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  1. I assumed the OP is just swapping from one character to the next, not rendering multiple camera views at once, maybe I misunderstood the post. If the OP is wanting more than one camera view to render out then some form of optimization might be required depending on the target specs, and what is being outputted. There will be no performance issue if you're just changing cameras from one area to another but maintaining a single 'active' camera view. Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. It's not hard to do by any means. You would just swap the target mesh which responds to your controls, and swap cameras. Then load in the skill bar, inventory, ect... for the relevant character. The Neverwinter games do this, among others. There shouldn't be any issue with performance from doing so.
  3. Rutin

    My Graphics Bin

    I'll occasionally share my "unpolished" and "polished" 2D and 3D art in this album.
  4. Rutin

    Props for my upcoming game

    Looks good! Great job!
  5. I didn't have too much time today, but I managed to sculpt out some fixes to the upper and lower parts of the arms yesterday. I'm not going to make anything look "perfect" or put a lot of time in correctness considering the camera view will be a Diablo style view, and you wont really notice it. I also finished the Helm, Chainmail Chest Armor, Sword, Shield, and even added on some cloth. There will be two goblin skins as well. NOTE: Some color reflections are due to the HDRi map on reflective materials. I was going to make custom eyes, but I'm just going to keep them black as the camera view wouldn't make that much of a difference in putting details into them. Creating assets without a base mesh can be a big pain in the butt... The Goblin itself could still use a lot of work, but my entire approach to these challenges is to create the models from scratch without pre-existing bases as I would normally do in other work. I still need to make a chest, key, health pots, gold coins, GUI, environment textures, and the basic rooms. My next update will have a room concept with a fully textured room, and propped goblins. I still need to Rig and animate these meshes, and I'll do that after my next update. Thanks for reading!
  6. Rutin

    My Natural disasters Sound Effects !!!

    No problem! You're very talented.
  7. Rutin

    My Natural disasters Sound Effects !!!

    Very nice! The legend is still producing superb work!
  8. Rutin

    GameDev - Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Part 1

    Thank you @jbadams. I'll be posting another blog post either tonight or tomorrow with some additional images.
  9. Rutin

    GameDev - Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Part 1

    Thanks! I'll be finishing up the armor and weapons tomorrow. I should have a demo level concept within a few days.
  10. Well, I'm late as always to the show, but I sat down today for a few hours and created my concept for the entry along with the base mesh. For this challenge my intent is to have the player play as a goblin looking creature with the object of escaping the goblin den. There will be other goblins that the player will fight, and I'm planning on using a Diablo style for this entry. The basic level layouts will be rooms connected by hallways, and these will be random per 'level'. Levels will happen once you beat the boss for each floor and you will be presented with a door to enter to go to the next stage. There will also be rooms with chests that have higher loot values, but cannot be opened until you kill the key holder in that room. All goblins will drop loot as well, and potions to heal. At the start of each spawn point there will be a shopkeeper to gamble gold for new items, and to buy potions. The player will level up with EXP, and can apply to STR, DEX, and HP. STR allows you to do more DMG plus meets equipment requirements. DEX allows you to hit more accurately, and also impacts equipment requirements. HP will just increase the player's health pool. Equips in the game will consists of helms with a variable of abilities, chest armor, shields, and swords that can do elemental damage, and cause poison damage on top of physical damage. I only had a few hours to make the base mesh for all the spawns, and the player. I started with primitive shapes to help sculpt my forms then added in more detail as I went. I still need to fix up some things, but for the most part it will be okay as the camera isn't close enough for extreme levels of detail. Low Poly: High Poly: Test bake, and quick paint job: NOTE: I haven't added in eyes or eye lids yet. Game Concept camera positions: I will need to fix up a few issues with the model, add in the eye lids, and eyes, then detail in the skin, and make a generic paint job for the base. Then I'll create variations using texturing for all the enemies, and bosses. In my next update I will show case the armor equipment, shields, swords, and helms along side the completed goblin mesh. 'This blog entry is for the Challenge'
  11. Rutin

    Bug Fixes 1

    Keep up the great work!
  12. Unless someone has reference to Unity stating otherwise, I'm also under the impression that the current ToS overrides any prior ones regardless if you're using a version two months back with an older ToS. I recall mentioning it on their forums before and nobody corrected me on it. I believe Unreal is version specific from what I reviewed, and you're only bound to the ToS for that version, and Unity holds a global ToS regardless if you're on 2018.1 or 2018.3 ect... Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Just don't worry about it, go and make your game and roll with the punches. You're going to learn very quickly that people look to complain about everything and anything. Yes, there are "trolls" that will pick apart your media all in the name of "social justice", and the sooner you realize you have zero control the better you'll be. The worst thing you can do as a game developer is to attempt to please everyone because what will happen is you'll tangle up every aspect of your game and nobody will be happy. Make the game you've envisioned, and once you've released it pay attention to your target customers legitimate feedback. I would completely ignore any complaints that are clearly there to cause controversy.
  14. I'm not gonna lie, I rolled my eyes a bit here... You're way too concerned about offending people. If that's the case then I would suggest you stay away from creative media. You do realize fighting games have half naked females and little to no clothing, over sized men with massive muscles, people of all races and genders, and nobody who plays fighting games cares... This is your game, take charge for once and stop worrying about every little thing. If you try to please everyone you'll ultimately fail. Learn your target audience and who plays fighting games and you'll find that you're overthinking your entire design process.
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