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    Opinions and suggestions wanted :)

    That is a great idea I never really thought about how much of an impact resetting the relationships would have, and it gives a much more deep and realistic strategy for keeping the society you built together, since if you build a very closed and hostile society to keep yourself safe from other players and other hostile NPC's you'll not be able to get back into the society yourself if you die That's so much cooler than just loosing your inventory, you might literally have created your worst enemy since the society will keep going and if you've created a society bent on "world domination" who go out looking for survivors and keep them as slaves once you die you will be battling that society that you made. Brilliant idea
  2. Beacon

    Opinions and suggestions wanted :)

    That is a good idea The mind map got bit big, but writing a report style presentation might be good, thank you
  3. Hello, I'm in the process of writing down a large project into a mind map (and testing the suitability of these features in Unity) and I would love to hear the views of other people interested in game design and perhaps more experienced in game design than I am. I will keep it short since all the information about the games design is in the mind map, but I just want to mention that it's an "immersive sim survival game" with a high focus on collaboration with NPCs. Small disclaimer, the mind map is rather big, around 8 pages worth of text. https://www.mindmeister.com/912394562/group-focused-survival-game-system Any feedback on any of the mechanics, suggestions for improvements or additions would be greatly appreciated. Also the issue of death is still something I am not quite sure on how to do, I want something new and novel and not just the same old re-spawn system, the only two alternatives I can come up with is permanent death or that you continue playing as one of the NPCs you have around you when you die, but this feels very lacking since it's a survival game and death should really mean something, does anyone out there have a new and novel way of how to tackle death? This is also meant to be presented to a team of people so if anything is unclear I would be very happy if you told me
  4. Hi, what game engine will you be working in and do you have an idea for the game? I would be happy to join if possible, I'm currently trying to get together a group of people to make a hard core survival game focusing on realism (preferably in Unity) but it would be fun to work on almost anything. I can help with coding and 3D models.
  5. Hello, I want to create a rather large game which I am not capable of doing myself. I have a vision of a hard core survival game with a lot of focus on realism but during some apocalyptic event, preferably during the collapse of civilization and not a post apocalyptic game. It would also be fun to have different events during each playthrough. I will be working in Unity so if you have any experience with unity that is apreachiated but not at all nessecary. I'm looking for anyone who wants to join, be it a 3D animator or musician or programmer. A project manager is also highly appreciated since it can be hard to keep track of everything alone, this requires no actuall programming experience or such but rather someone who is good at planning. The game idea is open for some suggestions but will be constricted to an open world survival game, if you have some specific scenario you wish to have in the game (Zombies, alien invasion etc) we should be able to work that in :) If anyone is interested in this please message me, the more the merrier :)
  6.   It could work, setting the cost functions would be quite difficult but an evolutionary algorithm could probably do that quite well, however it would not necessarily produce human behaviors but rather behaviors which worked well in the game. It could however be a good way for the AI to form an opinion of player suggested actions. If the player say "Let's go to the town city and find food" the AI could identify "find food" as the objective and respond with the GOAP's suggested way of gathering food where it prioritizes staying alive and each area has a risk factor too it so it chooses the area with the lowest risk factor and the highest "food factor". And since the values for these factors are reached by and evolutionary algorithm no two AI's would think the same and they could disagree as to what is the best course of action and you could have arguments between AI's and players creating a group dynamic. So it could be very interesting and definitely worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  7. Yeah I've seen it and tried it a little bit, but I want the transition from civilization to post-apocalypse, not immediately after a zombie outbreak. I want to start in a city and be able to prepare ( preferably I don't just want a zombie apocalypse game, but a random apocalypse game so you don't know what to prepare for ) and then when "the shit hits the fan" you just have to try and survive the initial mayhem and then try to set up some sort of survival camp and preferably there should be AI companions throughout the game, so you start out with like a wife and family and you try to protect them during the initial phase then you meet new people etc. Project Zomboid has the potential to go a route like that, but I highly doubt they will.
  8. The idea is to have the same mechanic for things you carry over your shoulder and in your pockets too, basically nothing should go "invisible" and end up inside of you but you should be able to tell where everything is. So either you have keys for your pockets, or you look at your pockets and what's in your pockets get outlined, and you can see what's over your shoulder by looking to the side while standing still etc.   The limited inventory is something I'm going for, if you need to carry more stuff you need to find a way of doing so, like finding a trolley or something. Browsing the inventory is the biggest issue to overcome, I'm not quite sure how to do this yet, my main idea (with the backpack) was that you would divide the backpack into layers so if you want something at the bottom you use the scroll wheel to select which layer you're in and all the layers above that layer become transparent so you can see and select easily. This I imagine would also give some more features to inventory management since you would want to place items you use often at the top and items you use less often at the bottom of the pack.   The Alone in the Dark inventory is kind of what I'm going for only more extensive and customable, so you choose where to put your things and they don't just automatically end up in one specific pocket.     That article was great, if I combine behavior trees with case based learning somehow I should get an AI that behaves a lot like a human and actually gets better and "in sync" with you over time, so having an AI companion for a long time makes it better meaning you won't see them as disposable since you "trained" it. If done correctly I wouldn't have to hard code things like "Trust" since it would be a side effect of it learning the players behavior and what to expect from the player :) Now I just got to figure out a good way to combine the two, but hopefully someone else has already done something similar. Off to more research, thank you :)
  9. Hi, i've been wanting to make a game about the start of an apocalypse, about the transition from normal life to chaos rather than starting out in a post apocalyptic world and I've messed around in unity and started to break the game down into main components I need to make. But I wanted to hear if anyone know of such a game that already exists since I rather play it than make it. I've googled the subject to no avail and I've not found a single game featuring the transition phase of an apocalypse so is there anyone out there who knows if this has been done? Just to clarify I don't mean story based games , I mean a survival style open world games. If anyone has seen a game featuring heavy interactions with ai partners that would also interest me, games where the npc's aren't just objects but they do things on their own and they don't just follow you blindly.   I would like to design an AI system that you can interact with basically by chatting with it, would just a complex collection of if statements be the best way to go about doing this or are there other better alternatives?   I'm also trying to design a "seamless inventory system", as in you don't have any pop up menus of any sort, all the items are carried on you somehow, be it in a backpack or in pockets and to access them you simply get out your backpack and look down into it do see everything. Is this type of inventory design something you think would add to the game or just extra work for no payoff?
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