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  1. NikiTo

    Semi-complete Newbie

    sure that! I was ok with C# because it was only two players playing against each other. It was for a project in school. I had no time to provide play-vs-computer option, but i planed to link for that to some 3rd party chess engine. I would not even try to code a chess engine myself, no no no, not so much fan of the chess game. After losing years with ASM, i learned the hard way: "always use the easiest codding language that fits for the task!"
  2. NikiTo

    Semi-complete Newbie

    I made once a Chess game over skype in C#. For games like this, it is better to choice baby C#, The moment you are forced to use unmanaged code in C#, i think C# is not a good match anymore. Microsoft says managed languages are not suitable for multimedia and 3D APIs. That's why they provide them in C++.
  3. I wonder to what extent GPU manufacturers can add to older hardware support for some features with their updates. I mean, at the moment of the production of a GPU it had not async compute because the term wasn't even existing at that time, but with the last updates async compute is added. As a developer i don't need a big powerful GPU with lot of cores. But I need a GPU with all the extras.
  4. NikiTo

    how does one typically model an anime character?

    Can i give you an advice? Don't sacrifice your time being a fan. For the same amount of time you try to copy the mediocre character of another person, you could create your OC yourself. I opened few pages of The Gamer, hmm in my opinion the artwork is so poor it could be a scam(the artist doesn't give a sh*t about the reader, as to put some more effort into the drawings). Don't sacrifice your time for somebody who hasn't sacrificed his own time for the fans.
  5. NikiTo

    how does one typically model an anime character?

    It is impossible to repeat a female anime character in 3D. This is the good thing of anime(animation) - it is not real. impossible deformation You can see many advanced examples of anime in 3D at the gallery in the site of Daz. They just don't look well. You can see low polygon poorer examples of anime in 3D searching for xnalara anime models in google. Or you can reduce the anime factor/index of the character like that: not so big eyes In my own opinion, even Hollywood failed at making a 3D anime character for the movie Alita. For another source of inspiration, you can search for images of anime figures in google too.
  6. NikiTo

    Old School VS Ray Tracing accelerated by GPU

    Thank you very much! I love to find bugs. Hurry up and prepare a demo to show! Hybrid is OK. I can live with it. If they don't reserve silicon for it. If all GPU manufacturers reserve silicon for it, i will just use ray triangle collision detecting for physics collisions or something.
  7. NikiTo

    Old School VS Ray Tracing accelerated by GPU

    Nvidia marketing agent disliked my screenshots XD """ Now I often see ray tracing touted as a magic fix for rendering (usually in discussions on realtime rendering for games) in online discussions, as if ray tracing somehow provides physically accurate results. Well it doesn’t. It comes closer than triangle rasterization (the technology employed in almost all games, and what graphics cards are optimized for) but it’s no simulation of reality. It gives us reflections and refractions virtually for free and it gives very nice hard shadows (unfortunately in the real world shadows are rarely if ever perfectly sharp). So just like rasterization engines have to cheat to achieve reflections and refractions (pay close attention to reflective surfaces in games, they either reflect only a static scene, or are very blurry or reflect only objects that are on screen), a ray tracer has to cheat to get soft shadows, caustics, and global illumination to name a few effects required to achieve photo realism. """ source
  8. NikiTo

