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  1. Linuxes would probably use the xcb or wayland to talk to the window system, may depend on the flavour and desktop one uses. These are all C apis that come with a lot of doumentation. Imo, we can encourage newcomers not to learn the the good old opengl way. A little linear algebra and shaders are a path we all must go if we're into this, and looking into the future even opengl may be at stake in favour of apis even weirder (but industry friendly) :-) Or a game engine ...
  2. Green_Baron

    Github and Viruses

    *pullsheadoutofsand* I would assume that it is at least improbable. That Github performs checks to avoid being obviously contagious because a bad reputation might drive people off. But i doubt one can categorically exclude it. Can malware be transported and activated through textfiles or images ? I only know rumors, no idea ... *sticksheadbackintosand* :-)
  3. Green_Baron

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    You're right, i was very superficial. Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, glm has project and unproject functions for these cases. The glm functions claim to be compatible to the old glut functions ...
  4. Green_Baron

    New Here

    Welcome ! Tips always, but my shares stay in the depot ๐Ÿ‘น Just kidding, i don't hold any shares
  5. Green_Baron

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    Never heard of a viewport matrix. Anybody else maybe ? The model matrix converts from local to world space. The view matrix converts from world to view space. The projection matrix from view to clip space. Transformation from clipspace to screen coords is done by setting the viewport which is a rectangle, not a matrix. The viewport is set automagically by the windowing api to the size of the window in window mode. Else or if you want a different area you can set the viewport to different sizes with glViewport() and you can query the size with glGetIntegerv( GL_V... ).
  6. Green_Baron

    OpenGL ViewPort Matrix

    I am also confused. Some of the functions are OpenGL 1 or 2, it seems, in which case i can't help anyway. OpenGL knows a viewport (a rectangle in screen pixels) via glViewport( x,y,sizex,sizey ) or you can glGetIntegerv() with the parameter GL_VIEWPORT the current viewport. Aside from that, it has a view matrix to transform vertices from world to view space. Both concepts, the view matrix and the viewport, are very distinct from each other. The view matrix is not retrieved with a call to opengl, but set by the programmer, e.g. with a lookat-matrix, for example glm::lookat( from, direction, up ) or any other linear algebra home brew. Maybe it would help if we knew what @Cacks wants to achieve ? Is it about resizing the window ? This is usually done with a callback function from the windowing api, the callback delivers the new size on change. The viewport must then be set to the new values (and framebuffers resized in modern versions) but the view matrix usually stays untouched in these cases as camera position and direction don't change. But maybe i simply haven't understood ... it so happens far too often ... ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Cool, that was interesting to me as well.
  8. How about using a stencil to mask out the upper half ?
  9. Green_Baron

    Old CRT Radar scope emulation

    One could calculate or estimate the gradient of the phosphorus fluorescence/luminescence from white over several intermediate steps, convert to rgb values and store them in a ramp texture. Or get the curve empirically if circumstances permit. The lookup in the texture would be time dependent, over one revolution of the sweep, maybe a little less or more. There are papers on all kinds of -escences. The spectroscopy guys seem to be interested in such stuff, apart from oscilloscopy and such.
  10. Green_Baron

    Old CRT Radar scope emulation

    On the danger of being dismissed again, i suggest searching "color grading" and "crt shading".
  11. Green_Baron

    Object rotation problem.

    k ... i have no idea how that works ... could you explain further ?
  12. Green_Baron

    Object rotation problem.

    That was the relatively relevant part ...
  13. Green_Baron

    Old CRT Radar scope emulation

    How about blending out the alpha channel over the course of one sweep of the bleep ?
  14. Green_Baron

    Object rotation problem.

    Rendering relative to eye eliminates translation. If i am not mistaken, that's why your planet always rotates around the camera, regardless of where you translate it before rotation. Translation information is gone with building the mvp matrix relative to eye and only vertex positions remain, besides the information in the upper left 3*3 part of the mvp matrix. If you find a solution (for example, objects oriented with their rotation axis towards the camera will rotate correctly around that axis), let me know. If i understood things right, then rendering rte is not meant for distant objects, but to keep very close (decimeters, m or cm close to the camera on an overall scale of millions of meters) things from jittering around, the contrary to distant objects so to say. Maybe drop rendering rte for scenes where things rotate, squash, jump, and flip ... Valid until correction, of course ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Green_Baron

    Old CRT Radar scope emulation

    The bleeps, the sweeps and the creeps ๐Ÿ™‚ Found quite a few suggestions with a search spell of how to accomplish this, old discussions in here, on stack exchange, on the Khronos forum, even papers (though somewhat historic). Shouldn't be too hard to find a fitful solution ...
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