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  1. Rutin

    Best way to optimise 3d models

    This depends on what program you're using. You're essentially taking the normal map from your high poly version and putting onto your low poly model. You will need to bake from your high poly model to create your map. For zBrush:
  2. Rutin

    Week 14: Text Boxes and Artwork

    Looks good. I found the "Tap to read" color to be off when compared to your current color pallet in the room.
  3. Rutin

    Scroll Mem and Text

    Nice job on the platforms and rotations.
  4. Rutin

    Best way to optimise 3d models

    There are a lot of ways to optimize 3D models for games, and this applies to any 3D software. I currently use Blender, these practices are very universal. Normally the approach I take is to manually retopologize the models into a lower poly version, then I would bake my high poly model onto my low poly model to retain the quality without having all of the polys. When you're getting into retopologizing, you'll find that there are many methods to do this and techniques. Some people will use free hand tools that allow you to draw edges to form faces above your high poly model and create the new topology on the surface, while others will create vertices, extrude out edges, ect... on the surface and make clean quads. Keep in mind how your topology is set up because of animation. There are best practices for things like faces, ect... Some software packages have auto tools that do this for you, and I frankly will only use this on stuff that I don't have to animate, or it's an object that I can get away regardless of how the topology is setup. When you do it manually you have more control. YouTube will have a lot of videos for 3DS Max, so check them out: No matter what tool or method you use, your main objective is to lower your poly count to (x) range, and retain good topology to assist with better animation and UV unwrapping.
  5. Rutin

    Learning How to be Better

    There is nothing wrong with making flashy projects for your portfolio, but when you're applying for a programming job the person reviewing your resume and portfolio should be reviewing you for your code, not visuals because it's not important as a programmer; you're not applying as an artist. EDIT: I should also add, you're not a "game designer" either, so keep that in mind. What is important is your ability to code.
  6. Rutin

    Learning How to be Better

    In my 18+ years I don't recall taking many notes. I'm more about "doing", not reading and writing notes. I like to create projects as soon as I learn a new concept. In all the fields I'm involved I rarely write notes, but I retain information like a sponge though... Depending on how you learn, I would suggest that you find something you're passionate about and use that as a way to justify creating projects. For example, if I'm very interested in space, I would tie in my learning by creating space based programs and games, I wouldn't spend that time making boring bookkeeping examples like you see in many of the older programming books, ect... Unless you're into that sort of thing. If you're struggling to create content you have two options. Find a game or program you really like, and make a clone of it. Your other option would be to check out the hobbyist section on GameDev and join a project. When you're creating a portfolio as a "programmer" it's not meant to be a visual showcase. Your object is to show how you code, put projects together, and solve problems. Showing that you made a fire ball shoot out of a hand visually means nothing, but showing the code behind it does.
  7. Rutin

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Very cool! I like how you used the faces to show health. Looking forward to your next update.
  8. Sure, I'll beta test if you are looking for people.
  9. Do you have an estimated release date for purchase yet?
  10. Looks like everything is coming together very nicely. Great job!
  11. Nice job on the re-write. Sometimes porting over can be a pain in the butt, but great job pushing through!
  12. Rutin

    Tower Defence - Post Mortem

    Congrats on making it to the end. You really stepped it up by making such a quality game in a short period of time.
  13. Rutin

    Learning How to be Better

    When I was learning to code I just learned the concepts from books or other people and then went on my own to create a bunch of programs using my own ideas. I spent most of my time understanding what (x) does, then making many programs using (x), and adding more as I learned. It was the long hours coding that helped me retain everything, and again most importantly understanding the inner workings of why the code works, not just that it works. This will allow you to code more freely without needing to copy other people's code in future. The fact is we all learn differently, and what works for one person may or may not work for another. If you need to take notes then do it because there is no reason to cut yourself short during your learning phase. We have to consider that some people learn faster than others. I've worked with people that never seen to catch on, and other people who just need to see it once and they're good to go. Keep in mind as programmers we never stop learning, there is always something new, and ways to improve our current way in doing things. I've had to learn new concepts in other fields recently, and the only way I'm able to catch on quickly is to understand why something works, not just that it does. I'm very hands on, and if I understand the 'why', and put in the time utilizing what I learned it will absorb very fast for me. If you learn by creating content, then do it. If you learn by making notes then creating content, then do it. All the matters is that you're understanding what is going on, and that you're able to retain it.
  14. Rutin

    C# for beginners

    Pick up a good C# book like C# 7.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference. You can also check out Microsoft directly for resources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/quick-starts/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/programming-guide/ Then you can pick up an Engine like Unity, very popular for new programmers and C# developers. https://unity3d.com/ or you can look into MonoGame: http://www.monogame.net/ Besides all of this, you just need a lot of time and hands on practice. If you have more questions regarding code then post back.
  15. This will be the issue right here. You cannot have people load mp3s for copyrighted content and store them on your server, or pass files from one user to another or you will be held accountable due to creating a platform that allows pirating (intentionally or not). The other issue is if other people can broadcast copyrighted music on your platform you will also be held accountable unless you have been granted rights by the IP owners to stream the content. If you simply make a game offline and people can load their own music into the game (Grand Theft Audio) which they own and not online, it wouldn't be an issue. The issue occurs because you're allowing sharing of such content, and essentially allowing the streaming of the music without paying for rights to do so It is simply not worth the risk, and if your game becomes very popular and makes a ton of money, you'll end up losing everything when all the wolves come to the door. You need to get an approved music catalog if you wish to move forward with this idea, but see a lawyer if you're still wanting to go forward.
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