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  1. That's why you grab them while they're free and let them learn.
  2. Experience and improvement to their skills. Sometimes learning can be more valubele than money, think about it, the better you are the more you're wanted. It's not always about how much you can earn, but how much you can learn.
  3. I previously owned BJP which at one point reached a total of 11 members, fun times. I recently posted about joining a new Team as leading BJP wasn't something I planned on doing forever. Unfortunately, the teams that were offered weren't sparking any interests and they weren't exactly in need of my help. So, I wish to forge a smaller team consisting of; 1 Programmer [Myself, I'm Intermediate], 2 Modellers [Got modellers], 1-2 Artists, 1 Concept artist. 2 Testers [Got testers] (Could use an extra one seeing as the second tester is also a friend from BJP that was there when I initially created it, he's usually busy) The Team name is up for debate, I prefer a group decision rather than enforcing my decision down without questions. There's no "I", only "We". The Engine will be Unity but eventually I plan on developing my own Engine as I have the knowledge to do so, for now I've gotten very comfortable with the Unity engine over the past year and a few months, I would love to release a game developed in the Unity Engine before moving on to anything else. Side note: I'm 16, age to me does not matter, if you can do it, you're good enough. I live in the United Kingdom. I will be going to college this year for Computer Science to hopefully improve my understanding of programming and the world of code even more. As of right now I'm fully capable of producing a game with my current knowledge. This team is purely a hobby team, if we release a game and it generates any revenue or sales, the financial side will be discussed once the Team is forged. But that is most likely the only pay you will recieve as this is just a hobby. It's preferable if you have a Discord as I'm pretty much active everyday on there. My Discord: BigJiggly#1124 My Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BigJigglyNS/
  4. BigJiggly

    Experienced Programmers for UE4

    Unity uses C# my dude.
  5. BigJiggly

    What am I not understanding about programming?

    You get the hang of it eventually. I was like that at one point, had a good understanding but didn't even know where to start. Now I can be like, "Okay, I want to make a building system", open the script up and I just plow through it like it's nothing. Just practice and eventually you'll feel able to do it on your own.
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