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  1. A level-select where you can retry levels you ve already beaten to get a better score ?
  2. Dramolion

    Scripting Designing interesting Quests

    You have listed "collect" "kill" and i suppose "talk", which seems to be the kind of mechanics you 're aiming for. To make the quests more interesting you wil need to change the smaller details of the quests themselves; the kill-quests can be repeated many many times for different(not necessarily stronger) enemies, an enemy could have have ranged attacks or only melee attacks, he may have stun/poison effects, maybe he even runs away and heals himself, or maybe the player has to assasinate the mayor of a town which is quite easy, but then all the townspeople try to kill you and you still gotta get to the safe-point. Carry-missions are more an excuse to send the player one way or another, unless there are specific skills involved that the player needs to manage(for example carrying-capacity, maybe he needs either forging or trading to acquire an object or else he needs to steal it etc.) Talk-missions are mostly in games to explain mechanics(tutorial) and present story(aka present the other quests) if you WANT to make them more interesting multiple choices are key, though i would only do that for side-quests(because they 're optional and you made the player choose). (They can still be made more interesting with skills as well)
  3. Dramolion

    Problems of designing a story driven game

    Well, you re not making a Total War game, but, it's not uncommon for a game to let the player choose which level to play first, or, in RPG's, which (side)quest to resolve first. This is terrible; it doesn't solve the problem at hand, and you 're going to have to make VERY entertaining levels if the players is going to be forced to keep practicing them. Instead, why not just let the player make a new character whenever he loses, call it a clone or a recruit or volunteer or whatever, and actually use the character-creation-screen more then once per playthrough ? (aka change the story to explain mechanics, instead of changing mechanics to match the story)
  4. Dramolion

    Uniform building sizes in city-builder?

    If placement of the buildings is one of the "challenges" the player is supposed to be entertained with you should definately have differing sizes for different buildings. If the game-play is more focused around building defenses around your city then some uniformity in the houses etc. (economic buildings) will be more appreciated by the player, however even then i doubt you should make ALLthose buildings uniform. I'm not sure what you meant by "fluid" btw, but here i 'm gonna take as if the same type of building can have different sizes; most buildings shouldn't be fluid, though some of the more standard buildings maybe should(for example have different sizes of houses to fit-in in gaps that the player has build factories and roads around) Fluid farms are more realistic, but also bigger annoyance both design-wise and gameplay-wise, since they re often bigger and harder to defend, so i would just go without them. Ps; you can have dirt road/stone road and have most (smaller) buildings only require dirt-road, so they're easier to fit-in and it looks more natural at the same time.
  5. Dramolion

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    Your main draw is dependent on -already- having a large userbase, so you need something else(like a large advertising budget) Also, you did the premmy thing incorrect, you gotta make players pay premium for the endgame, and give them freemium when starting the gameworld(what you call server) up, not vice versa. Lastly designing different era's means you gotta create them all as well, and your eras seem like different games in a game, five-folding a lot of the work that goes into the game. Anyway, if you realy are going to make a game where players can buy mod-powers i will definately come try it out.(how long it takes me to get banned.)
  6. Generally, a boss takes longer too beat, and, and adding some HP to a monster isn't hard design-wise. I recommend to figure out the "environmental"-spells you want to implement, and think about HOW long they should last; not all should last indefinately.
  7. Dramolion

    The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    So then it is not a RT-strategy game but a puzzle/strategy combination. The puzzle-part is this - one-time (bottleneck) - when players figure out how much resources they need to save before trying to overwhelm their opponent. Instead of rebalancing the game mid-play i would make a proper balance from start(for example +10 resources per time) that gets outperformed(after a while) by balance from gameplay(for example +1 resource per territory per time), but this all depends on what kind of game you're making.
  8. Dramolion

    The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    I've only seen early ways of winning in turn-based empire-builders, where the a colony(/city/province) has extensive defensive bonuses when developed and can easily maintain(though not produce) plenty of defenders, in RTS defenses are non-moving units who generally are NOT stronger than moving units, their advantage is solely that they do not require upkeep.
  9. Dramolion

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    Printing money increases the supply of money and thus decreases the value per coin, a decrease in the value of the coin is called inflation. Yup, private banks can't lend out(=print) money infinitely, else you get both inflation WITHOUT the (government-owned) central bank/federal reserve printing money and additionally problems like with Icesave not being able to pay debts. Yes, they set the price for the product they 're delivering, fyi, they're a fovernment-agency, they do everything with policy, this doesn't mean they're not trying to make more money, but, in your defense, their policy is generally set by others higher-up, and i suspect they've given a simple allow-up-to-x% inflation, instead of a make sure no inflation/cause deflation.
  10. Dramolion

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    Wrong, they PRINT more money to have more money, they do it with policy to not CAUSE too much inflation. Most if not all cryptocurrencies have a limited supply. Tax was someone's scheme to produce military and thus tax more areas. People accepted taxation and have ever since been trying to make taxation work more for the common good. Also, miners and transaction-fees are differnet things then taxation, miners mean inflation, though the max. amounts of coins for a given CC has already been pre-defined. (oh, and you HAVE to pay REAL taxes over CC's, anything that has value is taxable.) @Lightness1024: there is no advantage to having only one currency, as a user you just gotta remember you don't have to use them all, you just use whatever currency suits your needs best(aka you can pay with it in a local store)
  11. Dramolion

    Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    Did you even write the text behind the linky ?? Anyway, sounds like the typical "oh this sounds so cool even though i have no idea how to implement it." (nor why players actually playing the game would think it 's fun)
  12. Different sites have different moderation-policies, pick the one you like most.
  13. A bit drunk right now, but two points: 1)Yes, Kavik's posting style seems to indicate he learned forum-etiquette on 4Chan, just like me, except he didn't realize different forums have differerent etiquettes and thus he pretty much played the troll. 2) I think that design, in general(tnot exclusively games) are very much helped by meaningfull input from multiple (caring)persons, not just "the designer", and hence, it is very important to have an equal reward-system between valuable (~artistic/creative-input-) people. It is also very important there is at least one (caring)person with a vision over the whole process, this person should understand the investors(if people are investing their own time then this person should recognize that) and what they expect/hope for as a result of the process(of designing/creating the game) and understand the process itself plus the, umm, desired result(be it money or just an awesome game to play) In the end, this thread is about specialists vs full-visionaries, while none could do their work without the other, while forgetting that the designer is nothing more but the right person to put the bigger pieces together, while those bigger pieces are made up of smaller pieces, that are bundled by a co-designer from smaller pieces, In smaller, independent, teams often roles of designer and manager are combined, a designer designs the final game, the manager motivates others to do their work, these are both leader-roles. the bigger a team gets, the more specialists are in the team, and this also goes for leading the team, be it design-wise or otherwise, the person talking to the investors could also be a leader in a team, while for profit-driven projects somebody who knows the market might be of greater value then somebody who knows how to combine game-mechanics, and should also get the or a lead-role. (I dunno if i answered any questions or just added more, but i 'll make a sober post later if needed.)
  14. It's not clear whether you're asking for an upgrade-system, advice on whether to implement an upgrade-sytem or actually talking about a reward system, anyway: There are roughly three categories of rewards to be found in the levels of a game: 1) Upgrades, weapons etc. (What these would be depends on your game) 2) Health, mana, refill, save-points, generally also ammo goes here. 3) Score, meaningless in-game, yet can be made interesting with collectibles etc.
  15. Dramolion

    Player interaction in a MUD

    One game i play allows players to use up their actions-points as fast as they like, but for combat they can issue 1 attack per second while each attack also means the other party shoots back.
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