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  1. A 2D digging, adventure puzzle game with some retro feel reminding us of the amazing first digger games such as BoulderDash that we knew when we were younger. That is the type of game me and my partner wanted to create as our very first joint project for our studio “RoKabium Games”. Both being avid gamers we hadn’t seen many games in that genre that focused more on the actual digging being the main element rather than being an action plat former or survival and crafting sandbox with the occasional digging part. So last year we started working and planning for our game “Something Ate My Alien”. We knew early on that for a 2-person team to pull of creating a whole video game we had to have a planning structure for a game that wasn’t too large or complicated. So early ideas of making a full blown 3D, interactive, huge sandbox with multiplayer alternatives was just not gonna be a good starting point. We scaled down the idea of a huge concept and decided to rely more on our existing skill set in the game industry. We decided to focus on a more manageable core of that we ourselves would like to play and what we believed other people would also enjoy to play. A finite game story of about 6-10 hours game play from start to finish, something fun and charming with just the right amount of action/digging/puzzles ratio. We also knew that our game would show quality and engaging graphics being hand painted by myself and it would all be done in a style that would ooze retro, hand painted, uniform and a beautiful game with easy to navigate and clear game mechanics and graphics. We wanted it to be a lighthearted but a addictive little gem suitable for a both younger and a more adult audience. Our game would be exactly how we envisioned it since it would be the labor of our own vision, not working for anybody else. As a digital artist with several years experience in working for game studios and painting game assets, backgrounds, icons, characters etc and being part a team of other game developers, I did have some much needed experience in understanding just how much art is needed for a complete game. Even the smallest game contains more art pieces than you might think. For example, for every animation you do in 2D graphics you have to paint a new image and each animation can have anything from a very basic 5 frames up to 30-40 frames. So for each enemy you draw for example you need to also draw that enemy having an idle position, a walking cycle, a running cycle, an attack cycle, a dying cycle, a jumping cycle etc. So for one single enemy in a game you might have to produce up to around 100 images. Add to that, our game would have at least 10 different enemies for each level and we have designed our game to have a total of 4 levels. Each game level or planet as it is represented in SAMA is built up with a set of ground tiles that has seamless tiling for a smooth and more realistic look. For each tile-set I’m designing 6 variants so the illusion of random and unique ground that looks like it is not repeating. Each world has 4 unique tile types to add variation for the digging mechanics and giving the player more varied game play. On top of normal ground tiles we have variants of 20 unique decals and edges created to blend different types of ground together better and adding even more realism. Inside the ground tiles you can as a player find all kinds of loot. So far I’ve designed 25 unique minerals, 9 different type of gemstones, 8 different kind of gases (each with animation cycles), 28 types of artefacts, 12 different types of complete fossilized animals which consists of 62 separate type of bones to find. There are teleporters, oxygen stations, health hearts, energy boosts, lamps to light up the dark caves, secret doors with puzzle areas to solve to get rare loot or upgrades. There are icons for every item and enemy you can find. All of these visual elements are hand painted by myself and still this is just the bare base of each planet level. When designing the UI for the game we both wanted it very neat and tidy look, using our main colour scheme of blue-green-warm yellow that I first came up with during the conceptual art at the beginning of the project. I also wanted some elements to have somewhat of a computer screen/electronic look with glowing outlines to emphasize that you as the player are the actual AI of the ship and the UI you see is the computer interior. While continuing painting and designing the artwork for SAMA we are getting closer to a first Alpha of the game and we are hoping that with the help of feedback from gamers around us and people interested in our game we can develop a game that is incredibly fun and beautiful to play. See more over at our web site:
  2. SAMA

    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
  3. SAMA - UI Dev ScreenShot of Inventory

    Got the UI Inventory screen working now. Fully keyboard and mouse driven, this is where you manage all your items split up into separate 'tabs'. This is the 'Fossil' management area.
  4. New Level design

    PS... few people thought this was quite 'dark'. Its because its only in the Unity Editor with no lights at all. Once we have finished designing the layout, then we add the lights
  5. ScreenShotSaturday

