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  1. Kavik Kang

    People really have no ideas on game development.

    I haven't even read this thread, just got the notification that you used my name and read this one post. If he's been designing games for over 40 years, since before your industry even existed, maybe that might work. Somehow I doubt it though. But if he has... he is certainly far more competent than any of you amateurs. I am still 3 full generations ahead of you and your "Candyland" knowledge of simulation design. Still so far ahead of you that what I do is literally "indistinguishable from magic" too you. It's hilarious to see you still attacking me even though I haven't posted in months. You must still be psychologically hurting from not even being capable of understanding what your betters, who have been designing games since before your industry even existed, know that you have proven incapable of even understanding. HINT: It's those 40 years and 3 generations of simulation design that make these things true. That, and the fact that you are the most arrogant and incompetent group of people to ever walk the face of the earth. Arrogance combined with incompetence... Can you think of a more annoying combination than that? That's EXACTLY who you incompetent morons are... thank you for demonstrating that again for me.
  2. Kavik Kang

    Pirate Dawn Universe: Space Hockey

    Actually it refers to a group of assistant designers and advisers, and I was one of only four staff members who ever actually worked at Task Force Games. There is no equivalent to the SFB Staff in the world of modern gaming, it would be most accurate to call it a group of people who lies somewhere in between a "group of players" and "employees". We were the very first ever "collaborative game design effort" ever, Steve Cole literally invented the collaborative process that you design games by today. In that sense, we were the "founding fathers of modern game design". There is a more detailed discussion of the SFB Staff on my Gamasutra blog. Of course, all credit always goes to our "fearless leader" Steve Cole.
  3. I am looking for a programmer who is interested in making Space Hockey. You can download the design document for Space Hockey here... As you can see from the design document, this could later be expanded with several other “zones” such as Capture the Flag and Base Defense, and eventually into a full MMO game. And from there, 11 more games of an entire “universe” of related games. So there is enough pre-planned expansion already in place that if we succeed we would be making connected games within the same “universe” for the rest of our lives. I have spent 25 years working on the Pirate Dawn Universe. I have been designing games and simulations since before the computer game industry even existed. I am one of the most experienced and knowledgeable game and simulation designers in the world today. There isn't anyone in the computer game industry who has as much experience and knowledge in this field as I do, I literally know too much to be hired by a computer game company. I am also a former member of the SFB Staff, the “Dungeons & Dragons of space ship games”, arguably the most influential game of all time. Games like Master of Orion and Star Control were simply plagiarizing us, pretty much all space ship games trace their heritage back to Star Fleet Battles... only they are incompetent fan productions that do it laughably badly. We will do space ship games as computer games well for the first time ever. That has never been done before, not even close... “laughably badly”. I have nothing against younger people, I have an ethical problem with distracting people at that critical point in their lives with an unfunded project like this one. So I am looking for someone who is at least approaching 30. Kavik "Pappy” Kang
  4. "Gamers don't miss what they have never had." I don't want to discourage the original poster, I hope he or she succeeds in what they are trying to do. This discussion just really caught my attention because it is such a perfect illustration of how the modern gaming world is three generations behind where game and simulation design already was in the 1980's. "Lost knowledge" is a much more common thing than people think it is, and this is exactly what has happened in the game industry. You wouldn't believe what my suggestion would be here if I was willing to give it. Literally 3 generations of simulation design ahead of the discussion. The modern game industry really and truly is 3 generations behind where we already were before they even started re-inventing the wheel from scratch.
  5. The form of movement that you are talking about wanting to use is how it works in Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, so you might look at those games for inspiration. A lot could be done with this using a more advanced turn structure, but "first generation Candyland turns" are all you have to work with in the primitive language of computer game designers. If I ever get to make my games you'll get to see what I am talking about. If not, this knowledge will just be lost to history due to the arrogance and incompetence of the people who work in the computer game industry.
  6. Kavik Kang

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Not everything, only the things that the KGB/FSB is actually doing. You might try listening to Yuri, he will explain the true nature of the world too you. You, apparently, believe that the Russians maintain an intelligence agency that is larger than all of the rest of the world's intelligence agencies combined, but that they never actually do anything. They exist, apparently, for no reason at all and they never actually do anything, right? "McCarthyism!!! Russian intelligence just sits around doing nothing all day long!"
  7. Kavik Kang

