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  1. Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    Very nice job. I would give one suggestion with your game. You have two towers out of the four which play a similar role: The Archer – The Archer slows the advance of the bovine army with a flurry of precision arrows. While not inflicting an enormous amount of damage the Archer gives the cows pause and prevents them from advancing en masse. Freezer – The Freezer Tower stems the tide of forward-marching cows, slowing their advancement thus providing the Vikings with time to re-group and form a proactive strategic response to attack. Why not keep the Freezer the way it is, and make the Archer deal damage over time (Bleeding)? With only 4 towers showing on your game page, it would be nice to have each tower doing something completely different. Your Freezer would slow down mobs, while the Archer deals Damage over Time - Great combo! Just some feed back!
  2. City builder kit

    Are you looking for a visual asset kit? Or an actual coded template for the game itself? - If you're looking for source code you can always search open source projects online. Most of these kits I know are all paid, and I have never seen a modern free version. I can help more if you have a 'programming' related question to create your own game like those other city builders.
  3. City builder kit

    Can you please let us know what exactly you're looking for? There are 2D games that are "City Builders" like Sim City, and 3D games that do exactly the same thing. Are you looking for a tool that generates random/custom 3D Cities? You should provide more details indicating what you're trying to accomplish to get a better response.
  4. Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    Awesome! Cannot wait.
  5. Just getting started

    The best advice I can give to anyone looking to start as a game programmer is to learn general programming first. Your ability to understand the language and problem solve will make your life much easier once you dive into game programming. I usually reference the below for people wanting to get started with C++ as an example. C++ Primer is a great book to get started. (Avoid C++ Primer Plus - it's not from the same series) You will pretty much need the following to get started: (Took this list online from SFML - It's a good reference) Compiling, building Basic program structure (main(), header includes ...) Basic data types Composite data types Control structures (if, for, while ...) Basic functions, function signatures Function parameter passing Classes and general OOP STL - Standard Template Library Dynamic memory allocation, pointers Type casting Advanced OOP, inheritance, polymorphism Advanced program structure, header files, linking Debugging techniques This is important to be able to help yourself when the situation arises. Templates Operator overloading Namespaces Move semantics and other C++11 features Metaprogramming Then you would want to move into learning UE4 specifically. I strongly do not recommend moving into game programming until you have a good grasp of the above in C++. I cannot comment on Unity because I have never used it, and the last time I touched C# was with XNA, but the same applies, learn the language first. Once you start game programming you will be spending a lot of time learning the tricks of the trade, and your ability to code will play a large role in grasping the concepts. It's extremely important to understand why something works in code, this will make you a better programmer overall as opposed to the copy and paste route from books.
  6. Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    Freezing technology is never a bad choice. Most tower defence games have some form of mobility restriction. When will you have some sneak peak video footage ready!?
  7. Leaderboards Without a server?

    Can you please let me know what options you've tried from the above posts? Did you get a chance to look at for the Client -> Web Server -> Database and back? Are you going to host the web server on your own computer, or use a 3rd party? There are only two sources here you need to worry about: 1. Client (Running on the users machine) 2. Web Server (This hosts all your PHP scripts to verify, and other scripts as you need, plus the Database) I would strongly suggest you try out the suggestion I posted prior, or consider what swiftcoder posted. If you're using your own computer use WAMP (If on Windows) to install all the tools you need, setup your Database, and program your scripts to work with the client, and database. If you're running into problems we can help a bit more, but I really cannot add anymore nor can anyone else because you have two options in your scenario. Host the web server yourself, or pay for cheap hosting that can access your script file, and host your database. At most this would take someone 30 minutes to setup if you know how to do all the scripting, and database creation. The more technical part would be with how your client talks to the web server, and what option you use to accomplish this task, such as
  8. Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    Very amazing work. I really like the art style! Great job!
  9. Simulation Game

    Yes, stay away from XNA and use something more up to date like Unity or Unreal. I believe XNA retired back in 2014 if I'm correct. I used it a lot back then, but haven't touched it since. You can check out MonoGame - it is a re-implementation of the XNA. "MonoGame is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Our goal is to allow XNA developers on Xbox 360, Windows & Windows Phone to port their games to the iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8/10.As well as PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and PlayStation 4."
  10. Leaderboards Without a server?

    I'm not sure if you're understanding the options. 1. Host the web server on your own computer using wamp which installs Apache, PHP, mySQL to run on Windows. Then program your client to talk to the web server by passing data to your PHP scripts that pulls data off the database and sends back the information to the client in a read only format. For leader-board sorting, you can sort data with PHP once pulled from the database and read it in any order you need, or send all leader-board data and sort it through the client. (If you're going to go through all this just make the server itself for the game on your computer, no point in doing web only - then once you have enough funds you can move the database and server to a dedicated host very easily!) 2. Pay for cheap shared-hosting like dreamhost, which has PHP and mySQL. Host your scripts on the web host, and access your database through them. You can use curl from what I remember to send and receive information as needed.
  11. Leaderboards Without a server?

    I wasn't sure who your post was directed to "This is a terrible idea, and I don't recommend it..." haha still trying to keep my eyes open from a long day! As the idea of not using a server and going down the route of passing data back and forth through the web with PHP scripts can be slower, it's not necessarily less safe to the degree you would have to worry about bad information, and rouge database access if setup correctly. I don't like the idea for the fact you need to be able to maintain so many database connections at once, and the performance might not be there with a high amount of user access. We seem to be on the same page, and I most likely read your response wrong. It's just very important people never do client to database connections.
  12. Leaderboards Without a server?

    It's for sure not something people should make a habit of doing. However, the user needs another solution because the server route is currently not an option right now. I'm always curious to read other people's opinions and thoughts. What risk are you seeing from sending just a username and password (which hundreds of thousands of online services do) with a high score to a verification script that's hosted on a PHP server (as an example)? A lot of web applications work this way in general. I fail to see any risk unless you have direct client to database access, which is being cut off completely. The only issue you might run into is a slow down if too many calls are being made because of the amount of database connections. It's much different than loading initial detail from a database into a sever, holding all the data and doing a service maintenance that updates the database once a week.
  13. Leaderboards Without a server?

    You would never have a client directly make any SQL quires in this case. This is no different than having an online website that requests database information, you always pass it to another source that verifies what data is being requested, makes the pull securely once filtered (if it wasn't secure nobody would use databases online), pull the data - then confirm again it is indeed safe to share, close the connection, post the data online, and have the client pull from that read-only source . The client itself is only forwarding information it wants to a 3rd party requester, and waiting for the information to come back. In this scenario the client holds no database connection information, or ability to index any data in the database. The sole purpose is to say "Send Username and Password from the client with request to update that users high-score - then wait for a response if successful" or "pull public leader-board information and post it in game". I personally avoid this and use servers directly, but it's been awhile and I might be wrong but libcurl comes to mind and I would recommend starting there.
  14. Leaderboards Without a server?

    Would getting a very cheap shared hosting plan to have a database work? This is all you really need... Just update the database with scores, and pull from the database to display in game for your leaderboard scores. You do not need a full server that runs 24/7 with the numbers stored waiting for client requests for data to do this. You can also host all the user logins on the database so you're updating registered users only.
  15. Need some advice about game for mobile

    Depending on your technical knowledge you can always work on the graphics and use non-code based programs to make your game. Not commenting on online however, but check out Gamemaker - Get into single player games before working on multiplayer games. I've been doing this for over 15 years and believe me, I'm still learning new things as new tools, platforms , and hardware come out.