    Keeping up with the twitter hashtag of screen shots on Saturday!
  6. Meet The Aliens

    Some concept art of our UI for "Something Ate My Alien". This is what the aliens look like under their suits.... See more over here:
  7. The last week we’ve been implementing a new enemy in “Something Ate My Alien” called “Terrator”. He’s much larger than the other enemies, and he’s a worm like creature that we wanted to randomly appear, work its way across the screen and ‘Eat’ our alien if he gets in the way. Kat created the art, and split it up into sprites for each of the ‘worm’ sections, head, body and tail. We didn’t want to create a random path as it was moving, because we wanted more control over him. So we decide to plan out a batch of paths that he should follow and then just pick one at random during spawn. To mix things up a bit, the path should be offset by a random number of pixels, and his start position relative to the path should also change. We also allowed it to be ‘flipped’ randomly to create more variation. We planned out a path with about 15 or so points, and then used a smoothing algorithm called “Chaikin’s Algorithm” to create a smooth path. Chaikin is nice and quick, not 100% accurate though, because of the way it works, the result doesn’t pass through the original points, but its good enough for what we needed it for. It works by ‘cutting corners’ off each point to create a more smoothed curve, and then repeating 3 or 4 times makes it get smoother and smoother. We found 4 times was good enough to make Terrator animate smoothly in the game. I found a C# example which helped, here: C# Smoothing Path Although it was a quick algorithm, the implementation I found actually created quite a bit of C# Garbage, so I looked into re-writing it to remove any Garbage. Now, rather than creating a new array on every smooth pass, you can pre-create an big array, and then it fills in that one array. So now it was generating zero Garbage during game play. Yay!! And as a bonus, with a bit of extra tweaking, I got it to process faster also. For 15 original points and smoothing 4 times, the original routine took about 1.22ms and allocated 3.3kb of Garbage. My new one took 1.05ms and allocated none. Here is a video clip of it in game: Here is the barebones C# code I wrote for Unity, to generate the smooth curve if anyone else might find it useful: // Setup smooth info int smoothness = 4; int NumMainPoints = 15; Vector2[] smoothPoints = new Vector2[(NumMainPoints - 2) * (int)Mathf.Pow(2,smoothness) + 2]; Vector2 startpoint = new Vector2(25,50); Vector2 centerPoint = new Vector2(50,50); smoothPoints[0] = startpoint; smoothPoints[1] = startpoint + new Vector2(8,0); smoothPoints[2] = startpoint + new Vector2((8 + 2),0); smoothPoints[3] = centerPoint + new Vector2(-6.0f, 0.5f); smoothPoints[4] = centerPoint + new Vector2(-2.0f, -1.5f); smoothPoints[5] = centerPoint + new Vector2(1.5f, 0.5f); smoothPoints[6] = centerPoint + new Vector2(5.0f, -2.5f); smoothPoints[7] = centerPoint + new Vector2(2.5f, -5.5f); smoothPoints[8] = centerPoint + new Vector2(-3.0f, -3.0f); smoothPoints[9] = centerPoint + new Vector2(-4.5f, -0.5f); smoothPoints[10] = centerPoint + new Vector2(-2.5f, 2.0f); smoothPoints[11] = centerPoint + new Vector2(1.5f, 2.5f); smoothPoints[12] = centerPoint + new Vector2(5.0f, 2.0f); smoothPoints[13] = centerPoint + new Vector2(9.0f, 2.5f); smoothPoints[14] = centerPoint + new Vector2(150, -0.5f); ChaikinFast(ref smoothPoints, smoothness, NumMainPoints); private void ChaikinFast(ref Vector2[] smoothPoints, int smoothness, int NumMainPoints) { Vector2 lastVector = smoothPoints[NumMainPoints - 1]; // Save last point int p = NumMainPoints - 2; int factor = 2; int lastPoint; Vector2 offsetRight, offsetLeft; // Loop through mulitple times to smooth for (int s=1; s<=smoothness; s++) { lastPoint = (NumMainPoints - 2) * factor; offsetRight = (smoothPoints[p+1] - smoothPoints[p]) * 0.25f; // For each point, replace with 2, // with each one being 25% more towards the left and right points for (int n=lastPoint; n>1; n-=2) { offsetLeft = (smoothPoints[p] - smoothPoints[p-1]) * 0.25f; smoothPoints[n] = smoothPoints[p] + offsetRight; smoothPoints[n-1] = smoothPoints[p] - offsetLeft; offsetRight = offsetLeft; p--; } // Prepare for next loop p = lastPoint; smoothPoints[p+1] = lastVector; // Copy the end point to the end factor *= 2; } } View the full article
  8. Bitiax solar system

