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  1. That's some option, we can also add 4th number But still thinking about more cleaner way of doing that.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to forum and I don't see any search option? How I can search here? Thanks
  3. Hi guys I want to know what what is good practice to version balance update in a game. We have game version like 1.1.0 and our balance properties are on the server. We want to notify user that balance changed, but we want to attach some version to that. So for example we could display info in the game and change the version to 1.1.1 (still in application manager app will have version 1.1.0 because we don't update whole app just change version inside) Or we can add another version of server or balance itself, or maybe show date. What is a good way to keep game version and display balance updates? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Firebase is great for recording events, but do someone know how you can display it for specific user in chronological order to see step by step his interaction with a game? Can this be done with BigQuery maybe? Thanks!
  5. Thank you Kylotan! That helps.
  6. Hi guys, Thank you for so fast answer. Yes by cloud I mean a server where we store data in db. I want to store those properties on server, and in the game they are downloaded and stored in the memory. Basically everything would be taken from server and stored in memory, just assets of the game like graphics etc. will be stored normally in the app. Sound ok? Also I was thinking about be able to add new content for the game lets say a new weapon via in game downloads. I want to do unnecessary game updates as user likes everything automatically. So maybe there is a way that I can just store assets and properties of new weapon in db and it gonna be downloaded to the game. Is this a good way to do it? Of course not everything you will be able to do like that, just some parts.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering is it a good idea, to keep gameplay data in a cloud. In MMO games you have a lot of different for example weapons. And balancing the game is crucial. Which means for example balancing unit properties, weapon properties like speed, health, damage etc. What is the best way to keep those properties? static in an app or in a cloud? In cloud you can change things in realtime. So if something is overpowered you can nerf it down without doing any app updates etc. How you would guys do it?
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