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    This is far too long of a discussion to have in this thread, so I will only say that "social justice" is always a sign of the activities of Soviet intelligence. "Social justice" is the "high ideal" they use to disguise themselves and their true goals, because nobody wants to be a "communist". Communists never use the word "communist"... "socialism", "social justice", "left"... they use any word other than "communism". This is the true source of any "social justice" campaign, explained by the legendary KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, form 1983 so you know he isn't "biased" in the present day "issue", which is actually a Russian intelligence campaign to "fundamentally transform" America into a communist state. It's what they do, it's who they are... for over 100 years now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gnpCqsXE8g The KGB/FSB is larger than all other intelligence agencies in the world combined and has a presence in every nation on Earth. A "social justice campaign" is always the result of the activities of Soviet/Russian intelligence.
  8. Kavik Kang

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    You were replying too my Shaka example. People don't "look past it", this discussion is a perfect example of that. People do notice when people are "out of place". Black people in Medevil Europe, or white people in Shaka's army. It's the same exact thing either way. Putting black (or any other types of people) where they don't belong is "black washing" as much as putting white people into Shaka's army is "white washing". There is no difference at all. There is nothing racist about not having any black, Asian, white, whatever people in a story they don't belong in. And when you force them into a story they don't belong in, you ruin the story for a large segment of the audience. Whether you are forcing black people into Ancient Greece or white people into Africa. It's the same thing either way. As I mentioned in my last post, you discredit both your own message and yourself by doing this... so why would you want too do it anyway? And you lose sales, you don't gain them. For example, just based on this thread I would never play Battlefield V. I have no interest in a wildly inaccurate WWII game that is trying to brainwash me with SJW propaganda. And I am definitely not alone in that. The message discredits itself and you lose customers, you don't gain them, as the comic book industry has been demonstrating for the last couple years now. They are literally destroying themselves with SJW propaganda. "To honor ones own freedom is, in essence, to honor the freedom of all others." - Dwight Eisenhower I was talking about the western armies. Yes, women served in front line roles in the Soviet Army. I think also the Romanian army, but not in western any armies.
  9. Kavik Kang

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Well... the "motivation" behind people who say that "Jewish propaganda has rewritten our history books" is that they hate Jewish people and/or believe in the hilariously ignorant "Jews rule the world" conspiracy theory. I would think that would be obvious to everyone. The "SJW" people, who are actually "useful idiot" communists but that is a whole different subject ("social justice" is a 100-year-old "communist buzz word"), actually defeat their own cause with "unrealistic" or "forced" diversity. Using this Battlefield V example, there were a lot of women who helped with the war. From "Rosie the Riviter" back in the factories to "Wasps" who flew planes from America into the rear areas of active theaters, to nurses. But during WWII women were not allowed in combat or anywhere near the front lines. Even way back in the early 1980's Black Sheep Squadron was criticized for having nurses on a front line island in the Solomon Slot. In reality, the only time those pilots would have seen nurses is on a hospital ship or back at the rear-area base at New Caledonia. When you include something that is obviously incorrect, or a lie, in the message you are trying to convey in your story, you discredit your own message. You give everyone the perfect out of not only disregarding your message, but mocking and ridiculing both the message and the person who sent it. "What an idiot, there weren't any women on Vela La Vela", etc. So they are actually discrediting their own message with "unrealistic" or "forced" diversity.
  10. Kavik Kang

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    I don't mind realistic "diversity", it is unrealistic "diversity" that is actually propaganda that bothers/annoys me and I think that is what many other people are trying to say. Just turn the situation around and the ridiculousness of it should become clear to everyone. What if someone made a game, or movie, or book, etc, about Shaka Zulu and the war against England. And what if half of Shaka's warriors were white women? The "diversity" crowd would be in an uproar over white people being put into that story. It's really just reverse racism. The "diversity" crowd supports putting people of color into situations where they don't belong, and then become outraged if white people are put into situations where they don't belong. Their arguments are not honest. In reality, they just hate white people. I am not a racist person, and my own story had "realistic diversity" and a female hero character 20 years before that became a thing. There is a difference between "realistic diversity" and reverse racism disguised as diversity. As an example of what I mean by "realistic diversity", in my own sci-fi universe my version of the Federation Star Fleet, the human "space navy", is dominated by people from nations such as the United States, Russia, England, China, Brazil, India... nations with both large populations and a history of voluntary military service. This makes sense. It would not make sense for the human "space navy" to be dominated by people from Angola, Indonesia, and Micronesia. There aren't enough of them and their nations have no history of voluntary military service or leading the world in cutting edge technologies. It has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with the reality of the world. It's not racism that annoys many people when "diversity" is forced upon us, it is the unrealistic nature of it that makes it feel (and often is) as though you the creators of that material are trying to literally brainwash you with obviously incorrect propaganda.
  11. Kavik Kang

    Have you ever had your game idea stolen?