    Old School VS Ray Tracing accelerated by GPU

    So far, the demos of RTX are pretty shitty for me compared to other games: And finally.... SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!? I captured the source too, so you can go and check it by yourself, if it results unbelievable ugly to you... I am not worried anymore about the capabilities of the technology(not big), but I am worried about the marketing that is storming now. Many people are commenting that game creators will put reflections everywhere only to can get promotion from NVidia for their games. And the games will change to look glassy. In the interview with the developers of Metro Exodus, they commented that big part of the creation process of games will change. As before, games needed a lot of lights to make them look nice, now they need only one light. The handle of number of polygons will change too. Only drop shadows look much better in the demos of RTX. Nothing i can not achieve with a big shadow map texture. If i had a company with the infrastructure built to make games as Uncharted 4, i would not invest in RTX. As Uncharted 4 looks awesome already. The prices of the GPUs are super normal, i believe. For a gamer that has a job too it is not a big deal. It is the impact this will have on game development that I don't like.
  9. Undoubtedly! If i had a starving family, i would sweep toilets with my drawings in order to bring food home. Fortunately i am a MGTOW.
  10. I agree! But they will suffer. They are trying to sell nice apples on a fruit market for half the price..... The rest of sellers will just wipe them out.
  11. Yes it is valid. But you should never tell the employer you enjoy the job to the point you would do it for less money. And it is prohibited to say either that you don't like the job. Just keep it to yourself. You never say things like: "i need the job because i am broke", "i need the job because i have 4 starving kids and am gonna lose the mortgage". You keep things like that behind a poker face on a job interview. EDIT: (Excuse me @SyncViews , I dont want to start an argument. I am multitasking now, and I just saw it may sound as i am picking an argument. Sorry!) This sounds like pure exploitation to me....
  12. In a certain extent it is reasonable. Accepting to be paid slightly less for doing what you like. But this shouldn't be the reason to be less paid. And if the job interviewer or the job applicant mention the phrase "paid less because doing what you enjoy" one should run. Exploitation is exploitation, and if an employer is mentioning exploitation since the very first meeting, he would use more and more ways lately to exploit the workers. This is understandable. I disagree with this on a personal level. I mean it is fair. But in my case I valuate my own fresh ideas I am bringing to that seniors. If i. as a bad C++ coder can make something look better than the team led by the senior did....how's that? If he is so senior, no newbie should be able to provide something better than him. I can provide fresh ideas and the others can add to that ideas their professional dominance of C++/APIs. I mean i have a value. If i am the one giving the money, i would not feed somebody just because of his seniority if he is wasted and brings me not fresh ideas and innovation. I would give him more money, but 5 times more is just crazy to pay only because of his seniority. He has to EARN his salary the same way the cleaner of the building does. Of course if i sign a contract that makes me obey a senior i will obey him without even complaining, because i signed for it. A senior somewhere is responsible for a huuuugeee reflection coming from under a building:
  13. I read people get paid less because they like what they do. If in the same room/working space, people are equal, this would be not a problem. There should not be in the same room somebody who is being paid much less or much more. This will create conflicts. If other departments are getting paid twice more for twice less job, they should have their own working space in the building. I think if somebody is too enthusiastic at a job interview, and he says something like: "i would do this for free, because i enjoy it", he could be given much less than the rest of the colleagues. And he will suffer. The self determination and self esteem are very important things. One can not blame nobody else if he sells himself cheap. Along with the "promises about future promotion" and "the opportunity to work from home", the "you are given the opportunity to do what you like" is yet another excuse to exploit people. Glad to hear this clarification!
  14. This is pretty demotivating to read. "I would do this for free, because I like it" is a wrong way of thinking. Even if you like it, this doesn't mean you will be extent of responsibility and dead lines, and waking up early in the morning to get to the office, having to politically handle interactions with mentally issued colleagues. I mean a job is a job! Even if you like it or not, it is a job and has to be paid properly. Although i understand world is not working that way. What the others in this thread say could be happening for real. I understand it. I'm just saying. The worst thing is, bad working conditions could turn you away from your hobby. If you suffer for your hobby, you could end up hating it. Why to end up hating your hobby? Because of exploiters?! "Bad show", bro!! If you work for less money than your colleagues YOU WILL SUFFER!!!! Colleagues will dislike you and treat you badly. Every error they will search for and find in your code will be a big deal and be explained with your "cheap incompetence". If you love making games, better find people to build a team and go fund yourself. Or ask for a good salary. Or sell your product, "take the money and run". I only can accept working for much less if I am on some course paid by the company. After that, i have to work one month or so to adapt to the new environment, and during this I could be paid less, but right after this, i will expect to receive the salary of the rest of people in my range. The problem is the inequality. If everybody is being exploited and all the colleagues receive small salaries, this is ok. But if you are one of the few in the company who will be not paid well because "you love what you do".........you will end up hating your hobby, and you'll lose your job too. Talents are divine gifts. We should respect our talents. I would work in a pizza while drawing in the free time instead of being exploited in a job where i have to draw in bad conditions and after work i have to do something else in order to distract myself from my bad experience at work. To distract from my ex-hobby, doing something else. (i just woke up today, very wanting to design the 3D hair for my model(lot of work to do), but then i read this and now i feel demotivated to even open the 3D file....)
  15. NikiTo

    Old School VS Ray Tracing accelerated by GPU

    I am still writing the parser. It optimizes the imported model to save 20% of GPU work. I downloaded Aloy from internet but the textures of the model are a mess. Still she has tons of furs on her clothes and I would like to see how my demo will handle those. Preorder one for me, cuz i am broke I would need too: i8, 32GB+ RAM and SSD to not make the GPU feels like living in a poor neighborhood. Buy me water cooling connected to a fridge too because of the global warming(this summer here is an oven). I agree. The trickery was making it interesting. If people can drop something directly into the editor and the editor to throw it directly into the GPU, creativity would be not needed anymore. Like just drop the models from the editor to the GPU and the GPU will brute force rain billions of rays on it without need to change the code. All realistic games will just throw models at the GPU suing the same code. If somebody wants to make something specific like silhouette effects, then he would have to write some code. For the rest, just drop it to the GPU, it will brute force the scene. Just like we are no longer writing code to rasterize triangles.
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