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  1. There is no universal formula that all games use, they use a lot of different formulas. The reason those different formulas work is because the playerbase will create a metagame that adapted to any unbalances (and also because formulas are easily tweakable; just changing a number will solve a lot of balance-issues as they arrive.) But a few pointers: players generally don't like a hit/miss system(a hit/crithit system is liked) keep the formula simple if possible(for the players to understand) make sure you add in a variable that is set by the design to have a better control over balance(for example the price of equipment) hope this helps :)
  2. Dramolion

    Lackluster loot system? (long post)

    The normal reason to have loot is equipment/consumables, you've eliminated that, so your game doesn't need loot. Anyway, the asnwer to your question is: Collectibles.
  3. Dramolion

    Lackluster loot system? (long post)

    Why do you want loot in the game if you don't want loot to have a function ??
  4. Dramolion

    Content of dungeons?

    Doors generally have two functions: 1) To stop player from entering where he shouldn't go yet. 2) To present the player with a puzzle or quest where he has to find the key to get whatever is behind the door. Traps can be made more interesting by having them inflict status-ailments.
  5. Dramolion


    Then maybe play Battle Royale, talk to some of the other players and get a general "feel" of the game so you will know what players are comfortable with.
  6. Dramolion

    A crazy idea to improve fair use....

    So you're saying you believe people already had your idea ??
  7. For longer-running games i recommend a new server/gameworld every five years. Regarding your question, i don't know exactlyhow the unlock-system works right now, but just locking items for purchase(and not usage) should fix the problem.
  8. Dramolion

    A crazy idea to improve fair use....

    It might be nice to add this legal stuff to an existing free-to-use engine.
  9. Players prefer a single currency against which all other commodities are measured (maybe unless trade is the core-feature of your game)
  10. In RTS & MOBA, shared vision is already standard. In FPS, where the player has no camera-control, a quickbutton to switch perspective could be feasible. Sharing of skills isn't realy a great concept, since it takes away the individuality of team-members, though maybe some people will like it.
  11. You can have a random monster drop some loot, since the player doesn't know which monster drops loot, he may have to kill them all(or get lucky)
  12. Dramolion

    Ingame Seever/Database relationship

    That's programming, although the answers you get would be dependent on the design of the game.
  13. Dramolion


    An idea is as good as it's execution. What you mentioned sounds like an AAA-title, which requires a huge amount of effort to be put into it's execution, since you don't have a team (nor programming skills) you can't execute so i would say it's a bad idea.
  14. Dramolion

    Healing during travels in RPG?

    Why is there a "cost" to healing ? is skilling towards having a lot of hitpoints so overpowered it needs a debuff ??
  15. A level-select where you can retry levels you ve already beaten to get a better score ?
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