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  1. Accuracy mechanic in an MMO game

    4) Make accuracy a critical hit chance for +100% damage, it makes more sense to the player, it also prevents freak randomness where the player misses eight times in a row and dies to enemy fire.
  2. Hmm, how about giving one of the players, the home-team, the capability to get actively involved ? It would ask for some rebalancing, maybe make players challenge each other and have the defending player play "home."
  3. Conquer the territory...

    Anything ?? the world is big, so. most games use military but if you have another theme go with your theme. Assuming your game is RT: increased speed-button.
  4. I hope to see my game alive

    @sacromania Yeah, i think that games that have a good graphics-budget generally also have a good marketing-budget and then you only need to steal ideas from other games(it's free!). And like you said, you DO notice the graphics the FIRST time you play, and that's important to get you hooked to the game. ps i don't think i 've seen any gameplay-idea in your post that i haven't seen implemented in some game or the other. I make all my digital art in MS paint
  5. Our gaming community wants a new game

    err, i don't seem to be able to install line(got some shitty hardware here) But, i looked over your forums and i kinda have an idea what's going on; the developers became greedy to the point of being scammy and pissed more and more players off, however the game also focuses around events, that need to be set-up(costly) and seem a main-way of attracting players. What i recommend is that you look for a game that's already out there and move your clan(?) there, it will not only be less costly in money, but also in time, and you got a guarantee there 's a working version. Specifically, if you want to have something to say about the game it needs to be a game that still gets updates, plus, you gotta know what the goal(s) of the developer is. (often money, but it's important to note whether the developer is actually reaching his goal(break even/profit) or not, if not the game will generally get overhauls that pisses off some players) hope this helps.
  6. Our gaming community wants a new game

    Invite me to your chat and i 'll take a look at the requests.
  7. A good way to avoid extermination in RTS?

    You mean on the winning side ?? or in a very one-sided battle that isn't balanced?(isn't "fair" we would say irl)
  8. I think you can make a cozy village without bothering the player too much. Off course, i would just make a bare village and concentrate on gameplay-elements first though, and add non-esential things later.
  9. Dynamic world framework

    Anyway, i think i kinda understand what you're trying to make, and, err; Doable, sure, anything is, but it'd be more way more work because you need more content(since the player might miss some) and make that content interact with each other. you also have the restriction that you can't have a too big world being alive the whole time on a single computer. Balancing luck and difficulty is going to be difficult as well. Marketability, well, i suspect there 's plenty of players waiting for a dynamic single player world, but they 're playing other games which, together, fill in this niche enough to keep them satisfied.(and enough broken promises to make them suspicious) Companies looking to use such an engine(?) would probably not be interested until a game using that engine is successfull.
  10. Dynamic world framework

    I think i understand what you mean. Games like the Witcher have (attempted to?) make something like that, dunno how it worked out. There's two problems with your idea: 1) Players don't like too-strong luck-factor, and if the luck factor becomes smaller the game becomes more scripted again. (err, solution, make events random where they happen, diminish luck in the grand scheme of things of which faction is winning) 2)The most dynamic worlds are multiplayer, and your idea seems single player orientated while trying to give the same experience that already exists on multi-player servers.
  11. What's missing from TCGs?

    There are several games out where you build your deck during play from the same pool as your opponent. Dominion introduced the concept and there have been sequels and competitors since then.(these are no longer TRADING card games) Eliminating luck, however, in traditional card-games, has always been the job of the deck-builder, often helped by having access to different-but-functionally-the-same cards, hybrid-cards(multiple functions, sometimes one has to be chosen) and search-cards.
  12. Game Idea

    Hmm, designers watch movies and absorb ideas from them, but, if you're a programmer, after a day of focusinh coding, you probably just want to watch a movie to chill, not to focus on it. And that's good, because you want to be a programmer, not a game designer, if you're just trying to teach yourself to program, i recommend to make a simple game and add mechanics to it from another genre, for example i once played a tetris-game where a character walked over the blocks, iirc you had to keep him alive aka not block him in and crush him under your blocks. granting speedboosts ina shooter, cannons to a race-game or base-building to an RPG are just some things of the top of my head that aren't seen often in games but can(and occasionally are) done.
  13. Extreme Newbie Questions

    Writing out 4 solutions on a card is a lot more space-consuming then adding "x1" "x2" and "x3" to these instructions to make the rewards differ.
  14. Unique Resource Ideas for RTS Game

    1) capture a point to generate income 2) build an economy(invest) to generate income. to keep the game balanced this is often combined with point 1 or point 3 3) protect a trading-unit who travels between two or more points. 4) destroying something, be it an enemy or a some lootable town or monster. 5) exploration; obviously, in any RTS exploration is important, many games give a bonus for exploring somewhere first, some games also give a bonus for continuïng exploration. This is generally not very strategic, but can help balance the game out.(esp. when exploration is dangerous ) 6) time, well, some games give resources over time, however this is more a balance-fix and not realy a (fun) mechanic. These points can be combined to make mechanics(i may have forgotten a few points) Another way of making differences between resources is changing what they can be SPEND on.
  15. Game Concept Critique

    It's got a few simple basic mechanics, which seem okay, maybe add a few attacks. I didnt read much about enemies, and in the end the game's fun should come from the interaction between attacks/dashes and enemies/environment.