    I've lost count.
  12. I think it would have been the summer of 1975 or 1976, my grandfather taught me cribbage and pinochle. I was 7. I haven't spent much time not playing games since then. I am usually playing a game of some kind at any given moment, I'm not really normal when it comes to games. The next summer he recognized how quickly I had advanced with games so that summer he taught me how and why Backgammon was not really a game, it was an abacus because no matter what you roll there is always only one best move, so there is never really any decision to make over the course of an entire game of backgammon. It's a more advanced version of the tic-tac-toe lesson. Tic-tac-toe always ends in a tie, backgammon doesn't actually have any decision making in it other than the doubling cube... which is why it has the doubling cube. My grandfather had a pretty advanced understanding of games and simulations.
  13. Kavik Kang

    The games called "masterpieces"

    By the traditional definition "masterpiece" also implies that it is the "signature game" of an "artist of a designer". Dungeons & Dragons (Gary Gygax), Star Fleet Battles (Steve Cole), Civilization (Sid Meier), Sim City (Will Wright). Those are the classic definitions of a "masterpiece" in my view, by the most strict definition of the term. Avalon Hill's Advanced Squad Leader is the first too come to my mind that breaks that mold. It is the "masterpiece" of Avalon Hill as a company, and not any one designer. By the strictest definition, no one designer or company could ever have more than one "masterpiece". If, as in this thread, you just define it as "any really great game", than it loses some of it's meaning and quickly grows into a much larger list.
  14. Kavik Kang

    Bad Design vs. Niche Design

    There is game design as science, and there is game design as art. They coexist in any game. The science is what makes the game function how it functions, and the art is what you do with it that makes your version of it unique from everyone else's. Like a previous poster essentially said, there is no one correct answer. What I might think sounds like a really bad idea on the surface might wind up being a great game when someone else makes it, because of their unique "art" in how they did it that I could not see until they showed it too me. If there is a single common thread to find, it is making games that function in interesting ways at their core. In how the fundamental basis of whatever game that you are making works. Chess and Acquire are the ultimate examples of this, they both function in interesting ways at the core of how they work. At their most basic level, which is why there is so little too them and yet they are timeless classics with endless replayability. This comes from their science, not their art. They are both intricate and interesting even though there is almost nothing too them. This is the height of game and simulation design, achieving a level of depth of similar to Chess with as few rules and game elements as Chess. It is easy to keep piling on "band aids and strings" to patch together "a good game". But, really, you are just fooling the audience into thinking it is a "good game". It is might not be a "well-designed game" even though a majority call it a "good game". Is it still a "good game" if you remove all of those band aids and string and just play the fundamental core of it without all of that "masking"? If not, it was not a "well designed game", even if a majority call it a "good game". A good game that is not a well-designed game is an example of a game that is more "art" than "science".
  15. Kavik Kang

    Bad Design vs. Niche Design

    Mathematically "solving" a game too a draw is possible with many more simple games. But few, if any, people can actually execute that and make it happen. That is a different thing that something as simple as the Table Top Horse Race example where it is immediately obvious too anyone that it will always end the same. The player immediately perceives that it will always work out the same. That is a very different thing than the potential existing for someone to play a game perfectly every time, when almost nobody can actually do it. It really depends on how the question is defined. The original post was saying there is no such thing as "bad game design" in a definitive sense. I think there is, but that it is a very narrow thing because people actually loved Front Page Sports: Hunting;-) If you define it in a broader way, I would immediately point to Backgammon as being a candidate for "not actually being a game" even though it doesn't work out the same every time. Backgammon is not that difficult to completely master. There is rarely a situation where there is more than one correct thing to do based on the position on the board and the current die roll. Between two "perfect players" Backgammon is more accurately described as an Abacus than a game. The farther you move the bar, the more debatable the subject becomes.
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