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  1. The ones with capital letters are blittable types. I can't go more into depth, but maybe, just maybe it's related that in C# the booleans, shorts, and bytes are represented with 4 bytes if on the stack, or maybe it was just the bools... and I don't know if it applies to structs on the stack. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/interop/blittable-and-non-blittable-types
  2. A lot could be written about Unity's plans about the performance. There're upcoming features like the job system, the job compilation, and the new ecs system. And there're a hole bunch of C# 7.X features coming too. There's IL2CPP for almost everything but linux... though it's true that you can't really get every bit of performance with this. The boehm garbage collector is still the black sheep in Unity.
  3. RnzCpp

    Can the “No kill rule” be violated?

    Batman accidentally killed the joker while defending himself. Though it wasn't true, because comics. I guess he got electrocuted into transblackness, yet he survived somehow.
  4. I found a reason to stay inside the matrix. But about tokens... I think it's arguble that time-based-passwords are better than one-time-passwords, yet I haven't seen a "dual time-based password" which would take the some of the annoyance of time-expiration. It's slower to type a token than something that's known.... and you require the smartphone! Tokens require the smartphone, some setting up, plus the app download, though I'm not totally up to date with this.
  5. I think every program should have a way in using good-old-passwords because of accessibility (important in a game). I don't think it's worth it what you're asking for. Use a password authentication, then think in other fancy stuff. A secure-authentication-method is another thing that will come on top of this. Other things are as dicey or worse.
  6. RnzCpp

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    Inflation is a way that the government can sneakily steal to everyone... that is not through taxes which are open and clear. If you really think about it, it isn't a good thing. To steal, and on top ripping off everyone while hiding... just like when they hide behind debt to years to come. Spend, hide, spend. And probably not the good type of expending either, it's sneaky bad spending, on top of being sneaky and bad. And most aren't benefiting from it... just the elite controlling the flow of money to their own pockets.
  7. RnzCpp

    Game Server for Security

    There's a lot that could go wrong. That is in logins, persistance, networking stuff... and what if the server isn't authoritative. These four things you can research more. Cryptography for logins, databases for persistance, packet stuff for networking (overflowing? tcp quirks maybe?)... and server architecutre (authoritative or client-side).
  8. I don't remember the dating of his books, but I would really like to fit this into the context of the "second-order logic"/GOFAI kinds of AIs, which as far as I know, don't really scale that well. The usefulness of these laws are questionable in that ground alone. Talking about modern ML... Sentence2Vec seems to be going in direction of "meaningness", but it's still a research thing... and I don't know if it's being used. A big red shutdown button seems simple enough and useful.
  9. This seems like a hard-scifi vs soft-scifi kind of debate. Me being more of an hard-scifi advocate. Inconsistencies are like history twists that can go anywhere because of some really occult reason, or luck... something that the people involved have no control of. If someone has no control, then it's a bad history. End of story. Though I can imagine some cases in that luck could come into play: What if there's no other way to reach something, and there's one only way of doing it? Then it's just OK to follow down that path, in fact, that's what should be done. Risks add the the story, and risks should be taken if necesary. Loose luck is dumb. Not following the premise is bad... and why wouldn't you? There might be an occult reason behind all this bad writing. Imagine why would it be done as a propaganda tool. I can still appreciate bad stuff because of bad reasons. Disturbing reasons. (Guess where it comes from).
  10. Yes, you should use a server/servers plan... or maybe a custom and reliable one (expensive?). That's out of question if you want to give a good service. AWS Bandwidth can get expensive... It's something like 0.09$/GB. I don't know if that could pay a player, maybe if it's a website-based game, and/or you are a really good item seller-merchant. Talking about bandwidth. I would consider Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Amazon Lightsail, because of bandwidth costs. And Vultr/Digital Ocean have the most accessible payment schemes. Vultr lets you upload a custom ISO. But what about IIS. I think you could do that, and maybe it's cheaper. Personally, I like to have an OS at hand. Coupon https://www.vultr.com/?ref=7288642 Coupon. https://m.do.co/c/1d5dbbfaa92f
  11. RnzCpp

    What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    I thought it could be bannerlord, but it hasn't been released (!!!). All I played were old games.
  12. RnzCpp

    3rd and 1st person arms

    Worst case scenario: Your animations are bad, there's a too agressive compression, and your engine does some kind of destructive retargeting... you end up with noisy and awful stuff. But you can fix part of it using IKs and interpolation/springs... in a very aggresive way if it's first person. Changing IKs and parents on the run. In Arma you can see how there's an IK when the hand is fixed to the gun, and this arm moves in strange ways matching the torso.
  13. RnzCpp

    What do people look for in a music "pack"?

    I'm just a begginer, but personally: mixable loops. These are easy to change on the run through snapshots... also, it would be more efficient than storing a full track.
  14. RnzCpp

    Fastest detection algorithm?

    I don't understand the question. You're using a grid for collision detection, so you can't really do better than that. Most generic physics engines divide collision detection in two phases, the first just reduces to a possible set of collisions, the second does the proper collision detection... and on top of that, they mostly use BVHs and SweepAndPrune algorithms that scale "logarithmically" instead of "linearly" (a grid).
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