very very very hardly will find a job in programming. Modern programming practices expect people to work in teams. Everywhere, i was told by everyone like: "even if you are the best programmer out there(i am not, just saying), if you can not work in a team, you will not find work, you will have no money, no money no worth as a human being, antidepressant pills, anime, hikikomori, hentai, basement.."
  14. NikiTo

    Beginning developing

    i am most of the time doing investigation. If i tried to code known techniques from a technical papers, i would finish a 3D engine in less than one year. But this, constant experimenting is eating 90% of my time. I would not try to code yet another engine/app if there were nothing new i think i could "invent". We have already too many engines out there. Today i forgot to eat again, got very hungry and my head started hurting. "i will just do that, i will just finish that chunk here..and go to eat". The working places at home of some programmers look (sorry for saying that) miserable and depressing. The monitors hurts too. Having to dig inside the corners of a 3D model inside the modeling software is painful to the eyes. I turn and turn and turn it until i find a corner from where i have visibility. It gives me headaches. If i were a woman, i would not date somebody obsessed with something so much. Somebody could say that the problem is i am too obsessive, but what if i were obsessive with sports, not programming? I would have a sixpack and medals. Now i have a basement....
  15. NikiTo

    Programming and Higher Mathematics

    sorry i hit ctrl something...
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