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  1. The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    I've only seen early ways of winning in turn-based empire-builders, where the a colony(/city/province) has extensive defensive bonuses when developed and can easily maintain(though not produce) plenty of defenders, in RTS defenses are non-moving units who generally are NOT stronger than moving units, their advantage is solely that they do not require upkeep.
  2. Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    Printing money increases the supply of money and thus decreases the value per coin, a decrease in the value of the coin is called inflation. Yup, private banks can't lend out(=print) money infinitely, else you get both inflation WITHOUT the (government-owned) central bank/federal reserve printing money and additionally problems like with Icesave not being able to pay debts. Yes, they set the price for the product they 're delivering, fyi, they're a fovernment-agency, they do everything with policy, this doesn't mean they're not trying to make more money, but, in your defense, their policy is generally set by others higher-up, and i suspect they've given a simple allow-up-to-x% inflation, instead of a make sure no inflation/cause deflation.
  3. Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    Wrong, they PRINT more money to have more money, they do it with policy to not CAUSE too much inflation. Most if not all cryptocurrencies have a limited supply. Tax was someone's scheme to produce military and thus tax more areas. People accepted taxation and have ever since been trying to make taxation work more for the common good. Also, miners and transaction-fees are differnet things then taxation, miners mean inflation, though the max. amounts of coins for a given CC has already been pre-defined. (oh, and you HAVE to pay REAL taxes over CC's, anything that has value is taxable.) @Lightness1024: there is no advantage to having only one currency, as a user you just gotta remember you don't have to use them all, you just use whatever currency suits your needs best(aka you can pay with it in a local store)
  4. Lore & Mythology to RPG SIM:

    Did you even write the text behind the linky ?? Anyway, sounds like the typical "oh this sounds so cool even though i have no idea how to implement it." (nor why players actually playing the game would think it 's fun)
  5. Different sites have different moderation-policies, pick the one you like most.
  6. A bit drunk right now, but two points: 1)Yes, Kavik's posting style seems to indicate he learned forum-etiquette on 4Chan, just like me, except he didn't realize different forums have differerent etiquettes and thus he pretty much played the troll. 2) I think that design, in general(tnot exclusively games) are very much helped by meaningfull input from multiple (caring)persons, not just "the designer", and hence, it is very important to have an equal reward-system between valuable (~artistic/creative-input-) people. It is also very important there is at least one (caring)person with a vision over the whole process, this person should understand the investors(if people are investing their own time then this person should recognize that) and what they expect/hope for as a result of the process(of designing/creating the game) and understand the process itself plus the, umm, desired result(be it money or just an awesome game to play) In the end, this thread is about specialists vs full-visionaries, while none could do their work without the other, while forgetting that the designer is nothing more but the right person to put the bigger pieces together, while those bigger pieces are made up of smaller pieces, that are bundled by a co-designer from smaller pieces, In smaller, independent, teams often roles of designer and manager are combined, a designer designs the final game, the manager motivates others to do their work, these are both leader-roles. the bigger a team gets, the more specialists are in the team, and this also goes for leading the team, be it design-wise or otherwise, the person talking to the investors could also be a leader in a team, while for profit-driven projects somebody who knows the market might be of greater value then somebody who knows how to combine game-mechanics, and should also get the or a lead-role. (I dunno if i answered any questions or just added more, but i 'll make a sober post later if needed.)
  7. It's not clear whether you're asking for an upgrade-system, advice on whether to implement an upgrade-sytem or actually talking about a reward system, anyway: There are roughly three categories of rewards to be found in the levels of a game: 1) Upgrades, weapons etc. (What these would be depends on your game) 2) Health, mana, refill, save-points, generally also ammo goes here. 3) Score, meaningless in-game, yet can be made interesting with collectibles etc.
  8. Player interaction in a MUD

    One game i play allows players to use up their actions-points as fast as they like, but for combat they can issue 1 attack per second while each attack also means the other party shoots back.
  9. Roguelike MMORPG - Game Design Discussion

    Some players will always enjoy a solo-play/attempt over a coöperative play, and some players will always feel exactly the opposite way. If you wish to correctly implement solo-play in a game that also allows coöperative play, the biggest mistake(that plenty of games have made, i suspect they regard coöperative play as a better way to retain/attract players) is to either give, or just let coöperative players keep advantages over solo-players. Specifically speaking, you don't need higher maths to figure out that two players will have an advantage over a single player, but you need to put in some maths/playtesting and some minor mechanics that just work better for solo-players.
  10. There are games that use a system like that, but they're rare because it just complicates things design-wise, and you kinda gotta have a reason/idea to implement it. The simpler thing is to just make a tabel per monster for gained XP per level and a tabel for XP required per level. But, what i recommend, is to leave the balancing of experience until after the game is working and the stats have been balanced, and not waste your attention on it now; you might actually want to playtest at increased XP-gain though, so it's good to make your code in such a way you can easily tweak XP-gain
  11. Not realy, All you do is obfuscate the achievements that are unlockable, these achievements still need to be made up, and these achievements will not be available from the start of the game. you are right in the sense that, for a game that already has plenty of content, such a structuring of the content could increase the longevity of the gameplay by a percentage without getting grindy. A good structuring of the content is something that gets forgotten in many games, but in design it comes chronologically just before playtesting. Btw, the more common reason to make content unavailable to new players is to decrease the learning-curve.
  12. [Fantasy TBS] Looking For Feedback On Combat

    I see, i was already wondering what charge meant, so there 's actually 3 attack phases where the attackers in the last phase have extra defense against the attackers in the first phase ? I dunno 'bout that, when i played it i was struggling with to figure out the combat formulas, (50% standard hitchance, 10% in/decrease for every stat-point?) personally i would design combat in such a way that no orders are necessary after the point troops are send to invade a territory.
  13. Designing levels for a 2D puzzle platformer

    Hmm, a fan that produces a airflow capable of pushing balloons left or right. A button that reverses gravity(or aims it sideways) Maybe a cuttable rope or something that can hold boxes and balloons together as one object. Maybe a piece that guides an electricity flow through it to a next piece in it´s vicinity. That´s all i got now.
  14. [Fantasy TBS] Looking For Feedback On Combat

    Your game reminds me of Age of Wonders. Shrugging off damage after battle is quite good, it doesn't affect battle and balances out with the fail/die-chance; this way players don't have to check health on the main-screen. Turn-phases aren't so great, it quickly becomes repetitive picking the same defenders again, and with both a phase for melee and for ranged you it feels like twice as many rounds. I'm also not sure about whether having first strike for ranged adds strategic depth to the game. Maybe make it so that when combat starts, the players alignes his own troops(from left to right) according to who should suck up the melee-attacks first, and align the enemy troops according to who should suck ranged damage up first.
  15. Designing levels for a 2D puzzle platformer

    Doors, keys and switches are all a bit the same thing. further you got buttons, boxes and laser(danger i presume) which give your game's levels about 4 "ingrediënts" Moving platforms don't realy add much to puzzles, it's more something for a platformer. So yes, you don't have enough (diverse) objects to make fun/complex levels. Here 's some things you might add: - mirrors:to change the direction of a laser - balloons that float up - destructible/indestructibe boxes(or use balloons for destructible) - some kind of a balance or tackle where putting weight on one side moves(or drags) the other side
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