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  1. Your first error: error C2065: 'mClock': undeclared identifier is because you have: mClock = new Clock; This is not how you declare a new class object because mClock has nothing associated with it. Before using any pointers you should have an understanding about new and delete, as well as dynamic memory allocation. You can also look into shared_ptr. The rest of your errors are self explanatory from the description provided in your compiler log.
  2. Solo Dev Game Challenge

    I'll be around waiting!
  3. Need Coders Existing System

    I'm extremely confused on what the issue is? I provided constructive feedback regarding your post, and you're now claiming that I some how "scolded" you. I have no affiliation with the owner/s of GameDev.net GameDev.net has been around since 1999 if I recall, and has a very good image. This is a public forum, why would I private message anyone regarding constructive feedback? Others can also gain from my feedback if they so choose, or completely disregard it. Of course these are suggestions, and you're free to do what you want with the feedback provided. This is a public forum, it's full of opinions. No, I'm not the owner. I'm very confused on where I "blasted" anyone. As someone that has been programming and developing for 18 years, I've managed businesses as well as my own companies. My feedback was based on what I had seen from your initial post which lacked any details about the project in question, so I provided feedback suggesting you add more details. I also stated that it might be hard to find someone to fill your volunteer role on a full-time basis because the language requirements you're asking for would be targeting people already established, not beginners looking to build a resume. I will refrain from responding to any of your future topics, and replies to this thread. It's unfortunate that you've taken constructive feedback so defensively, but that's your prerogative.
  4. What happened to your other thread I was helping you on? https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/696518-game-loop-and-game-physics Your thread seems to have been removed or hidden? When you're getting these warnings and errors you need to work from the top down. I wont go over the warnings, but your first error is telling you that: error C2731: 'WinMain': function cannot be overloaded You problem looks like you're using WinMain and trying to have LPWSTR which means 'long pointer to wide string'. If you look up WinMain it doesn't accept this type. WinMain takes a char* for lpCmdLine, you'll need to use wWinMain which takes wchar_t* as LPWSTR (typedef wchar_t* LPWSTR, *PWSTR;) Based on what I've seen in your other thread and this one, I would strongly suggest picking up a good C++ book before moving forward in Game Programming. You're going to be running into problem after problem if you don't have a solid foundation. C++ Primer Accelerated C++ Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ I wish you the best in your learning.
  5. Interesting stuff @desiado ! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Solo Dev Game Challenge

    Thank you! Very cool. When can we expect a demo. Any plans for some future blog posts from you? I would love to try the game out when it's ready.
  7. I like the climbing animation. Nice job.
  8. Solo Dev Game Challenge

    Thank you. I'm hoping to polish it up at the end so I can do a steam release as well. I should have the initial post ready soon. How is your game coming along?
  9. Demo is out !!! leave some criticism.

    Great! Looking forward to your next update.
  10. Need Coders Existing System

    Thanks for updating your post with more info. I would suggest condensing it all on your first post though. Hopefully potential applicants will now have a better idea of what they're getting involved in.
  11. Solo Dev Game Challenge

    I've been considering creating a game from start to finish entirely solo, and posting all the progress on the blog here as I work my way through. I really enjoyed working on the GameDev.Net Challenge and thought I could really push myself to make my own title within a certain period of time. I will still be doing the GameDev.Net Challenges as they popup as I really enjoy the idea of time challenges. Most of my programming experience has been at a lower level (engines, toolkits, world builders, ect...) and I really would like to push myself to work on some of my own ideas in terms of full games. I intend on doing all of the programming, graphics, and audio myself for this challenge, and will post all the progress on a regular basis as I develop! On the programming side I will use C++ and SFML. For graphics I will be using a combination of 2D and 3D applications (Photoshop, Blender, ect...). The sound and music will be created using FL Studio and assorted VSTs. I will have to pull out my midi controllers and blow some dust off those nobs and keys! The game itself will be a Collectible Card Game. I was working on one prior and have always wanted to go out and make my own. I have already come up with the concept, basic story, and how the cards will work together, but as the game grows changes will be made as I'm developing this organically. In my next blog entry I will title it: (Name of Game) Dev Blog ##. I look forward to this challenge, and cannot wait to get started! I should have a blog post ready to go within 5 days as I want to actually post content in each entry. Thanks for reading.
  12. Need Coders Existing System

    You should post more information regarding the project and what the programmer will be doing. Just because I know all of the languages you require doesn't mean I want to work on something that doesn't interest me, especially if it's unpaid work. Do you have a site referencing your brand, engine, or company? You're also asking for a full-time volunteer position for someone that knows C/C++, PHP with SQL, Javascript, ect... This might be fairly difficult to fill based on what information you've provided and what you're are offering (considering your have a unique customer base of 175k). It's usually easier to get volunteers when you're targeting programmers looking for experience, and when there is a common interest in the project that will be developed together. Someone that is working in that many languages is most likely not a beginner.
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