    As the AI of the mining ship Antalasia you are stuck in the Bitiax solar system while a pirate ship has taken control of your ship. To find all the items they demand you have to send down your diligent aliens to search the planets in this system for these items. Lets have a closer look at what the scanner says about the different planets that you can visit. Tartarus Underground conditions: Porous rock, lava flows, high temperature Bedrock: 60% solid, 28% liquid, 12% gas Civilization: Oris – advanced life form, emigrated into space Items of significance: Rosium (gas), Wunderbat (gem), Hellium (mineral) Advisory outfit: High performance, thermal suit and standard laser Metis Underground conditions: Metal rich ores, clay and alkaline water Bedrock: 90% solid, 9% liquid, 1% gas Civilization: Parpiuns – early development life forms, extinct Items of significance: Fossils, Misty (gem), Inkium (mineral) Advisory outfit: Standard suit and standard laser Lelantos Underground conditions: Hard rock, gas pockets, corrosive liquids Bedrock: 54% solid, 2% liquid, 44% gas Civilization: Mitania – colonization of life forms, abandoned Items of significance: Rare artifacts, Eggium (gas), Lightium (gas), Whyium (mineral) Advisory outfit: High pressure performance suit and advanced laser Aura Underground conditions: Hard rock, permafrost, super-cool liquids Bedrock: 94% solid, 6% liquid, 0% gas Civilization: Junits – advanced life forms, extinct Items of significance: Rare fossils, Pale (gem), Lemoni (gem), Firmium (mineral) Advisory outfit: High performance, thermal suit and advanced laser View the full article
  9. Something Ate My Alien - Screenshot 4

    This is a screen shot of our current game in development "Something Ate My Alien" See more: Or:

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  10. Something Ate My Alien - Screenshot 3

    This is a screen shot of our current game in development "Something Ate My Alien" See more: Or:

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  11. Something Ate My Alien - Screenshot 2

    This is a screen shot of our current game in development "Something Ate My Alien" See more: Or:

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  12. Something Ate My Alien - Screenshot 1

    This is a screen shot of our current game in development "Something Ate My Alien" See more: Or:

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  13. Hi,I'm a programmer, and me and my partner Kat Langwagen (who does the art and design work) decided back in Nov 2016 that we wanted to create our own game. Together we are Rokabium Games.We knew it was going to be hard work, since there were just 2 of us, but we thought we would give it a go.We didn't want to do something too simple, but had to think of something that we could actually finish, and that's when we came up with "Something At My Alien".We've come far enough along now that we are confident to show people our progress, and are looking for some feedback. We would also like to try to build a little bit of a following and community around our development efforts.So firstly, a little video trailer to get you in the mood, but please remember this is just an early dev version and we still have plenty to do... The game is a 2D mining and collection game with puzzle elements. You are the AI on board the spacecraft Antalasia, and you have been taken over by a pirate vessel in a remote system. The pirate is demanding resources for the release of your ship.As the AI, you have a bunch of alien minions on board your ship, and you can control them to collect for you. There will be 4 different planets that you can transport them to, and explore and puzzle your way through the worlds to find the required items.Along the way there will be many dangerous obstacles, puzzles and enemies to fight your way though.This is another dev video with me talking a bit about the game... We think we will have about another 6 months left, as we have the main mechanics in place, and now we need to add more 'stuff' (Enemies, attacks, puzzles etc) and polish. We have a little dev blog I've just written over here: Some screenshots and artwork: We have a website up here: Our Youtube channel is here: FB page is here: We will be posting here with updates and ideas, and would love to hear from you and see if we are on the right track to a fun & great game.Thanks for your time... Rob & Kat.
  14. Back Story

