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  1. what is the appeal of fps games?

    @BBeck, Mass Effect is not an FPS, it's a 3rd person shooter. I prefer FPS games, as the mechanics are much simpler and more streamlined. In 3rd person games you have to worry about programming and controlling the camera, and it's too easy for the player to cheat (in my book) by peeking around corners. FPS games, however, there is no such cheating allowed. It is the most realistic point of view and the simplest to the control, and hence it is the most immersive. @ObjectivityGuy, Lots of FPS games do have the same mechanics, but you can always try the other kind of FPS, First Person Stealth. The original 2 thief games, Dishonored, Deus Ex 1, and Alien Isolation, are all about stealth, and stealth is much more fun when you can't move the camera to peek around corners while staying hidden.
  2. Brigand: Oaxaca

    Brigand: Oaxaca is a challenging FPS/RPG set in post-apocalyptic Mexico
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