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  1. Dominick Holman

    Loading Images to GPU which are not in power of 2

    I can not say if that was the problem, but I made the 512x512 texture and filled it with zeros, and not it works. Thanks a lot
  2. Dominick Holman

    Loading Images to GPU which are not in power of 2

    I use them as a texture. The idea is to load images to the GPU as a texture. Than to run algorithms on them, for updating the reconstruction, by rendering passes and that is done with FBO's. But it is actually important to have that images as a texture. 
  3. I want to work with a Kinect Camera. So I have got a sequence of images of resolution 512*424 for the Kinect from Xbox One. Now I want to load these Images and interpret the depth maps as point clouds and align the color from the rib images, for model reconstruction.    For the moment I just load up the image to the GPU and want to render it to the screen, but the screen stays black. I pretty sure it is because the width and hight are not in a power of 2 and I heard OpenGL has problems doing this.    Now the question is, is there a way to let OpenGL know, that this is a image, that doesn't have that power of 2 and it just allows it? Or do I have to change the image is a resolution so it get's to the power of 2? And if I have to change it, how can I actually change it, without adding, new information to it?
  4. I have a set of Triangles with color for each vertecie. My question is, is there an easy way to implement an algorithm, where I can put these triangles as input and get, triangles, with vertecies and texture coords and a texture with the color informations. It is important for future works to have such kind of a texture.   Or maybe there is a library I could use that does such stuff for me.   I am working on XCode with OpenGL and C++
  5. Dominick Holman

    Creating Open World

    ok, thank you, that helped ^^
  6. Dominick Holman

    Creating Open World

    Hi, I like to work on own games, but with own engines. Or better I like to create those engines for games :D I am working on Xcode, with C++ and OpenGL. My question is, How can I efficiently store the data of a hole open world with all objects, persons and so on in it. I mean, I could imagine that the world is split in certain areas, and you load only near by areas. But if every map has also a few hundred objects on it, with maybe buildings, cities, ... that would be a hole buch of loading, than when I image it is a flat area, so I could actually see pretty far, than I must have really big areas with a lot more objects on it, than maybe AI that is calculated the hole time for those areas.    And than second thing, let's say I am able to change the world, like in Minecraft, remove certain parts of the world and add it some where else. I must save and load this again to that area. Is there a nice and good way to load, save and store such worlds, for an open world.    I would just write everything to an textfile. And store each area in a Textfile. When loading an area, I would create an 2D array, store all informations in that, build out of that array an Vertexbuffer, load it on to the GPU and render the hole area. But that don't seem to be good.
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