    You are the AI of a very skilled mining ship called Antalasia currently cruising the remote solar system Bitiax looking for mining opportunities. Trading is the cornerstone of the galaxy and some rare items can fetch large sums on the open market. On board you have a cargo hold full of sluglike Aliens which are quite small, drooly and clumsy but also very efficient creatures that are excellent at burrowing through mines seeking out valuables. For every AI mining ship in this quadrant of the galaxy these charming Aliens are a vital part of the crew. While peacefully scanning for elements on the nearest planet Metis, Antalasias systems are suddenly taken offline and the ship turns dark for a second before being booted up again with all computer screens flashing “Intrusion detected”. A big, dark looting ship suddenly appears out of nowhere and a demand of takeover is distributed across all screens on Antalasia. It is an AI pirate ship that has infiltrated your computer system and it is now controlling your ship! The pirate displays a list of valuable loot that has to be collected and turned over to the hostile ship for it to release Antalasia. The pirate gives you limited control back over your cargo hold, scanners and teleportation terminal so that you can get the items it demands. You have no choice but to send down your diligent Aliens to the various planets in the system to search out the minerals, gems, gases, fossils and artefacts the pirate wants so that you can get your ship back. Your Alien will face all kinds of hardships down there having to endure extreme and hazardous environments, hostile fauna and flora, hidden traps and areas only accessible by figuring out the ancient civilizations puzzles left behind in the tunnels. Will you succeed? View the full article
  15. Meet The Enemies

    This is a description and list of the current enemies in "Something Ate My Alien" We plan on adding more and this is just a start to get us going. Strank One of the least aggressive enemies, it scurries around and has a weak bite. It as no ranged attack, and is easy to kill. Damage only comes from direct contact. Oyse A plant based enemy, which spawns on top of rocks. If it is left unattended, it will spawn more buds around itself. Can’t move, but if the rock below it is removed, it will fall to the next rock. Damidon With similarities to a ‘land-based’ octopus, Damidon is extremely fast and agile. It can jump much higher than most enemies. Its attack is to cover you in acid jelly that it throws out at you. Ribbet A bat like creature that flies around the caves. Quite small, but has a nasty bite. Hatter Sticks to the underside of rocks and does not move. Its tentacles are poisonous, but it also drops poisonous liquid on you if you get underneath it. If the rock above it is destroyed, it will kill it. Arrog A little creature with a hard shell. Extremely difficult to kill, unless you manage to get it from the underside. It fires out spikes from its shell if you get too close. Ovaline A putrid plant based lifeform that sits on top of rocks. It can’t move unless the rock below it is removed, and then it falls down. If you get close to it, it will release a cloud of stench so corrosive it will eat through your suit. Growly One of the smallest enemies, but flies very fast. Hard to spot in the dark caves so keep a lookout. It has a weak bite, but it can hurt over time. Easy to kill, if you can manage to hit it. Eff One of the biggest creatures around. Slow to move unless you get close to it and it breaks out into a charge. If it manages to catch you, you’ll surely have some bruises. Very hard skin, so it is difficult to kill. Riverine A small worm like creature that crawls along the rock surface. Watch out for its bite as it’s venomous. Easy to kill and quite slow movement. Draker Another large enemy. Runs around the caves and will catch you easily if you don’t watch out. It extends its snout if you get close to him, and you would be wise to keep away. Quite a sturdy specimen, and needs a lot of pummeling to defeat. Creeble One of the few enemies that keeps to the rocks, rather than the edges. They scurry around and if they get close to you they will weave a deadly web that will stick to every part of you. Best way to deal with these guys is to destroy the rock they are on. Terrator The biggest enemy you’ll have to fight. It lives deep in the rocks and you rarely see it, but he’s always there. If you stay stationary for too long, it will burrow out of the rock and eat you up in one gulp. View the full article